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Despite Cats Protection reporting that their campaign to promote black cats has been successful and ...
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Bombay cat PASSION

5 reasons why black cats are less likely to be adopted

Water resources are under pressure and it will get worse. Globalisation is putting pressure on ...
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Global water resources

Prospect of water resources drying up affecting dog and cat food manufacturing in US

We're not sure how many cats are killed on roads in either the UK or ...
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Cat roadkill

Will driverless cars mean less cats killed on roads?

Of course they don't. It's just a saying based on the fact that cats are ...
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russian firefighter

Do cats have nine lives?

John Gray, the philosopher, says that we should not live in "an imagined future". The ...
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Julian a Birman cat who lived with John Gray and who died at 23

Feline mindfulness: staying in the present

I'm going to have to put my own spin on it but I'm referring to ...
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John Gray philosopher

Domestic cats are more serene than humans because they don’t foresee their death

PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA - NEWS AND VIEWS: Kay Rogers' daughter told her that the family ...
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2-headed snake

Cat brings home a two-headed snake

There is a neat way to rescue kittens from small-bore sewer and drainage pipes, which ...
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Kitten hoisted from Colorado sewer pipe with towel rope

A clever way to rescue a kitten from a sewer pipe: food-flavoured towelling

It came to me in a flash about two minutes ago. Well, I've known about ...
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Why do cats like to climb?

Life is too easy for the domestic cat

NEWS AND VIEWS: You might have thought that I was discussing a genetically mutated jaguar ...
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Short-tailed jaguar in Belize and Guatemala

World’s only short-tailed jaguar

Picture of a cat stroller with cat by a river Siamese cat loves his cat ...
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Culkin walking his cat in a stroller

Macaulay Culkin walking a cat in a stroller

The question is asking for information about the longest distance that a domestic cat has ...
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Jessie travelled the longest distance to go home - about 2000 miles taking a year

How far has a cat travelled to return home?

Until today, I had no sense of the anxiety that many people feel at the ...
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Cat loves man

The anxiety of Covid times and how cats can help

Inadvertently and in typical Donald Trump style, he has brought domestic cats into the presidential ...
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How to protect birds from flying into wind turbines

Donald Trump brings cats into the presidential election campaign

An MP in the Croydon, UK area is urging for police to reopen the Croydon ...
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cat mutilation deaths

An MP in the Croydon area is urging for police to reopen UK cat mutilation investigation

A Reader's Forum article by Nicole Ferrara Today's pet peeve is veterinarians. Don't get me ...
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terminally ill cat was cured

Veterinarian pet peeve: “The vet knows there is a cure and is in complete denial”

This is a really nice picture of a calico foster kitten at Central Florida Fosters, ...
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Picture of a calico foster kitten

Picture of a calico foster kitten

Ceb found himself being cared for by Danielle at her foster home in Winter Park, ...
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Adorable tuxedo kitten with big ears, big heart, no tail

Olivia, who was living at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control at the time ...
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Olivia has the longest neck I have seen on a domestic cat

Domestic cat with longest neck

I didn't know it because I've never seen my cat try to eat Scotch tape ...
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Quincy a cat addicted to eating tape

Scotch tape is a household hazard for domestic cats