Does the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 protect the identity of children who abuse animals?

I got the idea for this article when PoC owner Michael Broad messaged me after I sent him the link to a story involving a young boy who was showing off kill after shooting a cat. I told him it … please continue reading

NC: ‘Due to some negative feedback regarding a particular rescue, the shelter does not feel confident in posting cats any longer’

Due to negative comments on a particular cat rescue, Facebook: Friends of Davidson County Shelter Cats will no longer be posting photos of stray or owner-surrendered cats on their community page. The Davidson shelter is located in Lexington, North Carolina. The … please continue reading

Anti-spay and neuter comment “How about if we don’t try to force our opinions on others”

Barn kittens

This is the response by a person who commented on a Facebook thread where an animal advocate asked people to please spay and neuter their pets. The comment below first made me think this person is clueless (I’d REALLY like … please continue reading

Tennessee cat owner not allowed to search for her pet cat after kitty was accidentally sent to a feral cat barn home

A Tennessee cat owner hasn’t been allowed to search for her pet after her kitty was accidentally sent to a feral cat barn home. This is standard procedure not to give out the address of a feral farm and to … please continue reading

This is Providence at work: Being reunited with daughter’s beloved cat 10 years after her death

This is the happy ending story of a cat who lost his way following the death of his owner. Thanks to a lot of great people, Mousey has been reunited with members of the family who loved him. It all … please continue reading

More “drama” after fundraiser started for Texas woman who killed husband for beating the family cat

Word of more drama is coming in after a man started a fundraiser for a Texas woman who killed her husband for beating the family cat. Links to previous coverage on this case can be found following this article. Scott … please continue reading