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You might have heard of this but sometimes pet food is irradiated for various reasons ...
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Radura symbol signifying the food has been irradiated

Don’t buy irradiated dry cat food

This guy seems to have made this rescue center a big family. We are told ...
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Guy is loved by cats and dogs at rescue center

Rescue cats and dogs pile in around guy at rescue center

It's reported that the coyote population is booming in Florida. The article that I'm reading ...
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Coyotes in Florida

How to haze coyotes which is necessary in Florida where they are booming

By and large, Britons accept the fact that their domestic cat hunts and kills prey ...
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Handsome domestic cat hunting

Britons accept domestic cat hunting but some don’t like it

Young male cats either entire or neutered are far more likely to be involved in ...
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Kitten saved from road by heroic motorcyclist

Young male cats far more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents

This is a surprising result but I am referring to one study and it goes ...
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Extraordinary photo of cat surrounded by children

Study says that cats and dogs do not benefit the health of children in the home

This bicolour, grey-and-white dwarf cat looks as if she was bought from a toyshop. You ...
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Plush toy or real cat?

Plush toy or real cat?

I am being quite flippant in publishing this photograph on this page because behind the ...
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"The Shining Cat"

Picture of ‘The Shining Cat’

This is a great cat picture which I have admittedly "stolen" from the PETA website ...
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Morrissey, a longtime friend of PETA poses with his cat on his head for an advert

Picture of Morrissey with a cat on his head

NEWS AND NEWS-CAIRO, EGYPT: This cute and confident calico cat became a social media star ...
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'Festival Cat' being petted at the Film Festival

Domesticated, calico stray cat who gatecrashed the Cairo Film Festival poisoned by the authorities

I'm reminded by a story from California that it is the foul ammonia smell emanating ...
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Singapore cat hoarder seeks help

Foul ammonia odour exposes homes where there are too many cats

This is a delightful, tiny Exotic Shorthair kitten bred and photographed by Лариса Иванова who ...
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Super cute tiny Exotic Shorthair

Picture of an Exotic Shorthair kitten

Conclusion: if you have a blood stain on your bedspread because your cat ate a ...
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Removing blood from a sheet

Removing blood from a mouse my cat ate on my bedspread

NEWS AND COMMENTS-SOUTH AFRICA: A big cat keeper has been killed by a Siberian tiger ...
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Siberian tiger at South African wildlife park kills keeper and another male Siberian tiger to mate with female Siberian tiger

Male Siberian tiger kills another male Siberian tiger and his keeper to be with a female

Did this Russian blue cat owner let his cats flood his home in his craving ...
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Cats flood home - true or false?

Viral video of Russian Blue cats flooding home is a fake

This is a lilac, European Burmese bred by Юлия Ланцова who lives in Moscow, Russia ...
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European Burmese bred in Russia

Female lilac European Burmese

Julia Sorokina, of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, has created a mink Bengal cat with impressive donuts ...
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Glittering mink Maine Coon made in Russia

Glittering mink Bengal cat with impressive donuts

I have presumed that this grey cat is female but her name is androgynous. It ...
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Cat suffering from congenital hydrocephalus loves her medicine and eagerly prepares to receive it

Cat with congenital hydrocephalus loves her medicine

I don't believe that cats feel pain exactly like humans because their brain processes pain ...
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Facial landmarks on cat showing facial expression when in pain

Do cats feel pain like humans?

The caption for the video is that "a clingy cat sleeps on owner's back while ...
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Ginger tabby cat rides on his companion's shoulders while riding motorcycle at 30 mph

Ginger tabby cat rests on human companion’s shoulders while he rides a motorbike at 30 miles an hour

This is one of those examples of a failure to identify your deceased cat. They've ...
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Schrödinger’s cat – a real world example

NEWS AND VIEWS: Alex Padovano thinks that her pointed cat Penelope might have been killed ...
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Alex Padovano with her pointed cat Penelope who she thinks was killed by AVA cat food bought at Pets at Home

Fears that Pets at Home’s AVA cat food killed this cat