Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue burnt down in massive fire. There are cats that need help.

Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue in York, South Carolina, was destroyed in a massive fire. They describe it as a ‘total loss fire’ and the picture below tells the story dramatically. Five dogs died in the fire and forty were rescued. The … please continue reading

Video goes viral of pastor carrying soaked kitten through the rain in Jacksonville, NC

Mathew Drake and kitten

A video of Matthew Drake, a North Carolina pastor at Richlands United Pentecostal Church has gone viral. It was posted on the Twitter account of CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz last Friday. With two other members of churches, one his … please continue reading

Many animal rescues and rescuers are taking it upon themselves to help victims of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has proven once again that when disaster strikes, people will go out of their way to help others. This is especially true when animals are involved. Many animal rescues and rescuers are taking it upon themselves to raise … please continue reading

Disturbing situation in Wayne County, NC as animal control removes pets rescued during Hurricane Florence

Tammie with some of the rescued cats. Photo courtest Casey Mozingo

UPDATE September 21, 2018 from Tammie’s rescue Facebook page. “Just to update everyone, Tammie was just arrested and is being taken to county jail. They sent two cars of men to arrest one 4’10” female! Charged with practicing veterinary medicine … please continue reading

Hurricane Florence discussion: Should people who evacuated without their pets be charged with animal cruelty?

I was searching the internet for interesting Hurricane Florence animal rescue information when a statement caught my eye from the website. “The reality of depravity when humans are confronted with anomalies for which they had adequate prep-time yet still … please continue reading

Pictures of converted school bus cram-packed with rescued cats and dogs

These are great pictures of Tony Alsup driving his specially bought and converted school bus with the seats removed and replaced by 53 dogs and 11 cats in carriers. Tony Alsup is a real go-getter. During Hurricane Harvey he decided … please continue reading