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During the first three weeks of kittens' lives their mother licks them extensively. The first ...
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Why do mother cats lick their kittens?

4 reasons why mother cats lick their kittens

Have you noticed how patient domestic cats can be? It is one of their great ...
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Cat patience

If patience is a virtue, cats are virtuous

Spring, Texas, USA (Houston area): ABC13 reports a terrible animal hospital accident which is heartbreaking ...
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Sophie and the animal hospital concerned

Vet injects cat with euthanasia drug instead of rabies vaccine

This is a follow up page on the Feline Grimace Scale which is a way ...
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Cat suffering from pain

Picture of a cat in considerable pain is useful for cat owners

The procedure for travelling with your pet to the EU appears to be off-putting in ...
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Pet travel from UK after Brexit

How to prepare for travel with your pet to any EU country whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal

I think you could extend the word 'autistic' to describe the behaviour of unsocialised cats ...
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Autism in cats

Is it possible for cats to have autism?

Thankfully vets are getting better at deciding if a cat is in pain. Back in ...
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Example of Grimace Scale

Feline Grimace Scale tells you more effectively if a cat is in pain

Governor Gavin Newsom has dedicated $50 million to the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program ...
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Calif going no-kill

Governor wants California to be a no-kill animal shelter state

This is an unusual, short video of a rusty-spotted cat in what appears to be ...
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Rusty-spotted cat

Picture of a rusty-spotted cat in a studio

Look, if you want to really get into this topic, I'd advise you to read ...
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Dry cat food and cat

Does dry cat food cause urinary tract problems?

The answer appears to be yes, big cats do play - perhaps 'toy' is a ...
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Do big cats play with their prey?

Do big cats play with their prey?

Intro At heart this is a cat story which is played out across the planet ...
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Handsome Ozzy

Maine Coon cat owner sues neighbour for injunction to stop her feeding her cat

According to the Wikipedia numbers it is cat roadkill Armageddon in America. But accuracy is ...
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Cat roadkill

How many cats are killed on American roads each year?

There is not a lot of data on the success rate of leopards hunting because ...
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Are leopards good hunters?

Massillon, Ohio, USA: Tina Marie Icenhower, 55, was stuck by a car and killed while ...
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Tina Marie Icenhower

Lady struck by car while trying to rescue cat on road

In truth this is a non-news story because it is stating the obvious. There is ...
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Cats will eat human flesh when needs must

Feral cats will eat human flesh if needs must

This is a Kickstarter project from Tuft + Paw. They have created Cove, a great ...
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Cove cat litter tray

A beautiful cat litter box for environmentally concerned people

I'll tell you why cats can't be gay. There is quite a lot of talk ...
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Is my cat a lesbian?

Why cats can’t be gay

There are several reasons why cats are popular in Russia. In fact a survey reported ...
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Russian apartments

Why are cats so popular in Russia?

Brooklyn, New York: Brianne Wills has found unexpected success in photographing attractive women with their ...
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Woman and their cats

Brooklyn photographer is happy to debunk the way people perceive cat ladies