Your Lion Versus Tiger Assessment is Rubbish

by Anonymous

If these two predators did ever meet in the wild the lion would win as they live in a pride and tigers are solitary. As for the prey table there has been cases of lions killing elephants what does a elephant weigh? Fighting ability lions often fend off hyena from their kills, hyena having a far more powerful bite and probably have far bigger packs than the wild dogs in the story you have chosen. Just a thought.

Please see my Lion Versus Tiger Argument and come back if you arrived on this page first.

Thanks for the comment…Of course I disagree. Mainly because my analysis is far more complete than yours.

The first reason you give as to why I am wrong is that lions work in groups (prides). Yes, but the argument is about whether a single lion would beat a single tiger in a fight. That dismisses that part of your argument.

Yes, there have been cases of lions bringing down elephants I am sure, But they are probably baby elephants and it happens rarely. On average judged scientifically, the tiger’s prey is a little larger.

Yes, the hyena does have a very powerful bite but a leopard can fight on equal terms with a hyena. A leopard is much smaller than a lion. The hyena is substantially smaller than a lion:

Hyena: 90 – 190 lbs
Lion: max = 476 lbs
Leopard: 82 to 200 lb (males)

We are talking about a one on one fight, which is something that you seem to have not realised. There is no point discussing a pride of lions or a pack of hyenas versus one tiger, is there?

So, I am sorry to say that, in my opinion, you are wrong.

I changed your title from “Rubbish” to one that visitors could tell what it related to. I think that you should have been a bit more polite in your choice of title as your argument is weak.

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Your Lion Versus Tiger Assessment is Rubbish

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Jan 02, 2010
the lion would easly kill a tiger
by: michael (lahore..saddar)

lion is more experienced fighter than the tiger

tiger known to fight occan….

lions born to fight..

Dec 22, 2009
Response to last comment
by: Michael

Hi Bob, thanks for your comment (I made your submission a comment as it was a little short).

My response is this. The variation in size and weight of the tiger is greater than for the lion.

The tiger has a minimum weight (Sumatran tiger) that is considerably less than that of the lion.

But the top weight of the tiger (Siberian) is greater than for the lion.

There is also the issue of seeing sub-adults at zoos and comparing with adults.

Wild Cat Species by Size my help.

Dec 22, 2009
Lions are larger?
by: Bob (Buffalo, USA)

I always hear about the average tiger being larger than the average lion, but it seems whenever I see them at the zoo or at a circus or on television, the lion looks slightly larger. Is this coincidence or not and doesn’t size play a larger factor than most when it comes to fighting?

Dec 19, 2009
by: Jasper Fay

Tigers are bigger.

Tigers are stronger.

Tigers are more heavily muscled.

Tigers have stronger back legs so

A: they can spring or pounce faster and harder.

B: they can rest on their back legs and swipe with both their paws.

(The lion is too front heavy so it has to rest on 3 legs and swipe with the 4th)

Tigers are more agile.

Nobody seems to believe me but the roar of the tiger can paralyze some animals.

Tigers are much more awesome.

Tigers have over a third more bite force per pound than lions.

Tigers have bigger paws, claws, teeth, and legs.

It is actually the tigers that have more fighting experience as the tiger gets in more territorial and mating right fights than even nomadic lions.

Tigers can climb trees.

Tigers can swim better.

Tigers have been known to kill bears, wolves, and other larger bears.

Tigers are asian and therefore know kung fu. For example, in kung fu panda, the tiger is by far the coolest kung fu master.

Tigers simply look cooler!


Tiger to Lion vs Tiger

Dec 10, 2009
To Anonymous
by: Ruth

In my opinion if you really believe what you are saying you shouldn’t hide behind ‘anonymous’

I’m sorry but I agree with Michael,he obviously always does much research on his topics before he posts them.

I think you should re-read the article you are calling rubbish !

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