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YouTuber allegedly killed kittens for views (currently on YouTube) — 4 Comments

  1. OMG. I cannot watch this video either Michael. I hope that this subhuman is apprehended and dealt with to the harshest degree. Praying for all the animals that were tortured or killed by this maniac, and all those who do anything to harm these precious souls. 😱😭😠

  2. I know to some the videos can be a bit confusing. After going through and searching many links this punk is filming himself killing this baby. It is a very disturbing video. This baby was taunted before this thing decides to kick, stomp, hit, throw, and beat multiple times. Now, I have seen many disturbing videos over the years as I deal mostly with Asian issues and them eating and torturing cats for food and fur. But this one has me in knots. This baby trusted him for love, a home, and for protection. He betrayed that trust to the most 10th degree! I have reported the original video on that Peluchin and on you tube. Please sign and do the same. This site must be shut down! Thank you Michael for your help!

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