Your cat can help you pop the big question

This is a cute way to pop the difficult and nerve jangling question, “will you marry me?”…..

You cat helps you to ask "will you marry me?"
Photo Source: Stephen Dann via Flickr
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I had never thought of this. It would have made things easier for me, I think and it encourages men to like cats more (maybe). Your girlfriend comes around to your place and she loves your cat anyway.

You say nothing and she goes to stroke your cat. The question has been popped 😉 . But in a very gentle way and the question is indelibly linked to your cat so if the answer is yes, it should benefit your cat as she carried the message.

There are some potential pitfalls though. What if your cat was spooked for some reason and as the love of your life went to stroke her she smacked her hand with her paw and scratched her slightly?

The “pop” might turn to “crackle” and then shatter.

11 thoughts on “Your cat can help you pop the big question”

  1. I never had any girlfriend in my entire life. My wife is my girlfriend and she was from my childhood. I will speak about spouse.

    Many animal adopters are asked if their spouse is disliking the pets, never try to adopt any pet then!

    In my case, adopting an animal like 4 kittens was a new experience which we as eastern (culture) people (specially now a days Moslems) are not used to.

    Let me speak the truth, my wife was not happy at the first. But when cruelty started and three kittens were killed, she instantly took LAILA in her arms and said,”Ahsan! protect her!” I joked with her,”Be careful! She will eat your hand’s flesh!” She knows when I am joking. She became more aggressive and angry. The same quest to me was repeated by her. OKAYyyyy.

    We never broke. LAILA made us stronger in our marriage relationship and she started to take more care of her. Its good. LAILA some times bite her lovely bites, she is now used to and never minds. She strokes her back and LAILA shakes her hand when she ask LAILA to,”SHAKE HAND, LAILA!”

    Good to see this. We have a much tighter BOND than ever now. We can not think a home without cats now. We are totally made for them. My wife have ever been a right hand to me and I am really feeling myself a lucky man to have a such wonderful lady as my forever partner.

    We are cat caretakers! <3 <3 <3


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