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Snow globes can kill cats

Jinx - a cat killed by the contents of a snow globe

Snow globes can kill cats because they often contain ethylene glycol which is the same chemical used in antifreeze for vehicles and we know that antifreeze is highly toxic to cats because it damages the kidneys and kills the cat. … please continue reading

Cat grief may be anxiety instead

Grieving cat or anxious cat?

Many cat owners and animal experts believe that cats can experience the emotion of grief. They have probably seen it first hand. These first hand experiences concern the change in behaviour of one family cat when another, towards whom the … please continue reading

Do worms cause pain in cats?

Do worms cause pain in cats?

Do worms cause pain in cats? If the gastrointestinal parasitic infestation reaches a certain level it causes illness in the cat. Before that the cat will feel no pain. However if she becomes ill there will be a decline in … please continue reading

How does the cat café work?

Cat cafe

How does the cat café work? It works like any other café. The cats are a human attractant! Their purpose is to bring in customers. This business model is built around the attitude that the majority of people like cats. … please continue reading