Your Opinion is needed (epilogue to Cherrypaw’s big chance)

Your Opinion is needed (epilogue to Cherrypaw’s big chance)

by Audrey Smith
(Columbus Ohio, America)

Hello everybody! I would like your opinion on my story ‘Cherrypaw’s Big Chance Parts One, Two, and Three.’ Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t, and what I can improve. Thank you! Your opinion is needed!

(here is a little extra story, an epilogue)…Many seasons later, Cherrystar is indeed ruling over her clan. The kits (Sandflank’s kits) are now warriors, Spottedtail, Mintfrost, and Petalfoot. Hawkpaw, now Hawkfeather, is now mate to Whisperpaw, now Whisper-ray. They have also have kits, Featherpaw, Leopardpaw, Lark-kit, and Nightkit. Grasspaw, now Grassfur, and Maplepaw, now Mapleblaze get along again, agreeing that their quarrels were useless. And Stripeymint is now a senior warrior, the one who Cherrystar goes to for advice.


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Your Opinion is needed (epilogue to Cherrypaw’s big chance)

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Aug 02, 2011
by: Spottedwish

I loved it! I loved the names you made and it was a great story. You should definately wright more!

May 04, 2011
Very Good
by: Michael

Hi Audrey..thanks for writing your Warrior Cats short story.

I really enjoyed it. It is well written and tense! I wasn’t sure how it would all work out and I am glad the kits were saved.

The story is good for another reason. In the wild, the African wildcat attacks snakes and kills them as prey. So the story is based on true fact.

Well done.

Michael Avatar

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