3D-printed T-bone steaks “food to data and data to food”

Patxi Larumbe has created a 3D-printed T-bone steak from butchers' offcuts at the slaughterhouse and he believes that it will "solve many of the world's food problems" and there is interest from a big American food giant in the process.

Patxi Larumbe was inspired by Star Trek to create a T-bone steak from discarded butchers’ offcuts using a 3D printer. He believes that the process which is described as “food to data and data to food” will “solve many of the world’s food problems”. The Times reporter says that the taste and appearance is …

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Scarlet Blake’s former partner in the US, Ashlynn Bell, should be investigated for aiding and abetting murder

Scarlet Blake police mugshot

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake is all over the newspapers and has been for a little while because she committed that famous double act namely killing an animal first and then killing a human afterwards. It’s quite a common behaviour of murderers. They warm up with an animal killing – often a cat as …

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Will one female cat feed another one’s kittens?

Will one female cat feed another one's kittens? Yes if they are domestic cats.

I am writing about domestic cats. The reason for that is because not infrequently there’s more than one female cat available to share the responsibility of raising kittens. In the wild, it is far less likely that a female cat will encounter another and therefore what I describe below applies to domestic cats. RELATED: …

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Christian South African school’s fundraiser included the auction of a lion hunt

Futurum Akademie's unethical lion hunt as a fundraiser which was particularly shocking as this school says that their MO is rooted in Christian beliefs

NEWS AND COMMENT: This story comes from South Africa. I have started that way because South Africa has a bad reputation for abusing lions. They offer canned lion hunts to rich Europeans and Americans. They breed lions for these hunts. They abuse lions in the interests of financial profit. It’s a bad relationship with …

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New evidence linking dementia and pollution so think about your full-time indoor cat companion

New evidence linking dementia and air pollution. We should think of both ourselves as cat caregivers and our full-time indoor cats

This is an article about feline dementia and the possible causes. I’m going to knit together several strands of information. Firstly, I want to refer to a new study which provides evidence that there is a link between dementia and pollution. Obviously, the study is about humans but it must also be about companion …

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USA shelter cat euthanasia dramatically down in 2023 but why (infographic)?

USA shelter cat euthanasia dramatically down in 2023 but the reason has not been given!?

The infographic spells out the numbers and they come from reliable sources but I am almost compelled to conclude that they are misleading. If not something dramatically good has happened for shelter cats in the USA. Perhaps shelter management are taking up Nathan Winograd’s advice in greater numbers. He has been pressing the shelters …

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