When Winter Storm Diego hit Asheville, cat lovers built snow sculptures of their cats

When Winter Storm Diego swept through Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, a cat group made the best of the situation by challenging their members to build snow sculptures of their cats. Asheville Cat Weirdos is a feline-centric Facebook group dedicated … please continue reading

Animal collection officer in Britain used butter and a popsicle stick to free cat trapped in a clothes dryer vent

An RSPCA animal collection officer in Britain rescued a cat trapped in a clothes dryer vent using butter and a popsicle stick. Officer Glenn Baird recently responded to a call in Worcestershire, England after the family cat crawled into a … please continue reading

Good or bad? Delta Air Lines tightens emotional support animal policy

Is this a good change or a bad one? Delta Air Lines announced they’re tightening their policy on emotional support animals beginning December 18. Those who have already purchased tickets will have their request to bring a support animal honored … please continue reading

Cat reunited with family after 63 days. A kind woman had been feeding him for weeks

A Bromley, UK cat missing for 63 days has been reunited with his family. A kind woman had been feeding him for weeks. Ekik Gerstenmaier, 38, and his wife had taken their first holiday in two years. Two-year-old Taco and his … please continue reading

Lawrence Humane Society asks City Commission to consider a TNR program for feral cats

Feral cat pictures

The Lawrence Humane Society is asking the City of Lawrence, Kansas to consider a request to allow cats who have been trapped, spayed/neutered and vaccinated to live within city limits. The current situation in Lawrence is bad for feral cats. … please continue reading

Tearful reunion when Camp Fire survivor sees her cat running toward her from the rubble

A Camp Fire survivor and her pet cat were reunited when the owner was escorted to her destroyed home and found her cat waiting among the rubble. The video will bring you to tears. When Courtney Werblow returned to what … please continue reading

15-year-old cat whose owner lost everything in Paradise is going to a new forever home

A Paradise, California cat whose owner lost everything in the Camp Fire is set to go to a new forever home. His name is Damn Yellow Cat and he’s definitely living up to his name, according to the good folks … please continue reading

Domestic violence continued for more than 4 months; family cat beaten to death

A Kentucky man remains in jail without bond after he beat a cat to death with a baseball bat then held his family at bay with a loaded rifle. A warrant was issued Thursday and executed on Friday for Brently … please continue reading