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Your allergy to cats may fade away — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve had an eye allergy to cats fur since I started working with them, if I forget and rub my eye after touching a cat it comes up red like in that picture. I have to take an anti histamine tablet and put soothing drops in. Years ago my eyes used to swell up but with time it settled down to being manageable and it was my own fault if I wasn’t careful.
    It’s a small price to pay because I just couldn’t live without cats in my life and it’s hardly happened with our own cats, given time we do become desensitised I think.
    A lot of people relinquish their cats saying they or another family member is allergic, but I think many times it’s just an excuse to get rid of the cat.

    • The only realistic time is if a child is born allergic – but I don’t believe 90% of the people who make such claims when dumping thier cat.

      • I agree Marc and Ruth it’s just an excuse most of the time.
        Anybody who loves cats can surely cope with an allergy that will lessen with time anyway.

        • Ironically I feel like it would be unfair to have children because of my cats. If I had a child it would be such a thing for my cats I almost couldn’t do it just for that reason. If I had a kid who turned out to be allergic then I’d find a way no matter what.

          I remember reading a poster on a lampost in Canada offering 2 free beautiful cats because of “a new child with allergies”. Poor cats always get the short end. Even dogs don’t get kicked out.

          In my world cats have priority – they are first class citizens with equal rights, if not more rights just because they usually have less rights.

          • Kids are competition for cats and if there is a clash kids always win, as you say. As I recall, children being scratched or having a new baby are somewhere near the top of the pile for excuses to get rid of the family’s cat.

            That said, cats are good for kids on many levels. Learning to respect animals is one but as usual it depends on the attitude of the parents.

    • I agree it is often an excuse as there are many examples of the allergy becoming manageable or disappearing. Commitment and patience are important. It is really about how keen you are to live with a cat. All cat caretakers should be keen. It should be mandatory!

      • My daughter in law was allergic to cats. Her and my son still adopted 2 of them and within about a month her reaction was completely gone. This was over 10 years ago and her allergy has never come back.

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