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An elderly couple tried to kill by drowning six feral kittens because they could not ...
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6 rescued kittens

Elderly couple tried to drown kittens in a lake out of compassion but were stopped and reported

An animal shelter offered US$300 and a new dog when they mistakenly killed the owner's ...
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Blaze and the shelter where he was accidentally killed

This animal shelter values companion animals at $300 plus a replacement

Bearing in mind widespread spaying and neutering - surgical procedures to stop the procreation of ...
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Research into a drug to control cat births

Cat birth control drugs

When Lisa van Vliet's cat Bear disappeared from her home in Surrey, British Columbia on ...
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lost cat found

Thanks to a pet detective, a bloodhound, and a service called Petsearcher, Surrey woman and her missing cat have been reunited

Peppermint, an essential oil, is a deterrent to skunks, raccoons, some rodents and squirrels but ...
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Striped skunk. Photo: User: Tomfriedel at Wikipedia.

Skunk, raccoon and rodent deterrent can be dangerous to cats

This is a cute video in which the cat pulls over the head of her ...
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Cat wants more kisses

Cat makes it known she wants more kisses from her male human

The photograph is certainly eye-catching. It stopped me in my tracks - really. Although the ...
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Extraordinary picture of piles of cat carriers

Extraordinary photo of 200 pet carriers outside home: the story

The criticism of Nicole Kidman over using a cat carrier backpack is unfair because many ...
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Cat carrier backpack

Defending Nicole Kidman over criticisms of backpacking with her cat

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania city officials sent out an email on Wednesday stating that their feral cat ...
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feral cats

Wilkes-Barr ends their feral cat program. Traps appear to have already been set to trap then kill cats who come into the shelter.

This is the happy ending story of a Dayton, Ohio cat who went missing after ...
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missing cat found

Ohio cat who went missing after the Memorial Day tornadoes in Dayton has been reunited with his family

He issued a public decree or charter (a papal bull) in 1233 in which he ...
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Papal bulla

Did Pope Gregory IX Ban Cats?

The experts say that this is a new species of small wild cat living in ...
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New species of wild cat in Corsica?

‘Cat-fox’ said to be a new wild cat species in Corsica’s mountains

I will add to this later (perhaps) but the picture says it all and it ...
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Cats died in crates

Cats died in their locked carriers in woods

No doubt there are benefits if a domestic cat has been trained to use a ...
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Cat on human toilet

Seven reasons not to train your cat to use a human toilet (and Jackson Galaxy doesn’t like it either)

Editor’s note: This video contains slightly graphic images of puncture wounds that may not be ...
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Scratches from coyote

Man wrestles his cat from the mouth of a coyote

This article was originally posted on March 18, 2016. I've added the photo to this ...
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Facebook Spamming and Tagging Policies Continue to Hurt Animal Advocates

Facebook Spamming and Tagging Policies Continue to Hurt Animal Advocates

The real story behind the viral Trump hissing like a cat video is found in ...
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Trump saying thank you

The real story behind the viral Trump hissing like a cat video

The dewclaw is attached to the fifth digit of the forepaws of cats. Normally this ...
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Cat dewclaw picture

Why do cats have a dewclaw?

by Dima (Beirut) Intro: this was first published before May 2012. It is interesting so ...
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Cat injection

Has an injection to my cat caused paralysis?

This is a classic interspecies relationship. Both are rescue animals and both are at a ...
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Butterball and Kimmy Kitty at a love in

Cat and duck are best friends at a dog rescue center in Atlanta, Georgia

With humans out of the way, Chernobyl's wildlife thrives like never before. When reactor number ...
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Lynx at Chernobyl exclusion zone

The Chernobyl catastrophe proves that wild animals are better off without us

In the UK, leading doctors have called for clean indoor air quality to be covered ...
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Indoor air quality

For the sake of us and our cats, make clean indoor air a legal right

You have to drop the seriousness some times and this amusing but increasingly irritating animated ...
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Siamese cat rides robot vacuum cleaner

Siamese cat rides robot vacuum cleaner to smack dog

This is a strange case in which a woman who fed a stray cat, and ...
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Gabriele was killed by a domestic cat bite

The strange case of a woman who died from a cat bite

Does this video show a fascinating feline love triangle in which one cat is caught ...
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Feline love triangle

Fascinating feline love triangle (video)?

The Powassan virus is a disease which is transmitted by infected ticks. It can be ...
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Tick on cat

Have you ever heard of the Powassan virus affecting domestic cats?