Wedge cats tour “Show Us Your Cats” is a spanking success

Show us your cats at the Wedge

Initially, this was quite mystifying to me but I finally worked it out 😻. It concerns a place in Minneapolis referred to as the “Wedge”. The name comes from an area of Minneapolis which is wedge-shaped and which is the Lowry Hill East neighbourhood. I believe they have formed a cooperative in that area …

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Cats Protection National Cat Awards 2024 featuring Marley

Marley is a finalist in 2024 Cats Protection Awards

The Times has a small article today about the “First among felines”, which naturally caught my eye. It’s about the Cats Protection National Cat Awards 2024. The newspaper says that “A cat who helped trafficked women and a stray who calms pupils before exams are among the finalists…..”. Cats Protection National Cat Awards 2024. …

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When a domestic cat lives in a forest, they need rescuing

This is another cat rescue story taken from a TikTok video. The information provided is sparse which I find a little surprising. Why don’t the rescuers provide some or even full details? It would be instructive on how domestic cats only very rarely satisfactorily survive when dumped into a wild place. Domestic cat found …

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Infographic on why cats have nine lives

Why does a cat have nine lives? Infographic.

Dr Morris, Britain’s famous zoologist, author and artist provided us with a very straightforward explanation on why cats have nine lives in 1986, and here it is in an infographic. The only weakness in the explanation is that no one has the faintest idea what a ‘trinity of trinities’ is. (❁´◡`❁). Well they try …

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How to tell if a blind cat is asleep or awake (✿◡‿◡)

Telling if a blind cat who has lost their eyes is asleep or awake

I’d never thought of this before. I am not even sure it is a great topic for discussion but it caught my eye in TikTok because it is unusual. Normally the main way you can tell if a cat is asleep is because their eyes are closed (❤️ ω ❤️). For blind cats that …

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