Wedge cats tour “Show Us Your Cats” is a spanking success

Show us your cats at the Wedge

Initially, this was quite mystifying to me but I finally worked it out 😻. It concerns a place in Minneapolis referred to as the “Wedge”. The name comes from an area of Minneapolis which is wedge-shaped and which is the Lowry Hill East neighbourhood. I believe they have formed a cooperative in that area …

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4 basic patterns of kitten play in an infographic

The 4 basic patterns of kitten play

The infographic summarises the four different fundamental types of kitten play in instinctive preparation for adulthood in the wild. The catch here is that adult domestic cats behave like kittens as humans keep them mentally that way and therefore, they continue to play as kittens into adulthood. We expect that but it is arguably …

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Scarlet Blake’s former partner in the US, Ashlynn Bell, should be investigated for aiding and abetting murder

Scarlet Blake police mugshot

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake is all over the newspapers and has been for a little while because she committed that famous double act namely killing an animal first and then killing a human afterwards. It’s quite a common behaviour of murderers. They warm up with an animal killing – often a cat as …

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New evidence linking dementia and pollution so think about your full-time indoor cat companion

New evidence linking dementia and air pollution. We should think of both ourselves as cat caregivers and our full-time indoor cats

This is an article about feline dementia and the possible causes. I’m going to knit together several strands of information. Firstly, I want to refer to a new study which provides evidence that there is a link between dementia and pollution. Obviously, the study is about humans but it must also be about companion …

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