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She deliberately does several things to make her videos interesting or shocking depending upon your ...
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VI ASMR is anonymous

Anonymous pretty woman eats extremely crunchy and delicious, grilled domestic cat and more

There's not much you can say about these Bengal cat pictures except to question whether ...
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Pink Bengal cat with glorious spots

Pink Bengal cat

NEWS AND VIEWS: BIRKDALE, UK: A cat owner has lost four of her cats at ...
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One of the four cats poisoned by anti-freeze in Birkdale, UK with baited food thrown into backgarden

Indoor-outdoor cats should be protected with security cameras

Some websites confidently state that the world's oldest cat breed is the Egyptian Mau but ...
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"World's oldest cat breed" is a tricky topic

World’s oldest cat breed?

This is a note, no more because I don't want to waffle around this subject ...
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Domestic cats' lack of understanding of activities and objects in the human world makes them nervous

Domestic cat’s lack of understanding of the human environment can make them anxious

This is effectively a lynx (tabby) seal pointed Bengal cat with very faint doughnut shaped ...
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Pointed Bengal cat with very faint off-white spotted tabby coat

Snow seal lynx Bengal cat

This is a Russian bred Bengal cat with large doughnut (donut) spots which are similar ...
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Russian bred Bengal cat with clouded leopard large doughnut spots

Bengal cat with spots like a clouded leopard’s

NEWS AND VIEWS: This is an interesting cat rescue story that requires comment. It looks ...
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Bean, an Exotic Shorthair, who was on the shelf at a rescue center because she was considered ugly by the workers

Woman falls for unwanted ‘ugly’ Exotic Shorthair rescue cat

RUSSIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a cat story from the city of Krasnodar, Russia. It ...
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Cat in Russia wedged in partly opened apartment window that opens horizontally

Two men build scaffolding to release cat trapped in apartment window

Cats have a lot to teach us about being human said Liz Miele, who believes ...
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Liz Miele tells us her thoughts on domestic cats

Comedienne Liz Miele says that women are drawn to cats because they are disappointed by men

This is an interesting mini-video. It shows what must be an extended family of ginger ...
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Extended family of ginger tabby cats sleep on top of each other

An extended family of ginger cats sleeping together

The best human-to-cat relationships have a lot of synchrony in their rhythms and routines. In ...
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Synchrony between feline paws and human hand

Synchrony in human hand and feline paw

This is another article in a series about hidden chemicals in household products which may ...
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Cats play on fake wood flooring which may contain phthalates which are poisonous to humans and animals

Phthalates in vinyl flooring poisoning domestic cats?

The title might bemuse you because this sort of story is certainly bemusing. It's a ...
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Cat furries and other animal furries are fighting with the police on the NPA Twitter feed

Cat furries want to be blocked by the National Police Association

The photograph is described as 'Tinder 1913'. There are four guys in the snow outside ...
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Four men looking for wives in 1913 with two of them holding cat companions and one has a a dog while the fourth has no companion animal

Two cat-owning guys looking for wives 1913

This is a novel way to 'rescue' a cat stuck up a tree. They must ...
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Tree surgeon cuts branch forcing cat stuck in tree to fall to the ground

Cat stuck in tree falls about 50 feet to ground when tree surgeon cuts branch

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is sheer horror. It is gut wrenching and it makes my ...
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Alabama veterinarian , Dr Logan, abuses cat while being filmed

Alabama veterinarian grossly abuses elderly cat while being filmed

There are extremes of skull variation in cat breeds because of a natural propensity in ...
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Extremes of skull variation on cat breeds

Extremes of skull variation in cat breeds

I don't want to criticise the almighty Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), probably the most influential ...
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Tear duct overflow due to a deformed drainage system in a flat-faced Persian who also seems to be suffering from a deformed mouth due to the same reason: extreme breeding

Hypocritical Cat Fanciers’ Association’s utterly confused breed standards

The acceptable body temperatures for a domestic cat in degrees Fahrenheit are 100, 101 and ...
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Domestic cat temp range

Acceptable body temperature range of domestic cats

Yes, in my opinion it can, but I am not a veterinarian. However, I don't ...
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Cure for type 2 feline diabetes

Can feline diabetes be reversed?

Humans bite harder than domestic cats. There are a few ways to measure bite force, ...
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Bite force humans versus domestic cats

Domestic cat vs human bite force