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ABC News San Diego have commented on an Australian survey of outdoor domestic cat wanderings ...
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GPS tracked outdoor domestic cat shows how far they wander from home

Outdoor domestic cats generally wander fairly close to home

It is not uncommon for domestic, stray or feral cats to get their heads stuck ...
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Cat caught in net with jar on his head

Please screw lids on food jars before disposing of them to protect stray cats and other animals

Are jaguarundi dangerous to humans? Under nearly all circumstances in the wild jaguarundis are not ...
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Are jaguarundi dangerous to humans?

This is a strange story and I'm going to guess that it is an incomplete ...
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Policeman allegedly shot airport cat

Policeman allegedly shoots dead a friendly, neutered ginger cat at Durban airport

A press release on the website from Singapore dated December 5, 2019 tells us ...
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73% of cats with feline leukaemia survived and thrived on RetroMAD1

Note: For the record this is not a dry news report. It is news mixed ...
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Thrasher stomped girlfriend's cat to death

Couple argue over breakup then man stomps her cat to death

Greenville County, South Carolina Sheriff's office has created a new position which will investigate animal ...
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animal cruelty investigation

Greenville County approves special investigator position that will enable officer to file animal cruelty charges

The wrangling of cats for a photo is a challenge. Hell, the wrangling of a ...
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Portrait of 17 cats and dogs

An exercise in extreme patience and persistence: portrait photo of 8 dogs and 9 cats

These Maine Coons with human faces keep resurfacing on the internet. I reported on them ...
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Maine Coon with human face

How healthy are the human-faced Maine Coons of this Russian breeder?

An insight into animal perceptions and understanding can be obtained from an experiment by farmers ...
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Tiger dog

Monkeys believe that dogs painted with stripes are tigers

There is some confusion on the internet as to whether the scientific name for the ...
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Felis silvestris catus

Scientific name for the domestic cat: felis catus or felis silvestris catus?

Hoarders often say it, 'things got out of control'. They are also the words of ...
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Ross's house is cleared

How do you stop ‘things getting out of control’ at cat hoarding situations?

This white domestic cat should not be blamed or mocked for her abject failure to ...
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Cat jump fail was not the cat's fault

Cat should not be blamed or mocked for jumping failure

This phrase means no room to swing a cat-o'-nine-tails, the whip used to punish British ...
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A sailor is stipped to the waist and whipped with a cat-o'-nine-tails

Origin of no room to swing a cat

Can domestic cats be allergic to feather pillows and duvets? I ask because a recent ...
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Can cats be allergic to feathers?

Can cats be allergic to feathers?

Lil Bub was probably the internet's No. 2 cat celebrity over the past couple of ...
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Lil Bub dies abruptly without warning at 8

The cute and uplifting Cats Protection Christmas video tells a story that occurs far too ...
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Abandoned kittens in a box in the snow

The reality behind the Libby Left Behind Cats Protection Christmas video

This is a really nice picture of a cat, actually a cat with a big ...
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Picture of cat with wide open irises

Picture of cat with wide open pupils

A Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania man who pleaded guilty to feeding cats fish hooks has been given ...
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kenny rowles

Pennsylvania man who fed cats fish hooks sentenced to jail time

The first question is to ask if the cat is losing fur only on the ...
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Hair loss on cat tail

Cat losing fur on tail