Thanks to a microchip a Florida cat missing since Hurricane Irma is back at home

A Florida cat who was missing for 457 days is back at home in Sarasota in time for the holidays, thanks to a microchip.

Jerry is with his family in time for Christmas (courtesy photo)
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Jerry the cat went missing on September 10, 2017, right after Hurricane Irma hit the Suncoast. Bonnie Eskell and Nancy Pearson searched for Jerry. They posted on social media, went around hanging flyers and even offered a reward.

A concerned citizen saw Jerry and reported him to the Sarasota County Animal Services who quickly got in touch with the family. In all this time Jerry was found only three miles from his home.

Cats without microchips only have a 2 percent chance of making it home compared with 39 percent of microchipped felines.

Natural disasters separate cats from their family, as do house fires and accidental escapes. Microchipping, as well as a collar with ID tags (if you feel they’re safe for your cat) are your best bet in making sure a lost cat will result in a happy ending.

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