Thanks to a microchip, a little girl recently got her cat back and mom videoed the heartwarming reunion

cat reunited

A seven-year-old girls birthday party turned from being a happy celebration to one of loss when her pet cat disappeared in the back of a bouncy castle van following her party on September 9. Thanks to a microchip, the little … please continue reading

Dudley Peninsula ‘grooming traps’ program launched that will place a toxic gel on feral cats

Felixizer toxic trap

The Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program has been launched on the Dudley Peninsula. Read on, because this is the cold and calculated killing of feral cats under the management of the Natural Resources Management board in an attempt to eradicate … please continue reading

Two who posted gruesome photos of a dead cat to social media found not guilty in Buncombe County court

cat cruelty

Two people who made the news in October and November after posting gruesome photos of a West Asheville family’s cat were found not guilty Friday in Buncombe County, North Carolina court. Jace Greene, 29, and Shariah Metzger, 26 were accused of improper … please continue reading

Fljótsdalshérað residents told to keep their cats in at night or they’ll be trapped and euthanized

Fljótsdalshérað is a municipality located in eastern Iceland. It is the largest municipality in the country by area. The biggest town in the municipality is Egilsstaðir, with a population of 2,300. They’ve recently made the news (and not in a … please continue reading

San Francisco Station 49 hit with cease and desist order preventing any discussion of Edna, including on social media

Employees at San Francisco Station 49 has received a cease and desist order that prevents them from discussing the identity of the anonymous complainer that led to their station cat Edna’s eviction on Monday. The order was issued Thursday by … please continue reading

Thanks to a microchip, cat found injured and 30 miles from home is back with his family

Marley is a handsome black cat from Clitheroe, UK who has already used up a few of his nine lives. In August 2018 he ran away from home after being allowed outside, then he suffered a broken leg after being run … please continue reading

A proposal to make the village of Omaui, Southland in New Zealand ‘cat-free’ has been postponed until next week

New Zealand Cat

A proposal to make the village of Omaui, Southland in New Zealand ‘cat-free’ has been postponed until February 18 and February 19.  A plan being discussed is to neuter the cats already there and to ban any cats that die in … please continue reading