Youths hunting domestic cats with catapults after midnight for years and law enforcement are nowhere

Dark and Dingy Hull
Dark and Dingy Hull
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An animal lover living in Hull, UK has warned residents on the Greatfield Estate to keep their cat indoors at night because she claims that youths are killing them with catapults for the fun of it. Yes, it is time to refer to cat cruelty in the land of the animal lovers, England. Sorry, there are many animal lovers in the country and the animal welfare laws are good but law enforcement is very poor and disaffected, bored youths are commonplace.

She says that these kids go around the estate hunting cats and that they look down passageways and into gardens to find outdoor cats to kill with their catapults.

Yes, she further claims that this has been going on for years and also adults get involved as well with dogs and guns who also like to attack domestics cats who are wandering around outside.

Sadly, I do not have any more information on this except to say that the animal lover concerned is a member of the Hull Animal Lovers Facebook webpage. I could not find any details on that webpage about this ongoing hunting of domestic cats by cruel, bored youths who get their kicks by killing cats.

Comment: It is shocking that this has been going on for years and (1) cat owners living on this estate still let their cats roam freely and (2) the police have done nothing to stop it. There appears to be an acceptance of cat cruelty in this northern town combined with large dose of apathy.


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