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Domestic Violence and Cats: Distinct Differences between Men and Women — 5 Comments

  1. You’re making it all too complicated. Women (and most effete men who feel they have no control in their own lives) use self-victimizing behavior to get attention from and manipulate all others around them. They will provoke someone else into victimizing them. A popular method of manipulating others that was invented in all middle-eastern cultures with their unnatural religions, which they still use to this very day to manipulate the whole world into the attention they get on the news every day. Women happily adopted this method because they didn’t have the strength to reach their goals physically, so they victimize themselves to bolster the “poor helpless femme fatale” image — someone or something will come save them from what they did all on their own to get what they want.

  2. Thank you michael, i let my sister read your story about men who abuse their wives or girlfriends cats as a form of revenge or abuse toward their wife/girlfriend…she (donna) very much agreed with and found it very interesting….but unfortunately she loves her cat(cleo) so much that the two of them are inseparable..cleo is like another child to her…the only difference is that cleo walks on all four and has a thick fur coat..

  3. Thank you for the very interesting post…my sister is also going through a very similar situation..she is afraid to leave her cat home alone with her husband because her husband frequently kicks her cat (as observed by her while at home) and she can only imagine how much worse her cat is abused while she is not there to protect her cat…like the story you wrote about in your post above,she is also in a rough relationship and wants a divorce..her husband is a heavy drinker and also hits my sisters two girls and is verbally abusive.

    • I am sad to hear that your sister and her cat are going through a tough time. There is only one answer when it is like this: divorce as you say. I wonder whether her cat should be temporarily cared for by someone else. That is not in anyway criticising your sister it is just that her husband may abuse her cat more seriously if and when the divorce gets underway. She’ll have to get out by the look of it. Shame and sad. I feel for her, her cat and her girls. Thanks for sharing Kevin.

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