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How do cats say meow in Chinese? What the question is asking is how people ...
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Cat saying meow in Chinese

How do cats say meow in Chinese?

African servals don't make good pets to most people who buy one. Good pets are ...
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Satellite-dish ears of the serval. Photo: Pinterest and in public domain.

Are African servals good pets?

This is a slightly unusual hoarding case because it concerns a pensioner living in Wales, ...
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Ralphs in her van with her black cat

Evicted pensioner moved into a van outside her former home with her cats

This is a story about careless dog ownership or worse. The video explains it all ...
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Two dogs attack cats in Orange Park Florida

Two domestic dogs kill three cats in Orange Park, Florida and the owner doesn’t know where they are

Animal shelters and rescues in the Jackson Township area of Pennsylvania are working hard to ...
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abandoned cats with food

31 cats abandoned in wooded area of Monroe County, PA. They were left with open bags of food but no water.

In an era in the United States when up to 50% of domestic cats are ...
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What is the best diet for a diabetic cat?

What are the signs of diabetes in a cat?

A bill was signed into law last weekend which makes California the first US state ...
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Kendall Jenner and her lynx fur coat (2016)

From 2023 fur goods will be banned in California

The videos is called 'Caring is sharing' - very apt. This cat has firmly decided ...
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Cat takes plush toy to her feeding bowl

Cat carries plush toy to her feeding bowl to share her food

A cat rescue organisation, Half The Way Home in Woodstock, Cherokee County, USA, temporarily housed ...
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Half The Way Home cat rescue in Woodstock

Whistleblower claims horrific conditions at cat rescue and shuts it down but video contradicts her

It is impractical, for two reasons, to make laws which stop people feeding feral cats ...
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Ashtabula buildings

You can’t make laws to stop people feeding feral cats

My reading on the subject of acupuncture as a treatment for domestic cats indicates to ...
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Do cats accept acupuncture and is it effective?

Do domestic cats accept and tolerate acupuncture and is it effective?

This is a very distinct difference in the abilities of the American coyote and the ...
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Do coyotes eat cats?

There’s a difference between American coyotes and British foxes preying on domestic cats

According to a Facebook community post by the Murfreesboro, Tennessee Police Department, a rookie officer ...
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cat rescued by police

‘Cat in the Hat’ rescue: Rookie officer used his hat to save a kitten stuck on top of wheel well of a car

I first wrote about Murphy in May 2018 to put the word out about the ...
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bring murphy home

NC cat owner has posted an ad in the newspaper every day for 2 years searching for her lost cat

The BBC video explains Singapore's problem with feline high-rise syndrome. The beginning of the video ...
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Cat trapped and saved from falling off high rise building

Singapore: 250 cats fall from high rise apartments every year. Fifty percent die on impact.

For a lot of cat guardians, the choice as to whether you let your cat ...
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Bengal cat outdoors

Letting your cat go outside responsibly

This story from Fayette, Iowa, USA reminds us that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish ...
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Free-roaming cat companion trapped and sedated by researchers when mistaken for a feral cat

Free-roaming cat companion trapped and sedated by researchers when mistaken for a feral cat

A Reader's Forum story published October 11, 2019 by James LaCroix "The entire nation, and ...
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disabled dog found dead

This is the piece of shit that stole the car and left wheelchair-bound dog Zorra to die in the south Florida heat

I have to write about this. It is a research centre (CCAAM) which uses alternative ...
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Charu Chandrasekera, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods at the University of Windsor is shown with Eric Margolis from the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation

No animal testing at the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods

This is a classic community cat story from Meridian Township, Okemos, Michigan, USA, reported by ...
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Michele Pursley, left, of Meridian Township, and Laura Luptowski Seeley, of Haslett, pictured Monday, Oct. 9, 2019.

Feral cat colony shelters near retail outlets uprooted and thrown in a dumpster

Hull Live, an online newspaper, is reporting that gangs are trawling through the urban jungle ...
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Lamping with dogs to catch domestic cats

In animal loving Britain gangs are using hunting dogs to attack domestic cats at night

The answer to the question is straightforward and because it is pretty obvious this is ...
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Cat in cat litter tray

How do cats automatically know how to use a litter box?

This is a useful update on the story of Milo, a cat who was lost ...
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How Molly's cat Milo got lost at Dulles International Airport

How Molly’s cat Milo got lost at Dulles International Airport

I think this cute little kitten has been imprinted with the mental image that this ...
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Kitten snuggles down. Screenshot.

Imagine having someone actually need you that much, like this kitten to this person

This is an extraordinary little video because it shows a domestic cat getting through a ...
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Cat gets through narrow gap in a unique way

Cat works out unique way to get through narrow gap without her whiskers touching the sides

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UK law on keeping wildcat hybrid and wild cat species

UK law on keeping wild cats and wildcat hybrids like the Savannah cat