Study does NOT PROVE a causal link between cats and schizophrenia in the cats’ owners

Family with their domestic cat companion

This is a cross post. I feel obliged to try and make sure that cat owners understand the conclusions of a study referred to by many online newspapers. The study comes from Australia where arguably there is a strained relationship between domestic and feral cats and the population. Particularly feral cats which are denigrated …

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How long does it take for a domestic cat to become feral?

Stray cat looking for a home

A true domestic cat, i.e. a cat that has been thoroughly socialised and who has lived with their caregiver, cannot become a true feral cat because they cannot lose that initial, early several weeks of socialisation before they are about 7-weeks-of-age. That will remain with them all their lives. The process is immutable. However, …

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Muslims don’t have to feed their pets halal pet food

Halal pet food is not mandatory for Muslims as there are no rules that state that pets must be feed non-haram foods

Muslims don’t have to feed their pets halal pet food. It’s as simple as that. It’s as straightforward as that because the Islamic faith concerns people. That’s obvious. Animals don’t have a religion of any sort. The concept of religion would mystify them if they had the ability to study the topic as it …

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Belief in big cats in the UK countryside linked to religious beliefs

Mystery big cat sighting? A tangible manifestation of an intangible generalised fear.

OPINION: I believe that there is a link between the belief that big cats exist in the UK and religion. Both require faith and belief without evidence. Ultimately religion is based upon faith and the belief of a supernatural being, a god. And ultimately when people believe that there are wild large cats roaming …

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Energetic cleaning routine for caretaker of 6 cats to remove smells

Cleaning routine for a 6 cat home requires energy to keep the smells down

Well, folks, for those who fancy living in a home with multiple cats, this cleaning routine from a lady who I believe lives in the UK living with six cats, may help. It may help in providing a reality check on the energy and commitment needed to manage the home properly. And it only …

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In Taiwan newly registered pet cats outnumbered newborn babies (2023)

Taiwanese couples appear to be adopting pets particularly cats rather than having a baby

In what I would consider to be a developed world trend, in Taiwan newborn pet cats outnumber newborn babies (2023). The Taipei Times reports that “as of last year, Taiwan had 94,544 registered pet dogs and 137,652 pet cats, the data showed. By contrast, 135,571 babies were born last year.” My research indicates that …

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25% of 10–18-year-old kids in UK exposed to animal cruelty. Restrictions needed.

Kids on smartphones accessing social media platforms where they are likely to see animal cruelty content that should not be there

The RSPCA have, at last, caught on to the fact that social media is provoking or encouraging kids to engage in animal cruelty. It’s a complicated issue but essentially the RSPCA is saying that children “torture animals for likes on social media”. Tell me something new. This has been an issue for years. Millions …

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Knowledgeable, experienced cat owners do things that cats don’t like

Cat does not like their owners behavior even though he is experienced and knowledgeable

The information for this article on human-to-cat interactions comes from a study which I cite at the end of this article. I’m not saying that all people with lots of knowledge about cat caregiving and lots of experience always interact with their cat in a way that their cat doesn’t like. What I am …

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