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This looks like the series of shelters were contructed on top of an insulated pipeline ...
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Series of cat shelters built on top of pipeline

Series of cat shelters in snow built on top of pipeline (video)

Not much to say here except that the RSPCA seem to be perpetually in trouble ...
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RSPCA would not rescue this cat when he was threatened by a man

RSPCA failed to come out after man threatened to kill stray cat

I am not referring to my cat but a statement made by people using the ...
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Cat grabs human food

My cat always wants to eat my food

For American who don't live with a cat (and even those who do), one of ...
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Cat wandering outside

Proposed local law to deal with domestic cats pooping in neighbor’s backyard

As a concerned cat owner, have you heard of feline foamy virus (FFV or FeFV)? ...
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FFV affects pumas and domestic cats

Feline Foamy Virus (FeFV) – high levels across the USA

Dr Christina Lin, writes of a massive homeless crisis and infectious disease threat in California ...
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Homeless people encampement LA

Should California learn the lesson of the London plague of 1665?

There is another report in the news about a study suggesting that an exposure to ...
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household sprays can cause asthma in kids. What about cats and dogs?

Cleaning products linked to children’s asthma but what about cats and dogs?

The internet reports a study conducted at the universities of Lincoln and Nottingham Trent which ...
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Anxious cat

Study which shows that cats reflect their owner’s personality is flawed

You might have noticed that when a domestic cat is (a) jumping precisely onto a ...
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Pre-lunge in attack or jumping may include head swaying

Why do cats move their heads from side to side?

Yes, the domestic cat is a species. Although I think it is a slightly tricky ...
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Domestic cat is a species

Is the domestic cat a species?

This is another study, this time written up on the National Geographic website, which debunks ...
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Kittycam footage

Feral cats prefer insects and frogs on island with many migrating birds

This was a finding by a study in which cats were fitted with video cameras ...
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Cat visited previous home 0.75 miles away when current owners disappeared for a weekend

Cat visited previous home 0.75 miles away when current owners were away for weekend (video)

Kidney failure is the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood ...
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End stage feline kidney failure

Why do cats die of kidney failure?

This is a difficult topic but questions are asked and I will try and answer ...
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Dr Karen Louis DVM MS

Why do cats die with their eyes open?

Kristina Shramko, a Vancouver (Canada) resident, has lived with her boyfriend in Wuhan's Hanyang district ...
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woman in Wuhan

No cats on the plane. Vancouver woman living in Wuhan decided to stay in quarantine with her cat.

I was surprised to read a study published on 14 February 2020 on the ...
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Singed tabby cat rescued from California fires

California’s wildfires that burnt domestic cats also damaged their hearts and caused blood clots

It appears that no domestic cat has beaten Himmy as the heaviest domestic cat on ...
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Himmy - the heaviest domestic cat on record

Heaviest domestic cat on record

This is the story of Sylvester. If he is still alive he would be approaching ...
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Cat at front door

Shy cat living with elderly woman forced to approach neighbour to raise the alarm

Pet Product News informs us that American cat guardians have become more demanding when choosing ...
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Cat eating from bowl

American cat guardians have become more demanding when selecting food products

Elizabeth Warren fell short at the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic primary and wrote an email ...
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Adopt a pet if you have had a bad time

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren says adopt a pet if you have failed at something