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The picture, showing the raw ingredients before they are mashed up into a cat food, ...
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Raw cat food for Maine Coons in Russia

Looks disgusting! How a Maine Coon breeder makes raw cat food.

You may know the answer so I won't go on about this. It's actually often ...
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Cat eats mouse in 60 seconds

Why do domestic cats bring prey animals into their owner’s home?

Please complete this poll. It won't take you more than five seconds! It is half ...
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Cat hunting birds

POLL: how many birds does your cat kill per year? Please complete it to scotch ‘rumours’ of cats killing billions of birds.

Here is a cool photo by user: u/daantjhuu. This cat looks like a Maine ...
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2019-2021 kitten to adult cat

2019 vs 2021 – from kitten to adult cat in photomontage

An Internet search tells me that by 2004 just over half of all cats in ...
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Indoor cat by the window

More people are keeping their cats indoors full-time but are they playing with their cat more often?

COMMENT ON THE NEWS: In the UK the Home Office is the government department in ...
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Ban on animal testing proposed by Lord Goldsmith and Priti Patel requests review

Lord Goldsmith wants to ban animal testing and is drawing up laws to achieve it

I have described this as a "screaming match" between two cats. It is more a ...
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Screaming match between 2 cats - resident and invading cat with the backdoor separating them

Screaming match between cats through the back door

An interesting video because it shows, in a way, a competition between a female Siamese ...
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Siamese cat mother wants her kitten back from toddler who has taken him

Toddler takes Siamese kitten from mother and mother wants her kitten back

This is an interesting photograph by Ed Kaiser, for me. It shows 16 cat carriers; ...
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Picture of post-op area at Edmonton Humane Society's TNR clinic

Picture of post-op area at Edmonton Humane Society’s TNR clinic

Are you one of those people who strongly disapproves of your cat waking you up ...
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Ignore your cat's advances at 3 AM to help alter her rhythms

Stop your cat waking you at night as per Jackson Galaxy

We all know that sometimes domestic cats just wander away from their home. Cats get ...
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Maddie - photo by Cascade News

If a cat leaves home it isn’t necessarily the fault of their owner

SPITI VALLEY, NORTH INDIA - NEWS AND COMMENT: These are great photographs of the snow ...
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Snow leopard on mountain is hard to see2

Pictures of the elusive, hard to see, snow leopard

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - NEWS AND COMMENT: There has been a spike in cases of cruelty ...
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Western Australia domestic cats painted blue by unknown person

Attitude of Australian state governments towards feral cats indirectly promotes cat cruelty as evidenced in Perth

People ask: What to do with feral cats and kittens? The answer depends on whether ...
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Woman in China wants to make a coat for a feral cat

What to do with feral cats and kittens?

COMMENT ON NEWS: This is obviously great news. Even if it is a single veterinary ...
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This is what declawing is

Animal Health Clinic, Fargo, proudly declares they’ve stopped declawing cats. Don’t be proud, be ashamed.

You will find it difficult to glean an answer as to why domestic cats appear ...
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Antifreeze poster

Cats drink antifreeze because of its smell and because it is almost tasteless

This is Leonardo da Vinci's (15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519) Study of the ...
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Study of the Madonna and Child with a Cat, 1478 showing Leonardo da Vinci's poor attempt at drawing a domestic cat

Leonardo da Vinci was crap at drawing cats

I am picking up on a study that I have written about before which genetically ...
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Chinese Mountain cat

Chinese mountain cat is a subspecies and is not the ancestor of domestic cats in China

Yes, cats do get sunburned sometimes. We see this quite a lot on the Internet ...
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Fluff was sunburned and had to have his ear flaps removed due to skin cancer

Do cats get sunburned? Yes, and skin cancer sometimes.

The idiom "a cat's paw" means a person or persons (or even a country) that ...
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Trump saying thank you

“Cat’s paw” – meaning of this idiom

Munchkin cats are not genetically modified in the conventional meaning of the term. A genetically ...
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Napoleon dwarf cat

Are Munchkin Cats genetically modified?

There are poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes distributed throughout North America. Normally bites from nonpoisonous snakes ...
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Coral snake

What snakes are dangerous to cats in the United States?