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Your Online Cat Photos Tell Others Where You Are — 8 Comments

    • There will be metadata but most of it is unrelated to GPS location. If you go onto Google Maps with your Galaxy is it able to locate your position automatically? If yes, it has GPS. My gut feeling is that you don’t have GPS metadata. My iPhone has and my Sony camera. Big brother knows where I am…..

  1. I’m not all that convinced that regular digital cameras have GPS. They have no communicating ability unlike cell phones with an integrated. camera. Cell phones need that position fixing ability to route calls by the most direct way, but that does not apply to an ordinary digital camera which is not a communicating device..

  2. I hope that doesn’t apply to a regular digital camera but only to a phone with a camera built-in. My Sony is barely capable of taking a half decent picture never mind sending pin-point positioning data anywhere.

    • Modern digital cameras have GPS technology but the older ones don’t. Modern smart phones all have GPS as far as I am aware because it allows the phone to locate the person’s location and then map directions etc.

      GPS technology in smart phones also allows Big Brother (Google) to keep an eye on us! 😉

  3. This is a little confusing to me.
    Does that mean that my cats can be located by someone when I post a pic on POC?
    I hope not.
    But, that this ability even exists freaks me out.

    • Any photo online anywhere could contain GPS metadata. It is built into many photographs taken with modern cameras and especially phones. If your camera does have that technology then your photos online would fall into the category described in the post. How modern is your camera? What camera do you have? Don’t worry.

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