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People shouldn't be searching for 'exotic big cats for sale' because it encourages and keeps ...
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Lion cubs for sale

‘Exotic big cats for sale’ – an enforced worldwide ban is needed

Take a domestic tabby cat, make them a little larger, make them more substantial with ...
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European wildcat meows

European wildcat description – a wild-looking tabby cat

This is a page dedicated to cat rescue centres in London. There are a number ...
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Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Cat rescue centres in London, UK – mapped to facilitate finding them

How large is domestic cat territory? As large as the front living room. No, I ...
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GPS tracked outdoor domestic cat shows how far they wander from home

Domestic cat territory – home ranges vary widely

When your cat licks your hair, she is allogrooming you. From her perspective your hair ...
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Domestic cat allogroomings their female human caregiver which is tricky because the hair is long

Why do cats lick your hair?

There is an official world record for the largest number of kittens in a single ...
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Picture of Sphynx mother and her newborn kittens looking like something out of the Alien series

What is the largest litter of kittens on record?

NEWS AND COMMENT-MARITIME MEDWAY HOSPITAL: At the time, the exploits of Steve Bouquet, 54, dubbed ...
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Steve Bouquet

‘Brighton Cat Killer’ Steve Bouquet is dead

Introduction: This wis a submission by a visitor upon which I commented. She was unaware ...
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Canned tuna

Feeding tuna to a cat – good and bad

There is a cosy relationship between the veterinarians and pet food manufacturers (and big pharma?) ...
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4 Essential Ways to Understand Your Cat Better

Cosy relationship between veterinarians and pet food manufacturers. Good or bad?

Preamble This page has been refreshed, added-to, and republished as at January 2022. IT IS ...
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Cat eating

Best cat food – informative overview discussion

Overview: The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is the largest of the European wildcats. It is ...
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Eurasian lynx

Eurasian lynx- comprehensive page

The magnificent F1 Savannah cats, the most glamorous domestic cats of all. I focus on ...
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F1 Savannah kitten Focus

F1 Savannah cats – an introduction in words, pictures and videos

The Internet has fallen in love with an adorable cat who does somersaults to order ...
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Cat does somersaults to order

Watch a cat do somersaults to order and entertain yourself

There are 3 reasons why domestic cats apparently torture their prey by playing with them ...
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Mouse and cat

3 reasons why cats play with their prey, apparently torturing them

This is a nice picture of a Neva Masquerade. I believe that the cat was ...
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Siberian (Nevsky Masquerade) boy: 'Feofan Nevskiy Modern'

Picture of a Neva Masquerade plus some information about this cat

by Erin (Oakland, CA) Introduction: the question in the title was asked by a visitor ...
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Maine Coon square muzzle

Is my cat a Maine Coon?

We don't know everything that there is to know about domestic cat behaviour. That is ...
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Do female domestic cats lick more than male domestic cats?

Ricky Gervais has weighed into the argument about the Pope's hypocritical pronouncements about some people ...
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Ricky Gervais supports NY ban on declawing

Ricky Gervais calls Pope Frances ‘stupid’ when he said people are selfish in preferring companion animals over children

This page has been checked, refreshed, added-to and republished as at January 15, 2022. It ...
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Dribbling drooling cat

Cat drooling – full exposition

Preamble This page has been refreshed, added-two and republished as that the date heading this ...
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Cat hoarding Armageddon

Cat hoarding – full discussion

The prevalence of endoparasites (internal parasites) affecting domestic cat in North America interests me, and ...
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Prevalence of endoparasites affecting North American domestic cats

Prevalence of internal parasites in North American domestic cats

In a study by A.G. Searle, University College, London, entitled Gene frequencies in London's cats, ...
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Does neutering male cats make then less strong?

Castration of male domestic cats increases hair length from short to medium