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Cat cafes are bad for the cats in them — 14 Comments

  1. I think the Idea for Cat Cafes for those Who Cant have Cats in their homes, but can have like a Cat Session where they have Quality time Patting Cats. Or spending time with them while having a hot drink or something to eat. I remember Michael did an Article either earlier this Year or Last Year. Cant remember when.

  2. I live in Adelaide,South Australia and there is a cat café near the city but it is for people to come in and meet the cats and get to know them so they can be adopted.it is a great idea and the adoption rate is really good.the cats have a lot of room to move around and seem to be really happy.i visit now and then to pat the cats(I have 4 cats of my own)and have a drink and of course give donations.the people that run the café are lovely and are so dedicated,it really is a nice atmosphere and a nice way for the cats to have a second chance of happiness.

  3. If someone would ask me . . . Ahsan! do you want to open a cats/ kittens cafe?

    The answer shall be in a big “YES”

    but I will impose some conditions on that…

    1. Every wall may have sealed Glass cages with cats all around the cafe.

    2. Every customer will pay $1 as welfare for cats money for every single meal.

    3. Only cats lovers are allowed to step in, i.e will require a membership card. Non members NOT ALLOWED.

    4. A charity money BOX will be set aside on the counters.

    5. There will be no serving of any Cat related meal in the cafe.

    Such Cat friendly cafe must be promoted and opened in the markets so that this kind of place may give awareness to the general population, not to be afraid of cats or not to hurt them but to support them positively.

    Not to degrade the status of a domestic cat. Already people have negative intentions about FERAL CATS, even they are self cat owners.

    My heart always goes for the welfare aspect, and I will move on with my ideas . . . . . . . . . . <3

    • Cat cafes are not automatically good places for cats. It depends on what is happening outside of the café. If cats would otherwise be euthanized at a shelter then living in a cat café is good or if a cat would otherwise be living on the street and be killed then a cat café is good. Conversely, if cat could live in a perfect home environment then that is better than a cat café.

  4. To me, cat cafes are workable for cats as long as customers are accepting of what cats need and desire.
    And, the management needs to provide for their needs.

    Finicky customers need to hit the road if they have problems with cats hopping on counters and tabletops, helping themselves to morsels of food from their plates, and eliminating in the same general area.

    My household works that way.
    Certainly, I have inhaled and ingested tons of cat hair over the years, shared many meals with felines, and have 3 litter boxes in my kitchen.

  5. After having earlier this morning read the post on this site about the psycho who sealed the kittens up in a plastic bag, I was having kind of a mental “disconnect” – acts of cruelty like that are so very disturbing (and no, I did not bother to watch the terrible video).

    I don’t know if my later reaction was “understandable”, but when I received the email notification about “Cat Cafes are Bad for the Cats in them” I simply started screaming.

    When I clicked the link from my email directly to this article, I was met by the photograph of a cat in a bowl, and a man in the background likely eating, and almost snorted coffee out of my nose onto the keyboard.

    Needless to say, it took only a moment to realize my mistake.

    (Michael, you seem to posses a rather highly developed sense of that famous “British Humor”. Either that, or I just read too much between the lines sometimes).

    I have read that the “Illuminati” and “New World Order” folks eat kittens.

    Yes – Cat Cafe’s are a recipe for disaster!

    • Elluminati
      bloody SATANS

      eating kittens for them is nothing big, they inhale human blood and flesh.

      cat cafes are devil’s choice 🙁

    • Yes, sometimes I write in what I hope is a subtle and challenging way. I am asking a question in this article. That is all. The cat café is good and bad for cats it depends on the arrangement and it depends on the cats.

      Cat cafés are presumed to be good but I’m just asking, “are they automatically good?”

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