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How to break up a cat play-fight

Cats: how to do it!

How to Break Up a Cat Fight (or play fight). Cats know how to do things best. Cats: How to Do It! This is a series of links to all the permutations and possibilities in...

NYC feral cats are from Dutch stock

The Dutch Cats of New York City

When people move home, they take their cat companion. This has been going on for thousands of years. It is how the domestic cat has spread throughout the world. For example, the Romans did...

Top Easter Cat Hazards

Easter Dangers To Pets

With Easter weekend quickly approaching, here are some of the top hazards to our pets. Keep in mind there are many more hazards. The ones below are associated with the holidays where a lot...

Dog chases cat up a tree

Why don’t dogs like cats? 

The question, “why don’t dogs like cats?” entered into a Google search, presupposes that dogs don’t like cats, which is not quite true because if a kitten is successfully socialised to a dog and...

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