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Today, a month after the event, this story is still all over the news media ...
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5 conjoined kittens born at Arizona animal rescue

5 conjoined kittens born at Arizona shelter and discussing possible causes

It's become quite well known that the family of Oriental cat breeds which includes the ...
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Oriental shorthair kitten

Fabric eating and pedigree Oriental cats

People ask whether a fox is a danger to a wandering, outdoor domestic cat and ...
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Feral cat chases away a fox who wants to eat from his bowl

Feral cat chases a fox away from his food bowl

Sports men and women playing for the England team in various sports have a badge ...
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Original Three Lions badge for England footballers

What is the meaning of the three lions on the England badge?

Persian cats have a distinct reputation for being lethargic and lazy. There are probably three ...
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Persian cats are lazy for 3 potential reasons

3 reasons why Persian cats are lethargic and apparently lazy

I have just discovered it: Pet Blind Boxes, another aspect of cruelty to animals in ...
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China: volunteers from a rescue organisation photograph pets in pet blind boxes on a lorry before I hope that they save them

Pet blind boxes of China and the courier ZTO who delivers them

"Breeding true" means that the offspring look like their parents. It is achieved by "line ...
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Genes and chromosomes

What does breeding true mean?

I have always believed that we don't give enough credence to the possibility that the ...
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Domestic cats may feel vulnerable because of the enormous size difference

Size difference between humans and cats makes them vulnerable and fearful, a dog study suggests

I probably don't have the right to provide advice to Giles Coren about how to ...
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Mo Tenzing is handsome and he's allowed to roam in Central London

Advice to Giles Coren on how to be a good cat guardian to Mo Tenzing

We are in the era of GPS cat and dog trackers. There is no need ...
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Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker device worn by a cat

Nowadays there is no need for a cat to be lost

People also ask: 'is feline coronavirus the same as covid-19?' And in a strict sense, ...
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Taking mouth and nose swabs from tigers at Miami Zoo to test for Covid-19

What is the difference between feline coronavirus (FCoV) and Covid-19?

Here is a picture of a part of the domestic cat anatomy that is semi-abstract ...
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Strange cat ears

Semi-abstract picture of cat anatomy: ears

In other words how long is the grieving process on the passing of your cat ...
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Depicting grief on the passing of a cat companion

How long does it take to get over a cat’s death?

These are great looking cats. They were bred and photographed by Maxim Zorin who lives ...
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3 Russian Blue kittens in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Pictures of cats: 3 Russian Blue kittens made in Russia

SOUTH AFRICA-NEWS AND VIEWS: The South African government has realised that public opinion is turning ...
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Canned lion hunting might be banned in South Africa

Inauthentic breeding and shooting of lions in South Africa might be banned

You should make sure that the relative that you ask to look after your cat ...
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Dying elderly woman says goodbye to her cat Oliver

Asking a relative to look after your cat on your death

As I understand it, the feline distemper vaccine is normally part of a combination vaccine ...
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Combination core vaccine for cats

What is the feline distemper vaccine called?

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, has usefully written about pet theft in the UK ...
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Dog on lead meets cat on lead outside see what happens

Pet theft is not trivial – on a par, say, with shoplifting

She looks like a brown tabby-and-white. Super cute owl-like face. Ears flat to the head ...
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Cute Scottish Fold kitten

Pictures of cats: cutest Scottish Fold kitten

NEWS AND VIEWS: In violation of New York State law governing the commercial possession and ...
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Young caracals believed to be the ones traded by Casacci

New York City exotic animal trader sold wildcat kittens as house pets

Putting aside selectively bred pedigree breeds, which are a tiny minority, most cats choose their ...
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Persian cat with lion cut on hind legs

Are cats completely domesticated?

The title might seem absurd. But I don't think it is absurd to consider racism ...
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Beautiful stray cat

Cats Are Not Racists