Zayn Malik Pays for Abused Cat’s Surgery

You may remember that Zayn Malik is a former One Direction band member and a very successful “popstar”. He is now working solo. He has a following. He’s from Bradford, UK. He has done something which makes me change my mind about him. He has offered to pay for all the veterinary surgery to treat a badly injured cat who was severely abused by his owner’s roommate.

The 13-year-old cat was left blind in his left eye. His nose and jaw were broken having been beaten very badly. The veterinary bill was going to be $2000. His owner tried to obtain funding through online crowdfunding. This was picked up by Zayn Malik who tweeted the cat’s owner – you can see his tweet below.

Zayn Malik's tweet
Zayn Malik’s tweet
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There’s an interesting twist to the story. Because of Zayn Malik’s involvement which was well publicised, as you can imagine, the crowd-funding process has raised almost $20,000 in donations towards the cat’s recovery. How about that? I wonder if Zayn contributed any money. It would seem not because there was no longer a need for it.

The cat’s name is Nino. Click on this link to see the source of the story.

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