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Your Ship’s Cat: Equipping Your Boat with a Feline First Mate — 5 Comments

  1. Very informative article. I learned a lot about things I had never thought about before.
    Personally, I can’t even be on a docked boat without being sick – even all drugged up on anti-nausea medications.
    Do cats ever get sea sick?

  2. Me too – what Ruth and Rose said! Really nice interesting article with some important and useful information and a nice bit of History. Ship’s cats are somehow mysterious in my mind. If I was on a ship I’d want my particular job to include caring for the Ship’s cat. I think it would be very nice to have a cat around whilst at sea, as long as the cat had enough space and was happy and satisfied. Those ships look big so there’s more than enough room for many cats I guess. This reminds me of the seacat ‘Trim’ from an earlier article. I remember reading about Trim on wikipedia that he was one a few cats onboard.

    The history and phenomena of ship’s cats is very interesting. It’s a reminder of where domestication and the relationship between cat and human began. Humans indeed needed cats to protect them from rats and mice getting at their food supplies and in return the cats are well fed and warmer in winter. A ship cat is like a barn cat but just something I hadn’t thought about much before.

    One assumes cats will never be near or have anything to do with water. It’s certainly conditioned into my subconcious. My first reaction is exactly that – but in my experience cats are actually obsessed or at least interested in water, whether in a bowl, from the tap or large bodies of water. What then is the thing that makes us all think cats hate water? I guess I was just told that as a child. They don’t hate water and they don’t all hate getting wet all the time.

    As for preparing to go on a boat ride with your cat the advice is good common sense. As long as you go slow then your cat will be comfortable and confident.

    Thanks for the great article and pictures Kate. 🙂

  3. What a very interesting article and pictures too!
    Really good advice, always putting the cats welfare first, I LOVE that!

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