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Do domestic cats kill squirrels? Yes, they do but the percentage of house cats who ...
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Cat and squirrel

Do domestic cats kill squirrels?

Close to a dozen cats were dumped outside a Dayton, Ohio animal shelter on Monday ...
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cats eating

12 cats illegally dumped from a car in front of a Dayton animal shelter. Staff spent the day chasing cats.

This is the heartwarming yet heartbreaking story of a one-year-old mama cat who gave birth ...
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mama living in filthy alley

‘Fate’ leads cat rescuers to loud, filthy alley where young mama cat was caring for 8 kittens

EDGEWATER, Florida, USA: The woman concerned, Amanda Goodwin, was caught red-handed trying to allegedly drown ...
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Goodwin with cat in culvert

Bizarre alleged crime in which a 37-year-old woman was caught red-handed ‘taking her cat to Jesus’

Behind this new federal Act which has been passed by the Senate and which President ...
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Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act — the PACT Act

USA: new federal law criminalizing an intentional act of animal crushing

This study came to the conclusion that TNR volunteers managing a feral cat colony on ...
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Japanese feral cat with large rat in his mouth

Japanese study of TNR feral cat colony tells us that cat food is their main food supply

A genuine Facebook friend of mine, Barbara reminded me that today is Veterans Day in ...
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This soldier is awesome as he feeds a stray kitten in a foreign land

Veterans Day US – Cat Pictures

"After a long day of play it is time to snuggle". And it is time ...
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Kris and Remus best friends

True love between young cheetah and rescue dog

I have discussed this before but I have not used the phrase 'non-recognition aggression'. The ...
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Feline non-recognition aggression

Cat non-recognition aggression

A linked question would be 'Why is my cat shivering?'. If your cat is genuinely ...
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Measuring the rectal temperature of a domestic cat

How do I know if my cat is cold?

The answer is that spayed and neutered domestic cats 'tended to be heavier than those ...
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Botched spaying

Do spayed and neutered cats put on weight?

This is a little bit of cat trivia. Is not going to change the world ...
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Édouard Manet's cat illustrations

Édouard Manet loved cats and many of his letters have small sketches of cats

Staff from the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force have rescued three cats and 15 ...
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One of the rescued cats

Three beautiful cats and 15 cute dogs tethered to stakes outside Houston home

This morning, in the early hours, my cat started to dream while he was on ...
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My cat having a bad dream

Should we interrupt our cat’s nightmares?

Brazilian journalist Artur Lira is genuinely fond of cats judging by what happened when he ...
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Journalist befriends cat who interrupted his reporting

Brazilian journalist wants to adopt police station cat who interrupted his TV presentation

Gabi's father writes on his Twitter posting of December 4th 2017, 'My kid did an ...
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10 year old's interview with her cat Coco

Ten-year-old’s interview with her cat is charming but not quite right