Zenith the Rehabilitator!

by Lisa
(Manchester, UK)


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My partner and I went to a shelter to get two kittens. One was a lovely black and white short haired domestic/moggie which my partner called Zenith. The other was a badly abused kitten (which we later found out to be an Egyptian Mau – see my submission on the Mau web pages) who was was severely underweight – had fleas, worms and most of her fur had been burnt off, including all of her whiskers. I named her Púca (an Irish word for sprite).

Initially, Púca just growled at Zenith every time she tried to come near her – you could see Zenith was just curious and wanted to make friends.

However, Zenith quickly won her over with her persistence and over the next year, Zenith proceeded to teach Púca how to be a cat again. She taught her how to clean herself (Zenith literally held Púca down at times to clean her!), play, jump etc.

I would see Zenith do something, like play with a toy for example, and then step back to let Púca copy her. Púca followed her everywhere. They even slept together as kittens.

She is a beautiful cat who has become more loving with age (She is now four years old) and wants to be involved in everything. We had a scare when she was one with cat flu (she nearly died) and I am so glad she made it through. I am also very grateful to her for all the work she did in rehabilitating Púca as I don’t think I could have done it on my own!


Zenith the Rehabilitator! to British Shorthair Cats

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Zenith the Rehabilitator!

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Jul 03, 2011
deleted as spam

Oct 16, 2009
by: Michael Hi Lisa, another warm story that rehabilitates me too!

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