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NEAR EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA - NEWS (COMMENT): CTV NEWS (and this story is unique) reports ...
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One of the rescued Sphynx cats looking okay thankfully

20 Sphynx cats rescued

No, Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic. Sphynx cats are like any other domestic cat in ...
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Sphynx cats can have oily skin which smells unless bathed regularly

Are Sphynx cats hypoallergenic?

Americans deserve a bit of fun. We all do. It's a time for optimism and ...
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Cat looking like a cooked turkey

Being curmudgeonly at Thanksgiving 2020

A cat is innocently playing with the family dog. Everything is perfect except the cat ...
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Tail catches fire because of the candle

Candle sets alight cat’s tail while playing with family dog

Eumelanin is a pigment in domestic cats and other animals (and humans). It is often ...
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Melanin granules in a hair shaft

What is eumelanin in cats?

Introduction I have to make an initial point about colour reproduction. When it comes to ...
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Fawn Abyssinian cat

What is fawn colour in cats?

A research study by the scientists of Cornell Wildlife Health Center, in association with others ...
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Amur tiger

Vaccinating Siberian tigers against canine distemper virus

Tigers's have stripes for camouflage to allow them to approach prey animals as closely as ...
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Tiger stripes

Why do tigers have stripes?

The tiger attacks color-blind animals The main reason why tigers are orange and not green ...
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Tiger camouflage

Why are tigers orange and not green?

Not a lot of use How do I know my cat has a temperature? I ...
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Pet digital thermometer

How do I know my cat has a temperature?

I was reminded today that a cat guardian can inadvertently set up, through routines, unhelpful ...
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Cat expectation

Routines can set up unhelpful domestic cat habits

This is an interesting but difficult topic. Are there signs that your cat wants a ...
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Cat friends

Signs that your cat wants another cat?

Marijuana is also known as cannabis, weed, pot, dope or grass. The best way to ...
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Is smoking marijuana around your cat harmful to your cat?

Can smoking marijuana around my cat cause her harm?

The genetics of calico cats are complicated and I don't pretend to fully understand the ...
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Brody a Klinefelter's Syndrome sufferer

Are calico cats healthy?

Here is a full treatise on Delilah, Freddie Mercury's best known cat. We know that ...
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Delilah - Freddie Mercury's favorite cat (probably)

Freddie Mercury’s favorite cat DELILAH

Are hard floors bad for cats? No, it's quite the opposite in fact. Carpets are ...
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Blue pointed cat in light hard wood floor

Are hard floors bad for cats?

The general picture drawn from the Internet, as to whether lavender is safe for cats, ...
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Is lavender safe for cats?

Is lavender safe for cats?

What kind of domestic cat has leopard spots? The answer must be the Bengal cat ...
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What kind of domestic cat has leopard spots?

What kind of domestic cat has leopard spots?

America's respected Pet Poison Helpline tells me that orange oil can cause poisoning in cats ...
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Orange oil

Is orange oil safe for cats?

People thinking about adopting a purebred cat want to know whether Ragdoll cats are good ...
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Ragdoll meets large dog for the first time and gets along because they are socialised to the other species of animal

Are Ragdoll cats good with dogs?

Background Sir Walter Scott was a Scottish historical novelist, poet, playwright and historian. His works ...
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Hinse Sir Waler Scott's pet cat

Hinse, Sir Walter Scott’s pet cat

Andy is said to be the domestic cat who fell the farthest in history and ...
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Cat falling in rescue from high rise building

Longest non-lethal fall in feline history