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Your love of cats prevents you getting a boyfriend — 16 Comments

  1. It sounds like Tabitha has an obsession with cats. I have had cats my whole life. My mother called it my “affliction”.

    I’ve never had a problem dating and I had more than 2 cats. What I didn’t do was constantly talk about them to others. I didn’t shove the “them or me” ultimatum at anyone. If someone I dated didn’t like pets around, that was fine. There are always more fish in the sea.

    Really, who would want to be with someone who is obsessed? Conversely, who wants to be with someone who doesn’t like your furry friends?

    Me thinks Tabitha needs some serious psychotherapy.

    • Hey there Izzy I totally agree. I have a big love of Cats too But if no-one liked them or could accept them in my Life. Its oh well they are part of my life so if you dont accept its bye bye. I do tend to think like you she has an obession or a Problem like Co-dependency perhaps. Its not to say all women or men in this Situition needs help. I agree she does need some Counselling or direction.

  2. Thanks Michael for Deleting that Comment. He really is an Unhappy Human Being. I felt Quite offended what he said about degrading women and Cats. Its a Sad world we Live in.

  3. Not wanting to come across as shrouded in cobwebs here, but there was a time when men and women weren’t Trobiand Islanders in their breezy approach to ‘long-term relationships’(as in rudderless ships with fishnet sails).

    Is there something seriously wrong in spending at least a year getting to know each other above the eyebrows and even – gasp! – marrying before taking up the horizontal? Is there a reason to pity this woman? What is it she’s missing? A string of recreational gynecologists?

    As for droning on non-stop about her cats during a dinner-date–she sounds as if she’s in the grip of a monomania, and might want to consider getting herself a library card.
    ps Howdy Ruthie — Speaking of libraries, will try to get up there tomorrow and drop you an e-mail. xx

  4. I cant believe why people would be put off as she only got two Cats!!! But, as I read on further perhaps its abit too much. Especialy when she takes the Cat out to dinner??? I mean I love my Cats dearly and wouldnt have them any other way. Obviously she loves her Cats abit Too much. Especially when im Looking to going out on my own again 🙁 Which im looking forward too. I Guess Sometimes you’ve got to work out what you want if you want a Realtionship. I mean its hard enough to looking after myself let alone anyone else.

      • Yea well 2 arent that bad compared to 5 or 10 lol or even more. Yes I just think she maybe took it too Far. I mean I involve my Cats in Most things, but would anyone really honestly want to take there cats out to dinner with a new gf or BF? I just think need to have a balance as, as well do Cats really like that. Just like with People who have Dogs. Also myself being a Cat Person I dont think I’d be wanting to go with someone who is a Dog Person. I know when other Dogs come here for a Visit. Im always in Trouble with the Cats. They Give me the Horrible Looks.

  5. Tabitha may or may not eventually find a cat loving man, but I hope she never settles for one who doesn’t.
    I almost made the biggest mistake of my life becoming engaged and planning to marry Tom, until we had a big row and he confessed he hated all animals including cats (yes with a name like Tom lol) Why he ever dated a girl who worked for vets is a mystery but I had a lucky escape, can’t imagine my life without cats in it!

    • Agree. I never had to really worry about Men when I had Cats. As Most of the People Loved Cats just as much as I did. I would never be with somone that had dogs. I think also I have more standards now. Realtionships dont mean as much now Friends are more importatnt.

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