These are the most recent articles on the pictures of cats website. PoC is primarily concerned these days with cat welfare, the most pressing topic of all, which comes before all other aspects of this most popular companion animal. The cat news stories published on PoC are normally a comment on the news which is typical of all newspapers. I usually refer to offline newspaper stories but occasionally have a scoop of my own. There is no point in simply reciting cat news.

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Cat Coats: The Van Pattern

Turkish Van - most aggressive cat breed?

The Van pattern is named after Lake Van in eastern Turkey. It is close to Mount Ararat, the site of Noah’s Ark. Local legend says that when the Ark came to rest on the mountain after the flood receded and … please continue reading

Home Remedy for Cat with Cystitis

Home treatment for cat with cystitis

People search for a home remedy for a cat with cystitis. I have first-hand experience. Many years ago my cat had cystitis. It was caused primarily by stress compounded by a full-time dry food diet. She was stressed because I … please continue reading

Do mountain lions eat wolves?

Wolf and tree tattoo

Do mountain lions eat wolves? Mountain lions a.k.a. pumas do not eat wolves because wolves live in packs and are too dangerous for a puma to attack. Studies strongly indicate that wolves trump the mountain lion when it comes to … please continue reading

When cat eats cat it is upsetting

Puma in living room an unwanted intruder

A mountain lion wandered into a home in Boulder, Colorado, sat down and looked like he was watching television. He licked his lips. He had just eaten the family cat, Klondike. There is no evolved agreement between all cats that … please continue reading