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The Instagram post tells you what is happening. This is a "doctor", a veterinarian, who ...
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Doctor said she will humanely declaw this cat

Veterinarian performs “humane declaw” against adoption contract

Here are 16 facts about the one of the most attractive of all the purebred ...
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Somali cat

16 facts about the Somali cat

I can think of two instances (but there are many more) of exposing, through good ...
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Bobcat attacks and kills wild turkey feeding at feeder

Birdfeeder placement to help avoid attack by cats

It is not uncommon for neighbourhood cats to want to visit neighbour's homes. You won't ...
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Picture of cat at a front door

My neighbour’s cat asks to be let in all the time, so is he neglected?

Background Radon gas is a mysterious substance which appears to be all around us, all ...
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EPA radon gas map of USA

Radon gas increases the chance of your cat getting lung cancer

Here are 12 listed facts about the Nebelung cat. I hope you find them useful ...
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Nebelung cat

12 facts about the Nebelung cat

Here is a list of reasons to take your cat to the vet. Richard H ...
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Richard H. Gebhardt

21 reasons to take your cat to the vet

I can understand the minor chaos caused by a mouse brought into the home by ...
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Panicking man and complacent cats fail to catch a terrified mouse

Panicking man, giggling woman and complacent cats fail to catch a terrified mouse

Web surfers want to know the average weight of a tiger in pounds. This might ...
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Amur tiger

Average weight of a tiger in pounds

This article concerns pet travel from the UK to the EU. Right now, at the ...
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Pet passport

What happens to pet travel after Brexit?

Like a lot of people, I love to see pictures of beat up street cats, ...
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Picture of an adopted chonky street cat

Pictures of a recently adopted chonky, beat up street cat

Janine de Greef, a Belgian and a leading figure in the wartime Comet Line escape ...
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Janine de Greef

Courageous Belgian woman during World War II fed stray cats with prime fillet steak

Yes, it is believed that there are ocelots in the United States in 2020 but ...
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Are there ocelots in the United States in 2020?

The president-elect Joe Biden and his wife Dr Biden will be bringing a new member ...
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Beth Stern

Howard and Beth Stern offer a foster cat to Joe Biden’s family

I'm going to rely on Chapter 19 of Jackson Galaxy's book Total Cat Mojo to ...
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Wallflower cat

10 thoughts on how to make your cat less timid

NEWS AND COMMENT - PERTH: A peeved and frankly angry Australian man, Craig Turner, built ...
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Has this cat hater gone too far?

Has this cat hater gone too far with his DIY automatic anti-cat device?

This very fundamental question is asking whether cat owners/guardians they should let their cat lick ...
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Generous Cat

Should I let my cat lick me?

We know that we don't truly own our domestic cat companions. We might think that ...
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Outside cat

3 reasons why you might lose your cat to your neighbour

The Whiskas cat 2020, judging by the latest videos on YouTube, is likely to be ...
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Whiskas cat

What type of cat is the Whiskas cat?

Below is a stitched together narrative from many Twitter tweets in Russian (translated by Google) ...
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Russian cat rescued from -27 degrees C

Russian stray cat survives minus 27 degrees Celsius

You have to specify the date in order to accurately state the number of cats ...
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Snoozing comfortable cat indoors

How many cats are there in the UK 2020?

I can think of four possible reasons why you might think that your cat or ...
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Domestic cat and human companion

4 reasons why you might think that your pet is like you