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At first it mystified me as to why veterinarians describe a current domestic cat obesity ...
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cat eating and licking lips

Domestic cats should be able to self-regulate their weight so why do they become obese?

The dwarf cat is still popular. The founding dwarf cat is the Munchkin. Manchester is ...
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Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow

Black-and-white dwarf cat becomes an Instagram star

He said that he couldn't resist. He had to adopt a black cat named Dennis ...
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Dennis Quaid the black cat

Dennis Quaid has made headlines by adopting a black cat called Dennis Quaid

I am not a veterinarian so rather than discussing in detail the causes and cures ...
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Diabetic cat

3 diabetic cats cured with an exclusive wet cat food diet

I'm going to offer the pet food manufacturers a money-spinning idea which has just occurred ...
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Feline dietary requirements in summer

Pet food manufacturers could provide summer and winter diets (and make more money)

Wealthy clients who take pleasure in shooting lions for entertainment are sent brochures with photographs ...
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Captive lion being abused in SA

Trophy hunters can select the lion that they want to kill from a brochure

The Vietnamese cat meat trade is horrible by any standards. Three million cats, many of ...
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Cat meat trade in Vietnam

How to stop the cat meat trade in Vietnam

This is a very raw photograph. It is quite harsh but very real. You get ...
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Raw photograph of firefighter and cat

Raw picture of a firefighter and the cat he rescued

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Cat meat trade in Vietnam

Another gruesome report about Vietnam’s cat meat trade

OPINION PLEASE NOTE - DISAGREE? TELL ME PLEASE: It may surprise people to know that ...
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Prayer for cats and dogs killed for their meat

10 countries where they eat cat and dog meat (2020)

It might be fair to say that some cat owners think that their domestic cat ...
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Cat hunting birds

Why domestic cats still hunt when they aren’t hungry

The great dilemma, as I have described, with respect to Savannah cats is that the ...
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F1 Savannah cat outside in the countryside

The great dilemma with Savannah cats

This article is about two points in respect of companion cats and children suffering from ...
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Child and mother with cat

Cats help families of children with autism

Researchers from the University of Lincoln, Professor Daniel Mills and Dr Miriam Prior, a veterinarian, ...
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Dog and cat are friendly

Pheromones improve the relationship between cats and dogs in the home

There is physics behind the answer to the question, which may displease some readers and ...
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Two Blue Eyed Kittens

When do kittens’ eyes change colour?

The coronavirus pandemic, as we know, has changed the way that people interact with their ...
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Telemedicine in veterinary care

Telemedicine and the treatment of cats by veterinarians

This is a very unusual video. It shows a massive lightning strike which shattered a ...
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Lighting strike and cat runs

Massive lighting strike panics cat (video)

Yes, Siamese cats become darker as they age. You'll see this in the flanks and ...
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Old Siamese with dark coat

Do Siamese cats become darker as they age?

It is a good question because both in the USA and the UK the thievery ...
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'Stolen' bodega cat

Where are stolen cats sold?

Elwood has been hanging around an Epworth healthcare center (hospital?) in Richmond, Australia. They don't ...
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Equal rights for this hospital cat

Equal rights for this hospital cat