YouTuber allegedly killed kittens for views (currently on YouTube)

WARNING: This is a most unusual and macabre story. It is disturbing. There’s a young man who has created his own channel on YouTube (a web page on YouTube) called Peluchin Entertainments. Requests have been made to close the channel.

Note: I am reported what I see. I am told this person has killed kittens for hits but I can’t verify that it has actually happened. Sometimes people present a persona online which is entirely fake. His voice sounds fake. His image is blurred during the video I am told. It’s all rather strange. I needs reporting though.

Any useful comments which helps clarify things will be incorporated into this page.

One of the videos that he has made shows him allegedly killing two kittens (or a single kitten or cat) which he adopted specifically to kill. The whole enterprise is about getting high viewing statistics by shocking people.

On this page I have screenshots of the person who I believe runs this channel and of the page itself (see below). He is a young man but his voice appears to be dubbed because it is not the voice of a young man. I don’t know where he lives but it might be Spain. Perhaps someone can help me. The language indicates Spain.

A petition has been set up on the website directed at the YouTube administration to remove the Peluchin Entertainments channel.

On the petition page there is a link to another video made by a third party i.e. somebody who is not involved in this. This person has made a video about this obnoxious YouTube channel and the individual who has made this nasty video. You can see his video below – this is not THE video. It’s a bit confusing because it’s a video of videos but it may help you understand what’s going on.

I can’t watch the video where this young man allegedly kills a cat or kitten. It’s all rather bizarre and macabre and confusing but the essence of the matter is that the administrators of YouTube refuse to do anything about it, I’m told.

WARNING — Below is the video apparently. If it is not please tell me. Like I say I can’t watch it:

YouTube is owned by Google. Google runs an advertising agency called Google AdSense. Google AdSense has strict policies regarding advertising and about where their adverts can be placed. In other words, Google profess to set standards and take the high moral ground.

Clearly Google also sets double standards (sorry Google but you’ve lost your moral compass and it needs to be said). Once again this is another example of the big website owners refusing to do the right thing when it comes to animal welfare. Facebook is notorious for this. Perhaps they changed through pressure from users. But Facebook haven’t got a clue what they’re doing sometimes. They profess to set standards but fail miserably and Google are the same. The Times newspaper has had many struggles to get YouTube to remove obnoxious videos with varying success.

He killed his cat on video on YouTube
He killed his cat on video on YouTube

If you click on this link you will be taken to the Peluchin Entertainments channel on YouTube where, if you are so inclined, you can dig around and even find that nasty video if you want to and then report this person to YouTube administration if you agree that he should be shut down.

Personally I cannot watch the video in question as I have said. I simply can’t do that these days but I’m very keen to see this person banned and removed from YouTube. I want to thank, by the way, a woman called Mary who pointed me in the right direction regarding the story.

Finally below are instructions on how to report a video on YouTube:

Reporting a video on YouTube
Reporting a video on YouTube

4 thoughts on “YouTuber allegedly killed kittens for views (currently on YouTube)”

  1. OMG. I cannot watch this video either Michael. I hope that this subhuman is apprehended and dealt with to the harshest degree. Praying for all the animals that were tortured or killed by this maniac, and all those who do anything to harm these precious souls. 😱😭😠

  2. I know to some the videos can be a bit confusing. After going through and searching many links this punk is filming himself killing this baby. It is a very disturbing video. This baby was taunted before this thing decides to kick, stomp, hit, throw, and beat multiple times. Now, I have seen many disturbing videos over the years as I deal mostly with Asian issues and them eating and torturing cats for food and fur. But this one has me in knots. This baby trusted him for love, a home, and for protection. He betrayed that trust to the most 10th degree! I have reported the original video on that Peluchin and on you tube. Please sign and do the same. This site must be shut down! Thank you Michael for your help!


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