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For me, this is a slightly creepy video. It just looks very odd and the ...
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Sphynx cat grips human hand

Creepy video: Sphynx cat’s paws look like hands gripping human hand

This little video sums up the essence of the domestic cat. The bright eyes, the ...
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Essence of the cat

The essence of the domestic cat clamping down on a straw

Cats (the movie) is going to be massive judging by this short introduction to it ...
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Cats the Movie

A peek into the making of Cats the Movie – ‘This movie is an event’

It is claimed by the owners of two world record holding cats that a massage ...
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Acturus held by Mr Powers. He as a Savannah cat

Believed massage chair caused fire which killed two world record holding cats

A girl is carrying her young cat around in what appears to be the hood ...
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Kitten plays with girl's ponytail

Kitten carried in jacket hood plays with girl’s ponytail (video)

Do jaguars live in India? No, jauguars do not live in India. They live in ...
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Jaguars not in India

Do jaguars live in India?

A very unusual way for a cat to jump. It is very refined and elegant ...
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Cat jumping elegantly

Super elegant Ragdoll cat jump is a work of art (video)

What does pica eating disorder stand for? Answer, it does not stand for anything in ...
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Pica in cats clipart by @A-Kawaii-Narwal

What does pica eating disorder stand for?

Firstly, a definition of the word "insane", which is a state of mind preventing normal ...
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Kenny Rowles

Man who baited cats with fishhooks may be insane

A study published on June 12, 2019 shows that when undergraduates participated in 10 minutes ...
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Graduate with her cat

10 minute hands-on interactions with cats and dogs lowers stress in undergraduates

Wendy Boucher-Fischer writing on describes how her cat Miss Kitty died of natural causes ...
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Cat grave being dug with dead cat

Woman knew her cat was dying so she placed her under her favourite bush in backyard

Cats have a refined sense of touch. Their paw pads are extremely sensitive. They are ...
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Touching a cat's paws

Why do cats dislike their paws being touched?

There is yet another report in online news media today about how teenagers can spend ...
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Teenage girl on social media

How online social media can harm the human-cat relationship going forward

Here are 10 tips regarding cat litter boxes from the celebrated Cat Daddy aka Jackson ...
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10 litter box tips

10 Cat Litter Box Tips

This cat news story is saddening. It is not the sort of information that one ...
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Cat abandoned and rescued in Vancouver

More cats and kittens abandoned now than 20 years ago (Vancouver shelter)

A disturbing case of a cat serial killer has made the news this week after ...
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reward flyer

Serial cat killer in Thurston County, Washington leaves reward flier on cat found dead on Sunday

Words are not needed to express my disgust at this couple of trophy hunters. They ...
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Sick photo of trophy hunting couple kissing over dead lion

Sick photo shows trophy hunting couple kiss over corpse of magnificent lion they killed

Apple iPhone Touch ID is a security feature which allows a person to unlock their ...
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Cats can use Apple Touch ID to unlock phones

Did you know that your cat can use iPhone’s Touch ID?

Why do cats taste the air? This is a question asked on the Internet and ...
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Vomeronasal organ in cats

Why do cats taste the air?

The Dutch Soort zoekt soort can be loosely translated to English as 'kind seeks kind' ...
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Kind person takes in kitten chucked on road outside the person's home

Soort zoekt soort – kind seeks kind – abandoned cat finds new home

Here are three images of winged cats. The best discussions about winged cat come from ...
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Image of winged cat from Somerset, England 1899

Images Of Winged Cats

This is a man, believed to be in his 50s or 60s who is clearly ...
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Man kicks cat on video

Singaporean kicks a cat on video and allegedly throws rocks at community cats

WARNING by Michael: this is a distressing and shocking story of mindless cat cruelty for ...
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cat injured

“Make them little pricks pay for it.” No arrests made despite abuse being caught on video

These two are best mates by the look of it. They are messing around. The ...
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Dog's strange expression

Dog makes a face on being smacked by cat friend. What does it mean?

Some general principles of responsible cat breeding are nicely set out in a couple of ...
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Manx cat

General Principles of Responsible Breeding

Fourteen Montréal pet stores are suing the city over a bylaw which makes it obligatory ...
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Maxim Tremblay works at Animal Expert in the Gay Village. He says there are both good and bad sides to the new regulations. (Sarah Leavitt/CBC)

Pet stores challenge law making it obligatory to sell rescue animals