Residents set hunting traps for outside domestic and feral cats in Nassau County, NY

Hunting trap used to catch domestic and feral cats --(credit: CBS2)

In the hamlet of Baldwin, Nassau County, NY, USA, some residents are setting hunting traps in the neighbourhood, reports CBS local online. This is not believed to be the actions of a lone cat hating individual. In all six traps … please continue reading

Brits will shrug off the warning about outside cats picking up parasites

cat enjoying himself outside in long grass

It’s all over the internet at present; research indicating that outside cats are three times more likely to pick up a parasitic infection than indoor cats. But Brits will totally ignore this. It will have no impact on their decision … please continue reading

Mother cat and four baby kittens rescued from underneath an escalator in underground London

mom and kittens

A mother cat and four baby kittens living underneath an escalator at Moorgate Tube Station in underground London have been safely rescued. The little family would have been killed if the escalator had been in operation. When workers renovating the … please continue reading

Neighbor complained about feral colony in Elkhart, Indiana. The situation is beyond critical.

feral cats

A feral colony that volunteers helped to spay/neuter in Elkhart, Indiana last fall are losing their home, thanks to a neighbor complaining. This story highlights the split in attitudes in how to manage stray and feral cat colonies. IF YOU’D … please continue reading