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  1. I saw an odd-looking cat today. I was so intrigued that I had to look it up, so I typed “indigenous wild cats in California”. I’m certain I saw a Jaguarundi today, “in California”! Only of all the pictures I saw online none of them had a ring around the tail. The cat I saw today had 3 or 4 rings on its tail. I’m no expert on cats but I know what I saw! I’m a technician, I was working on a grower’s property (flower grower)in Half Moon Bay California on Cabrillo Hwy. also known as Hwy.1 It was about 2pm in the afternoon, broad daylight and it was sniffing around a pallet stacked roughly 10′ high it stood up on its hind legs with its front paws against the stack. It was dark brown almost black with again 3 or 4 rings around its tail. Its face struck me as almost the face of a Mongoose. And that’s what I thought was so amazing? At first I wasn’t sure what it was? I still don’t know. I’ve only ever seen Mongoose on the beach of Hanama Bay in Hawaii. But after looking it up I’m “CERTAIN” that I saw a Jaguarundi today in California! It was beautiful!

    • Thanks David. Some people like to have a pet jaguarundi. There are quite a few in America. Sometimes they escape as the confinements of a home are too tight for them. That’s a possibility. Although they do not have rings on their tail. So, I am not sure what you saw.

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