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The domestic cat's stomach is too small for a big, one meal a day mild ...
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Size of cat's stomach

University of Guelph’s one cat meal a day study ignores the size of the stomach

People ask whether our domestic cat companions can eat watermelon, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, ...
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Helmi Flick's photo at her home studio of SC Surreal's Trick or Treat "Fruit Loops", an 8 month old Tortie Smoke Persian Female from Leesa and Mike Altschul! The picture is protected by copyright please note.

5 fruits that domestic cats shouldn’t eat

Although I am not a veterinarian I think it's important that cat guardians know the ...
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Arthritis in the elbow of a domestic cat

How can you tell if your cat has arthritis?

In the UK the Financial Ombudsman Service usefully lists the type of complaints that they ...
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Flat insurance concerning pets

Grey areas bedevil the pet insurance industry

There is a lot of talk on the Internet about killing cat fleas by drowning ...
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Cat flea

Killing cat fleas by drowning and using soap

My research indicates that the rules regarding burying your pet in the USA may well ...
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Cat burial

Rules on burying your companion animal USA

ANDOVER, UK - NEWS AND OPINION: an employee at the counter at a well-regarded veterinary ...
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Anton Vets

Veterinary clinic turns away woman who brings in a dead cat

Does your cat meow too much? Meowing is a request. It is a vocalisation that ...
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Siamese cat meowing

Is your cat meowing too much?

This is an interesting question because it suggests that there might be a link between ...
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Ragdoll with fierce face

Are long-haired cats more mild-mannered?

This page discusses the top three cat health insurance claims in America as per five ...
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Cat checked for health

Top three cat health insurance claims

The photograph comes from China. The cat who likes to play with this iPad is ...
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IPad with fur or scratched?

Yikes! Look what my cat did to my iPad!

Sansa is a really gorgeous New York City snow-white domestic cat. She is a standout ...
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Sansa the cat

Sansa, a polydactyl, odd-eyed cat with hyperesthesia abandoned by owner

The Daily Mail reports on a study which says that cats are better off in ...
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Should cats eat small meals often?

A recent study says that we should feed cats once a day. I disagree.

In case people don't know it, there is a nonprofit organisation in San Diego County ...
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Grants for pets in need fo life-saving treatment in San Diego County

Grants for companion animals in need of life-saving veterinary care in San Diego County

This illustration caught my eye. It addresses what I have called the geometry of the ...
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Persian and Siamese head dimensions and body shape

The geometry of the Persian and Siamese cats’ head and body

This is a cute video of a lion cub trying to roar (we think). The ...
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Lion cub tries to roar

Lion cub tries to roar and it’s cute

STUDY - OPINION: A fascinating survey by a business called SimpleTexting confirms what we already ...
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Addicted to smartphones or a necessary device for the modern era

40 percent of people more bonded to their smartphones than to their pets

Here is a photograph by Jak Wonderly of 232 animals that were injured by cats ...
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232 animals injured by cats and which died at one hospital in California

Picture of 232 animals injured by cats in 2019 that could not be saved by WildCare Animal Hospital

It could be argued that pet insurance is not as popular as it could or ...
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Veterinary care

Pet insurance improves companion animal welfare

The total amount of melanin (pigment) in the iris of the eye determines the range ...
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Atlas a Siamese Mix with calico coat and sparkling blue eyes

What causes the range of eye colors in cats?