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Zimbabwe’s Environment Minister wants Walter Palmer to face justice in Zimbabwe — 14 Comments

  1. I understand what you’re saying. I thought of that also, People might not want to go to a killer dentist.
    This was suggested by the conservation people. Personally, I think he deserves prison time, and I hope he gets it. He’s a killer disguised as a dentist.

    I don’t usually follow news stories, but this is one I will be watching.

    • I’m pleased this story has caused furore worldwide, because if nothing else, it’s focused attention on trophy hunting and the despicable humans who kill animals for pleasure.

      • Absolutely yes. There is a silver lining. The trouble as always is that humans have a short memory for distasteful behaviors and events. Within 6 months it will be history and the canned lion businesses and trophy hunting agents will be as active as ever, I fear.

  2. There’s been a huge backlash against Palmer, and petitions have over a million signers who are calling for justice by having him extradited back to Africa. He has gone into hiding, but the latest is that his rep has contacted authorities, and he’s willing to talk.

    Everyone is wanting to see him face justice for taking the life of this beloved lion. I just read this in TMZ news, and thought it might be an appropriate punishment:

    Cecil the Lion — Zimbabwe Conservation Group to Dentist: Here’s the Drill …
    Cecil the Lion
    Zimbabwe Conservation Group to Dentist:
    Here’s the Drill …
    7/30/2015 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

    “The dentist who killed Cecil the lion can acquit himself by putting down his bow and arrow and picking up a drill.”

    An official from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force tells TMZ, as much as they condemn what Dr. Walter Palmer did to their beloved lion, they don’t think he deserves the torrent of threats that have come his way.

    The org has an idea … that Dr. Palmer should come back to Zimbabwe and provide free dental services to the poor … a way of repenting for his bad deed. He says it’s like community service.

    The official says pointing the finger at Dr. Palmer is misguided, because the problem is much larger, adding, “Cecil would not have enjoyed the threats of violence he’s getting right now.”

    • Sandra: Many people already fear a visit to the dentist, so I can’t imagine that having a thrill-killer perform the work, would be very reassuring. If he was the last dentist on earth, I’d rather pull my own teeth than visit him.

      Palmer needs to go to prison. Why should he escape with community service? This was a very serious and premeditated crime. Cecil was deliberately targetted for the prestige of killing him. Why else would they lure him out of the protection of the park? Cecil was killed weeks ago, yet Palmer only went into hiding after the story made headline news. If Palmer had any remorse he could have handed himself over to the authorities at the time the crime was committed. Instead he tried to conceal the evidence and returned home to Minnesota soon after. I bet he’s been bragging to his hunting buddies ever since. He must be very arrogant to think he could get away with this crime, but then this is a man accustomed to buying his way through life. He probably thought he could bribe the authorities to look the other way.

      Robert Mugabe has some very dodgy associates. Can we hope they might issue their own brand of justice on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe 🙂

  3. The tables have turned; the hunter is now the hunted. He may be harbored by hunting associates for awhile, but watch what happens if a big reward is offered. I hope a reward is offered by a celebrity environmentalist. If everyone who signed the petition gave $1, that would create a large reward.

    I also hope that a well known person does interviews with hunters to learn more about their motives and thinking, and the lack of consciousness for killing animals. Someone is going to jump on this opportunity to create an expose of the hunter’s mind.

    • Yes, there needs to be a study of the species of human called “the sport hunter”. We need to do some laboratory testing on people like Palmer. Get him into an animal testing laboratory and implant electrodes into his brain. That’s what I say 😉

  4. From what I’m reading and from the news, authorities have reason to believe that he has fled back to Zimbabwe. Such a fool.
    Any innocent thinking person doesn’t flee at all.
    Perhaps, he will flee, again, to the UK or Canada.

    • If he fled to Zimbabwe he made a mistake! He can’t keep on avoiding the authorities. He’ll have to come from hiding at some stage.

  5. Yes, yes, yes!
    He needs to stand trial in both.
    But, no one seems to be able to find him right now.
    If he sought solace back in Zimbabwe, he’s a fool. They may want him even more than we do.

    Two of his accomplices have already been arrested. I doubt that they will risk their own freedom to cover for him. I read that in Zimbabwe, alone, he’ll face 15 years inprisonment. Their prison terms have nothing to do with “gain time”. 15 years means 15 years there.
    Good for them.

    Sock it to him Zimbabwe. Then, give him to us.

    • I feel the same way. We just have to hope that the USA and Zimbabwe can discuss this because they are not the best of friends as Mugabe, the president is barking mad.

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