Day off on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)

Compassionate leave on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)

The French seem to be ahead of most nations in this regard: demanding an extension to statutory paid leave after the death of close relative to compassionate leave on the death of any companion animal but usually a cat or dog. This attitude applies to 68% of the pet owners who participated in this …

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Impact of size, head shape and sex of purebred dogs on lifespan

Pekingese dog walking

Conclusion: regular-headed, female, small dog breeds live the longest! 🐶🐕‍🦺. The study cited below tells us that for purebred dogs the average lifespan depends on the shape of the head and its size. Gender also has an impact. Head shaped is defined below: Comment: regular-headed dogs live the longest. Long-faced dogs live longer than …

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Battery-driven toy car burst into flames and killed two cats

Two cats killed in apartment fire caused by exploding rechargeable battery in a toy car

The purpose of this post is to warn people of the potential danger of what appears to be an imported battery-driven toy car that caught fire. Rechargeable batteries in toys and scooters appear to be a potential serious hazard if poorly manufactured. These are often cheap products. The manufacturers should not skimpt on safety …

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EU advises a period of darkness every day for breeding cats and dogs

Breeding male cat in darkness as recommended by the EFSA to ensure that they maintain their circadian rhythm

The Commission of the European Union commissioned one of their agencies, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to produce a scientific report on the welfare of cats and dogs in commercial breeding premises destined for sport, hunting and as companion animals. They addressed several issues including the housing of the cats and dogs and …

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Banned cat sanctuary owner believed in homeopathy and not vets

The Cat Survival Trust

The owner of a large cat sanctuary has been informed that he will face a ban from owning animals following his conviction on animal welfare charges. Terrence Moore, who runs the Cat Survival Trust in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, was convicted on four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals. The court heard that the 77-year-old …

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