Young woman asks if it is okay to date older man who loves cats

This article concerns what might be a vital point in the world of dating and long term relationships. On the girls ask guys website a young woman of 23 says that a man of 40 has shown interest in her. However, she is asking for advice because he has 8 cats and he talks about his cats all the time. He likes to share photos of them. Should she accept any invitation to go out with him?

Man and his cat
Man and his cat. Image by Pexels from Pixabay . This is picture is for illustration purposes only and the man is not the person referred to in the article.
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The advice by fellow users of the website is no. I’d agree with them if she is not a cat lover, which appears to be the case.

If one party to a relationship likes to live with upwards of 8 cats it is going to be impossible for a relationship to thrive, even survive, unless the other party has exactly the same attitude towards cats. Why? Because the home is going to be dominated by the animals.

Unless the caretaker is careful it will smell of cat litter: poop and pee. And as one person said, in this instance, there is likely to be competition between the cats and this young woman for his attentions. She won’t like it because he’ll prefer his cats! And if she is houseproud she’ll struggle in a home with 8 cats. Sarah Hartwell’s website is called ‘’. Point made.

Years ago I said that if a man or woman likes cats so much that they have several the only person suited as a partner would be a cat lover or a very tolerant, pliable individual.

However, if this guy had one cat and was fond of his cat, that’s another matter. It is perfectly normal for a man to like cats and dogs but has a cat for convenience and because of a concern for animal welfare. Cats are more tolerant of being left alone although there is a misconception on this. They do need human companionship as they are social creatures.

So in this instance, if the 40-year-old man had one cat I’d give the go ahead. In fact if a man loves cats he is likely to be an animal lover. This is a good thing. It points to a sensitive and kind personality. This may not appeal to a woman who wants a more alpha male but she’d be wrong, I think. Such a personality is likely to result in a more stable relationship over the long term. And you want that for a successful marriage.

Of course it depends what you are looking for. If you are disinterested in a long term relationship the whole process is changed. There is nothing better and more practical, though, than a solid, enduring relationship as it provides mutual support. Everyone needs that whatever they think. It is in human DNA.

When people in such a relationship explain what is the most important thing in their lives they always say: family. Those close to us are by far the most important part of human lives. Hang on to them. They make life tick.

And if your loved one likes cats and has one, accept it as a positive. But 6 cats and more? That’s a different matter.

4 thoughts on “Young woman asks if it is okay to date older man who loves cats”

  1. I agree that a man spending so much time hooking up with his cat is a 100% gay. Great that a person loves pet, but one can’t replace with them for real people!

    • Are you sure that you can be that certain? The man just might dislike people in general. There are a lot of people like that and people who prefer animals to people. And you can see why 😎.

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