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Ze Frank is the Genius behind the Dear Diary Videos — 6 Comments

  1. Michael, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video! All of his videos are quite clever — and quite funny as well. I am always ROFLMAO when I watch them. The **Dear Kitten* ones are superb too. Your views about the video are great as well. Until your post about Mr. Frank, I did not know who the actual person was behind the videos. Thank you for the info, as now these videos will have an even greater meaning! ♥♥♥

  2. “I must sing the song of my people” is such a way of life here until I open the door and let them in out of sheer desperation to sleep.
    I’m certain that they feel deprived when I haven’t succumbed to their every demand for more food after they have just eaten.
    I love this guy.

    • I think that one of the great things that he captures is the fact that we are different species who can live together harmoniously and to mutual benefit. But there is that underlying difference between us which needs to be respected. Sometimes people don’t quite respect the cat as a cat and try and treat them as small fluffy humans or something like that.

  3. Perhaps a genius; but, for certain he is in tuned with felines and behaviors.
    I have watched this video many times and am always amazed by Ze Frank’s capture of cat and dog thought processes.

    • And I love his delivery. He’s a very intelligent person quite obviously and he does understand cats although, as mentioned, there are one or two flaws in that regard in the video in my opinion. These do not detract from the video which is excellent and highly amusing. I think he has a great sensitivity towards animals. You can hear it in his voice I believe.

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