A majority of Australians are in favor of domestic cat containment

Domestic cat in a sparsely furnished modern home which has not been made mentally stimulating for the cat

The perennial issue of cat containment in Australia has resurfaced. The Conversation, in collaboration with Monash University, conducted a study to gauge the support among 3,400 participants for cat containment policies. These policies would mandate that cat owners confine their pets to their property, presumably indoors or within a designated outdoor enclosure. The study …

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Advanced lighting design and control can improve shelter cat welfare

Cat shelter with dingy lighting unsophisticated lighting. This is a fictional image.

A recent study came to the conclusion that “using slightly more advanced lighting design and control, shelters can potentially improve the visual experience for cats.” And in improving the visual experience the shelter can improve the general welfare of the cats as the desired lighting effect is to mimic daylight. RELATED: Do dogs surrendered …

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For humans and cats touching is very important

Cat wants to touch their caregiver

I’m going to refer to a study which starts off with the words, “Receiving touch is of critical importance”. The words at the end of the study are as follows: “In conclusion, we show clear evidence that such interventions are beneficial across a large number of both physical and mental health outcomes”. This applies …

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Cat food is ultra-processed. This kind of food risks diabetes, cancer and depression in people

Does ultra-processed dry cat food cause health problems that have not been properly investigated such as diabetes and cancer

I’m going to suggest a potential link between the ultra-processed dry cat food that we give cats and certain health issues in cats. This link is rarely discussed. However, in The Times today there is a report about how ultra-processed foods raises the risk of cancer, diabetes and depression in people. The physiology of …

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Cary, a North Carolina town, has a cat leash law which is more than 50 years old

Cary, a town in North Carolina, USA, has imposed cat leash laws on its residents for the past 50 years and more.

The New York Post reports on a North Carolina town called Cary where the administrators have imposed a cat leash law for more than 50 years, which may surprise many people. Even today, it is highly unusual for a local authority to impose a cat leash law on its residents. But in Cary it …

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Ragdoll cats and kidney disease. A discussion.

Ragdoll cats are not predisposed to kidney disease according to 2 studies that I read and on my interpretation of those studies.

Ragdoll cats are one of the world’s most popular purebred cats today; well suited to a full-time indoor life, it is said. That doesn’t mean that their minds don’t need stimulating in an enriched environment. Kidney disease is prevalent among all domestic cats as an illness which not infrequently occurs in old age and …

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Sleepypod is the safest pet carrier in a car crash

Sleepypod pet carrier is the best in a cat crash according to the CPS in the USA

The Sleepypod pet (cat or dog) carrier has been described as the Cadillac of cat/dog carriers. In Britain it would be called the Rolls Royce of pet carriers. There are three reasons for this label: Below is a video showing the Handilock accessory referred to above which ensures the Velcro faster can resist the …

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