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Pumpkin contains soluble fibre which absorbs excess water and therefore it firms up a cat's ...
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Cat and pumpkin

Can pumpkin help cats with diarrhea?

The goal of cat breeders should be to found (establish) a line of healthy cats ...
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Line breeding

The meaning of “lines” in cat breeding

The signs that your cat is happy will be subtle. It is easier to ask ...
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Happy cat

How do I know my cat is happy?

People search for signs that their cat is dying of old age. I have just ...
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Michele and Rubble

Unwillingness to eat: a classic sign that a cat is dying of old age

Yes, cat vaccinations can cause diarrhoea. Sometimes cats have an allergic reaction to a vaccine ...
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The balance of risk of cat vaccinations

Can cat vaccinations cause diarrhoea?

I don't think that pet insurance is worth the cost and I'll tell you why ...
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Property insurance

Is pet insurance worth the cost?

The reason is twofold. This famous wild cat species has a very wide distribution across ...
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Why do mountain lions have so many names?

If you want to tell if your cat has a temperature you will need to ...
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Taking cats temperature

How can I tell if my cat has a temperature?

There are a few reasons why domestic cats have better balance than people although there ...
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Margay resting in a tree, typical behavior

Why do cats have good balance?

This is a story which highlights what I believe is quite a common situation on ...
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Jenny Candler

Social media users too eager to condemn woman who fed starving cat

Nadezhda Bushueva's mother, Tatyana (a pensioner), forced her daughter to live off cat food while ...
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Nadezhda Bushueva

Fed on cat food and “caged” for 26 years, attractive 42-year-old woman looks young for her age

The quality of a person's cat caretaking depends upon whether the person regards themselves as ...
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Relationship versus ownership re: domestic cat

Domestic cats: relationship versus ownership

I would like to make some observations about the Colorado State University's study of 708 ...
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Women are less likely to swipe right on men with cats – observations

It is time for a bit of cuteness and charm. This video has both and ...
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Babies, toddlers and cats

Gentle interactions between toddlers and cats are charming

This is not hot off the press news (11th March 2020) but it is interesting ...
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Man in Singapore terrifies ginger tabby cat causing cat to pee

This man needs a taste of his own medicine after he terrifies his cat causing him to pee

I am referring to domestic cats. Two well-known experts on cat behaviour have more or ...
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Frustrated cat

Do cats get frustrated?

Without quoting any experts, common sense dictates that domestic cats cannot, or should not on ...
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Lion x domestic cat

Can a domestic cat mate with a lion or a tiger?

I have become a fan of wet cat food in small pouches (sachets). I am ...
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Hills wet cat food sachets are too large?

Hills wet cat food pouches are too large?

It is not okay to give a cat ice cream. There are several reasons. Ice ...
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Cat brain freeze

Is it okay to give a cat ice cream?

Normally, cat guardians have suspicions (or know for certain depending on their level of knowledge) ...
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Cat tapeworm segments and whole worms

How do I know if my cat has tapeworms?