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BEAVER COUNTY, Pennsylvania-NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a report on an online news media channel, ...
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Allegedly Councilman deliberately targets cats with his car

Councilman allegedly targeted 3 cats when driving down suburban road

Female cats can be choosy in selecting a male and thereby procreate. She uses her ...
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Cat spraying

Tomcats advertise their fitness and prowess through the smell of their sprayed urine

Is this adorable cat Instagram star blind? No, but there is something odd or wrong ...
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Is this golden British Shorthair blind. He is Pisco the Cat.

Is Pisco the Cat blind?

It looks like this bicolor Sphynx cat has been quietly body building since he was ...
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Sphynx cat with big muscles

Picture: Sphynx cat with huge muscles

It is not always bad to wash cats in a bath. The question presupposes that ...
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Why is it bad to wash cats? It is not always a bad thing.

Why is it bad to wash cats?

You can save up to 76% on the cost of pet meds and food if ...
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Save up to 76 percent on pet meds

UK: how to save up to 76% on pet meds and food

I'm sure that you can answer the question without much thought. Common sense dictates that ...
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Feral cat pictures

Do feral cats sleep as much as domestic cats?

Cheetahs can meow. This cheetah also hisses and their meow is very gentle and kitten-like ...
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Cheetah meow

See and hear a cheetah meowing (when calling her purring mate)

Ear tipping is aesthetically unacceptable to some people. So what! - I hear you say ...
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Ear Tipping

Ear tipping is aesthetically unacceptable

I know that not everybody is anxious about being vaccinated. However, there will be a ...
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Cat alleviates the unease of getting vaccinated against Covid in Manila, the capital of the Philippines

Calico cat alleviates the unease of being Covid vaccinated in Manila

A very large number of animals living in China are severely mistreated, probably a far ...
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Eating cat and dog meat in Yulin

Animals of China

Far-fetched? That's what you might think of the statement in the title. However, I feel ...
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Protecting the Christmas tree with tin foil

Domestic cats are scared of tinfoil because it sounds like a viper

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) has been under pressure for decades to revise the breed ...
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Pug and Persian

Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) should revise breed standards as the Kennel Club has done for the French bulldog

The Baidu logo contains a paw print in the middle in blue. Surrounding it, left ...
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Baidu Logo

Why does the Baidu logo contain a paw print?

I'm delving into the world of video games; a form of entertainment I know, but ...
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Video gamer hoodie for cat lovers who want the company of their cat when gaming

Gamer hoodie for a cat caregiver

I'm referring to the domestic cat by the way. There is a presumption that when ...
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Cat heart

How big is a cat’s heart?

Why do domestic cats lick each other? The answer is the one you're thinking about! ...
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Why do cats lick each other?

No, dry cat food does not clean a cat's teeth or help to protect gums ...
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Does dry cat food clean teeth?

Does dry cat food clean teeth?

At the time this article was first published (2013) Onsior was a fairly new painkiller ...
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Onsior painkiller for cats

Onsior for cat pain (info on side effects)

Despite the fact that the number of domestic cats and dogs in America has doubled ...
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Nathan Winograd and rescue cat

6 reasons for the 90% drop in pound killings of US dogs and cats since the 1970s

In general, feral cats do not meow. This is because it is usually a learned ...
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Feral cat greeting

Do feral cats meow?

The question is asked by Carol Chapell on the Internet. She actually answers the question ...
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Carol's kitten as rescued and then 12 years later

If a mother cat is not around to train her kittens, how does it impact their personalities?