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The clouded leopard weights about 18 kg (35 pounds) but it varies between 11 and ...
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Clouded leopard

Are clouded leopards dangerous?

Are Asian (Asiatic) leopard cats dangerous? The interpretation of the word 'dangerous' is elastic. For ...
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Asiatic leopard cat

Are Asian leopard cats dangerous?

Do wild cats meow? That's the first question. A familiar question as it happens. For ...
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The wildcat meows

List of wild cats that meow

You can tell why domestic cats make a trilling sound by observing the circumstances under ...
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Trilling cat says 'Hi'

Why do cats make a trilling sound?

Domestic cats are different colours because of their domestication. Although, to be fair, among the ...
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Japanese bobtail

Why are domestic cats different colours?

There is a major difference between 'breed' and 'species'. The domestic cat is a species ...
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Chart showing one cat species the domestic cat from which all the cat breeds have been carved

What’s the difference between a cat breed and a cat species?

Are domestic cats an invasive species? It depends on where you are. A lot of ...
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Handsome domestic cat hunting

Are domestic cats an invasive species?

This is a picture of what appears to be a domestic cat perched on top ...
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Cat on top of train preventing it leaving Euston Station

Picture of a cat on top of an express train preventing its departure

NEWS AND COMMENT - SUDAN: The cat is described as feral. Perhaps it was semi-feral ...
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Cat attacks pilot of aircraft mid-flight

Cat attacks pilot of plane mid-flight

There are 7 specific causes of cat tear stains and one underlying reason. Here they ...
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Tear duct overflow due to a deformed drainage system in a flat-faced Persian who also seems to be suffering from a deformed mouth due to the same reason: extreme breeding

7 causes of cat tear stains

Proposed laws were put to the Victoria Parliament this week that resulted in a win ...
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cat CDV

Victoria Parliament will now recognize pets as victims of domestic violence

A commercial vessel off the coast of the south of Thailand near Ko Adang Island ...
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Navy sailor rescues ginger domestic cat from sinking small ship off Thai coast

Dramatic pictures of cats being rescued by navy from sinking Thai ship

The common sense reason why some domestic cats don't purr is because they just don't ...
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Clouded leopard purring

Why some cats don’t purr

Muslims should like cats. Perhaps they have a duty to like cats. The history of ...
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Ahsan and his rescued cat - Pakistan

Do Muslims like cats?

Today, I feel like diversifying. Pushing the envelope as I always like to do. One ...
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Sterling Davis

‘Black people don’t do cats’ Discuss

MELISSA, TEXAS, USA - NEWS AND COMMENT: Tucked away in this YouTube video about Mick ...
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Owner of bobcat plays with him or her

Owner of two pet bobcats claims that they instinctively prefer to use the human toilet

This is a picture of a tabby cat with a bowl haircut. Well, it's not ...
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Domestic cat with a bowl hair cut

Picture of a cat with a bowl haircut

A lot of news media have reported on a study, as I have, about domestic ...
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Unhelpful and aloof domestic cat?

Study on domestic cats used to denigrate them

When do domestic cats reach maturity? I have to say that I normally rely on ...
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A young cat entering the last phase of growth to adulthood

When do domestic cat stop growing?

The backstory to this picture of a young cat lying next to an elderly dog ...
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Picture of young cat with large elderly dog whose separation anxiety was cured by this cute and confident cat

Picture of a young cat with a large elderly dog whose separation anxiety was cured by this confident cat

Domestic cats are polyphasic sleepers. Humans normally engage in monophasic sleep - sleeping once at ...
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Domestic cat snoozing and sleeping

Polyphasic sleep in domestic cats

Dr Bruce Fogle DVM has a nice tip on how to introduce a resident cat ...
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Cat sniffing a person's hand

Tip on introducing a new cat to a resident cat