Notre Dame burning = €1 billion in 24 hours. Animal shelters, animals dying = €0.

The one billion euro donations to rebuild Notre Dam is an insult to more worthy charities. Francisco Seco/AP

Being a passionate advocate of animal welfare and particularly the people involved in animal welfare including of course animal shelters, it is galling to see pledges totally one billion euros from Europe’s super rich to repair and rebuild Notre Dame … please continue reading

Discussion: Good or bad for state dog wardens to conduct dog license and rabies vaccination checks (including cats) in 23 Pennsylvania counties

A program aimed to raise awareness of the importance of following state law of having your dog or cat up to date on a yearly license (dogs only) as well as being vaccinated against rabies (dogs and cats) between April … please continue reading

A big thank you goes out to the Bakersfield, California Fire Department for rescuing a kitten trapped in an air vent.

fireman rescues kitten

A big thank you goes out to the Bakersfield, California Fire Department for rescuing a kitten trapped in an air vent. No infomation is available at this time as to where the kitten is at this time. Several have asked … please continue reading

Mom left the door cracked open a bit when she left and came home to find a random cat snuggling up to dad

cat snuggles

One of the most heartwarming stories I’ve read in a long time comes from a Twitter post by Andrew Falloon. The account lists Andrew as living in Timaru District, New Zealand where he is a Member of Parliament. Apparently Andrew’s … please continue reading

Third suspect in NC cat mutilation case arrested. The district attorney dismissed all charges

Zachary Eugene Greene - aka Spoons

This story is one that I ‘guaran-damn-tee’ you will get your blood to boiling. According to an April 12 report by The Charlotte Observer, the third suspect wanted for animal cruelty after posting photos of a mutilated cat on Instagram … please continue reading

Dear Virginia Beach Animal Control: Please inform the public not to shoot this serval for the ‘thrill of the kill’

serval cat

A serval (exotic cat) is on the loose in the Virginia Beach area after escaping his owners home in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina last October. Hopefully, the NC to Virginia cat will have a better outcome. The biggest risk, as … please continue reading