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This is a study which analyses whether cats and dogs as pets benefit or are ...
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Elderly man and cat

Cat companions do not benefit gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer

The recent finding of a 1,000-year-old domestic cat skeleton in Kazakhstan confirms that the domestic ...
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Ancient Silk Road

Ancient Silk Road spread the domestic cat to the Far East

The following health problems are linked to cat obesity. The information comes from a study ...
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What is considered an obese cat?

Health problems associated with feline obesity

It appears that a solicitor in the UK was storing, on behalf of their client, ...
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Cat finds a lost will stored by a lawyer

Lawyer’s cat saves a will from the shredder

A useful and interesting study has been conducted on the medical conditions that hoarded cats ...
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Cat checked for health

Medical conditions of hoarded cats

This is another example of how a domestic cat can actually improve a person's presentation ...
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Dean of Canterbury with his cat Tiger

Cat interrupts Dean of Canterbury’s virtual service at the Cathedral

We know how mobile the visible part of the cat's ear is. They have over ...
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Human vestigial ear flap movements

Humans try to move their ear flaps just like cats

The question is really asking whether your cat will recognise his name if you change ...
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Calling a cat by their name

Can I change my cat’s name?

I discuss community cats and lions. Let's define altruism first. It is an act of ...
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Kittens and queen

Are cats altruistic?

My belief is that cats cannot be allergic to humans provided they are not wearing ...
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Can cats be allergic to humans?

Can cats be allergic to humans?

Baby food is safe for cats for a very limited time or as a treat ...
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Feral kitten eating baby food to help socialise him

Is baby food safe for cats?

There is a current craze on the Internet which you might have noticed in which ...
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Give a cat an egg and they protect it?

TikTok meme: Do cats want to protect an egg because it is fragile?

It seems incongruous that for thousands of years humans have shared their homes with fearsome ...
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Human body language signal to cat elicits loving response

Humans should have domesticated an intelligent herbivore?

If and when domestic cats use their paws to eat food or to drink water ...
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Domestic cat (a Benga) eating with their left paw

Why do domestic cats sometimes use their paws to eat and drink?

Cats need animal protein. They have a higher requirement for protein in their diets than ...
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Puma eating flesh - animal protein and fat

Why do cats need protein?

Here are 10 selected, fine photographs of the unusual but popular Lykoi cat. I hope ...
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Lykoi Cat Portrait

Ten fine photos of Lykoi cats

From time to time I like to publish a post which contains some interesting or ...
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Real life pixelated cat

Ten Interesting Cat Pictures

Ocelots mainly eat mammals such as opossums, rabbits, rats and mice. They also eat land ...
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Ocelot hunting at night

What does the ocelot eat?

No, but the question has to be more precise to provide a precise answer. This ...
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Savannah cat head butt

Are Savannah cats dangerous to humans?

In general, domestic cat need to express predatory behaviour. In other words they need to ...
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Playing with your cat improves the relationship

What happens if I don’t play with my cat?