Small Warrior Cats Story

Small Warrior Cats Story

by Merideth

Night Cats - photo added by Michael  and by rex'd

Night Cats - photo added by Michael and by rex'd

Ashy woke up due to a loud noise. "Dusty?" Ashy called. "err...who are you?" something said in the darkness. "Im Ashy, now who are you" Ashy said. "I'm Willow, I'm from the mountains just to the north, so your name's Ashy? I was looking for you" Willow said. "HUH, me wwwwhy" Ashy said trembling.

"Your brothers in danger!" Willow said. "Were we got to he-" Ashy was cut off by Willow. "Its too late now he's in Starclan and soon you will to" Willow laughed. "Wh- what do you mean!?!" Ashy said.

Then willow leaped in the air and gashed Ashy on the belly and left a wound on her eye. The wound was shaped as a zig-zag."Now for your brother" Willow said. "n- nooooo.....


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