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The first point to make is that not all domestic cats do this and those ...
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Cat eats

My cat tries to cover her food after she eats. Why does she do this?

"To the human ear a lion roar is audible from five miles but lions can ...
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Male lion

From how far can you hear a lion roar?

I believe that the answer to the question is dependent upon how well the cat ...
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Mother cat and her young kittens

How will a mother cat react if I touch her kittens?

In an act of kindness which bolsters my waning faith in humankind, a resident of ...
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Poster about deceased cat and kind words

Strangers hold moving funeral for mystery cat found in Sydney backyard

Paul Zhang is notorious. I wrote about him on August 3. He was going around ...
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Paul Zhang, Florida’s self-anointed ‘euthanizer’ (killer) of 76 cats is fined $2,915

A couple of twin Russian models, Adelya and Alina Fatkheev, 24, who think they are ...
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Russian model twins

Russian Instagram model twins say that homeless cats may be nicer than homeless people

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK. THANKS. An experienced cat rescuer, Kristi Louie, said: "My ...
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Suzie Sue

URGENT: Long Beach cat rescuer in toxic relationship needs to re-home her rescue kitties. Please help.

How many times do we have to read reports of couples arguing to the point ...
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Calgary court building

Another couple argue and another cat has lost his life at the hands of a childish adult

NBC Washington have questioned whether the cat videoed by a Ring door bell security camera ...
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Mountain lion? No a domestic tabby cat

Is this cat climbing a fence in Georgetown, Washington D.C. a mountain lion or a domestic tabby?

"Never, ever under any circumstances pay money upfront to a cat breeder for a purebred ...
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Russian Blues

Woman scammed out of $2,300 when trying to buy a Russian Blue cat in California

Caroline Adkins living in Bledsoe County (in the middle of Tennessee, USA) who has been ...
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God told her to have no more than 125 strays but she is accused of having many more

The problem referred to in the title is the problem of unwanted cats who end ...
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The SNYP truck

Sheltering animals is just a Band-Aid and it doesn’t fix the problem

Is it true that long-haired cats are rarely seen in feral colonies in the US? ...
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Feral cat colony. All short-haired cats

Long-haired cats are rarely seen in feral colonies

This is an extraordinary example of cat abuse carried out flagrantly with a complete disregard ...
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Where Clarence slept

Man pepper sprayed sleeping cat in daylight and in front of the cat owner’s neighbor

The data below - presented in a table - is from the U.S. Fish & ...
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Bird attacked by cat

Ultimately humans are the cause of all threats to US birds

There is talk about the reintroduction of the beautiful wildcat, which was once native to ...
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Scottish wildcat kittens playing

Wildcat to be reintroduced to England’s Derwent valley at Cattiside?

This is a classic from that age-old feral cat problem: how to deal with them ...
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Feral cat Hazleton

Sinister letter from City of Hazleton to residents about feral cats freaks them out

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) have taken 135 cats from the ...
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Ringworm glows under UV-A light

Why it will cost $27,000 to treat cats with ringworm taken from failed cat rescue

The 15-year-old teen from Harlow who admitted to grabbing a cat by the tail and ...
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ever seen a flying cat

15-year-old found guilty after throwing cat. Police are having to provide security to his family.

A Brighton man suspected of killing a cat near Brighton railway station has been re-arrested ...
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Brighton cat killer victim

Brighton man suspected of killing a cat has been re-arrested; court date rescheduled for December

Nature programmed the cat to hold onto prey tightly. This is amply demonstrated in this ...
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Kitten programmed to hang onto prey

Kitten programmed to not let go of prey

Kittens have sharp claws. They are not worn down and rounded off. They are fresh ...
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Kittens climb leg in desire to get the formula milk

Stoic woman allows army of mountaineering kittens to climb her legs to get to the formula milk

"I don't think anybody purposefully stole them.." - Bridgette Gill of the TNR rescue group ...
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Bridgette Gill's cat traps stolen or not

Were these cat traps owned by TNR lady taken for scrap or stolen?

I am always very impressed by the transportation by air of cats from disaster zones ...
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Cats transported from Bahamas to New Jersey shelter

What does it cost to fly 84 cats from the Bahamas to New Jersey for a new life?

UPDATE: Click here for update on this case. Here we go again...another teen who will ...
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sad cat

15-year-old charged with causing “unnecessary suffering” after throwing cat over a fence by its tail

I was alerted to a new Facebook page that calls itself Operation Pussylockdown. The community ...
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cat blanket

Operation Pussylockdown: A “global movement to keep pet cats indoors” or do they promote cat cruelty?