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YouTube Should Reward The Internet Cat — 2 Comments

  1. Agreed 100% as long as the AdSense ad was in itself agreeable which is another question. It would probably be driven or controlled by lobbyists from companies like Hills who think their food is perfect for cat’s health.

    But I agree that humans get alot out of the objectification of the cat, and often to it’s expense. In other words we laugh at the cat, not with the cat, sadly. And that gets taken to the extreme, worse than man’s history of objectifying women. There isn’t empathy. I feel bad when I know a cat knows he or she is being ridiculed. They know when they are being laughed at, and not with. The overall point of this article is great though. If we gain so many cheap laughs at such great expense, then why shouldn’t the subjects of our cheapness get some kind of payback. That goes for anything really. Humans are opportunists and rarely altruistic in general so I guess it’s not possible. If we had to take into account the needs and feelings of who we are laughing at, in many cases we would no longer laugh at them.

    But, I often laugh at my cats, that I must say. I laugh because they do funny things. I never laugh at them if they are unhappy. I couldnt laugh at who was in danger or scared. Often people laugh at scared cats, like when they jump in fright from a loud noise for example. If it happened once by accident I’d maybe laugh if it wasnt heavy but I wont laugh at somebody’s joke of luring a cat near something like a blender and turning it on remotely, again and again (which I have seen), to see the cat run for his life each time. Not funny at all. But human sense of humour has so many sides to it and different people draw lines in different places. I wouldn’t laugh at a fat joke or a racist joke either. Some people would. What we see on youtube is the average, or mean, of the opinions, experiences and views of people close to or who are people that upload videos to the internet. There are people all over the world without youtube so we don’t know about them or their senses of humor. I’m not so sure I want to know.

    Purposefully stressing out a cat is not ok, nor is it in any way funny. That’s all there is to it. And that includes breeding them to look funny. Alot of the humor behind cat videos is directly related to morally questionable actions and that is the sad fact of it. There are also videos that are funny and not bad at all. It’s much harder to think of one of those ones though isn’t it.

    Michael is right though, just by putting a bit more care and awareness around the needs of cats is a start to paying them back for all the laughs. Just a start. And a perfect opportunity for it too. Minimum would be to advertise only cat related things on videos, like health products for cats, or simple things like cat trees or litter etc etc. All google videos seem to have ads now. There’s no end nor shame to the places you find ads. It’s like people are not ashamed to get into your private personal space so that they can wave their stupid product in it. It just makes people think they are shameless moneygrabbers. Or at least thats what I think when I close an ad that is obstructing my view of a movie. Actually I never even read the ad. What a bunch of **s holes. Seriously I kinda hate youtube. It’s often a fairly disgusting place, what with the comments and all. Its depressing to be on there for too long.

    • Great comment. You make good ones. I am pleased that you agree. What I am suggesting is that a company as huge as Google (value = $192 billion) has a responsibility that goes beyond making a profit and paying a dividend to shareholders. Google has a responsibility to society. Small tips on cat care before cat videos would be seen by hundreds of millions of people and reach a wide audience. And a lot of the people who watch cat videos frankly need a bit of education. Sorry to say that but I make that assessment based on the crass comments that many leave. I feel the private sector should start to deal with what is wrong with cat welfare. There is lots of good stuff but too much bad. Government won’t do a damn thing to help so it is down to the private sector.

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