Taiwan teacher chastised by students for dropping his cat upside down in class

Cat employed the self-righting reflex to land on their feet

A teacher in Taiwan, Mr. Lee Feng, faced significant online backlash after a video surfaced showing him dropping his pet cat in a classroom to demonstrate the physics principle of conservation of angular momentum. The incident, which was intended to show how cats naturally reorient themselves when falling from a height, resulted in public …

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Scarlet Blake has cat microchip in her chest and identified as a cat despite killing one brutally

Scarlet Blake police mugshot

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake had a cat microchip inserted in her chest and identified as a feline. A lot has been written about Scarlet Blake recently particularly by the Mail Online. A lot of rather ugly details have emerged. She’s recently been found guilty at a UK criminal trial for her murder of …

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Siamese kitten tested positive for meth and amphetamine

Athena had an incredibly hard start to her life

NEWS AND VIEWS: I always comment on the news rather than simply repeating it as I must. I have to contribute something to it. No point just regurgitating it. And this story from America, from my perspective, highlights a problem with drug taking that is a big issue in America and other countries. Drugs …

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Russian Railways now prohibit attendants from chucking pets off trains

Twix chucked of Russian train by attendant into -30 Celsius and snow

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very recent development which has come about because a ginger tabby-and-white domestic cat, Twix, was thrown off a Russian train in freezing conditions with deep snow on the ground because the cat had escaped his carrier while the owner was asleep and the attendant mistook the domestic cat …

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Nauseating gang of cat torturers in China must be stopped somehow

Xu-Zhihui-Xu-Mouhui-Jack-Hot-Strip-Jack Spicey Strip

There is a notorious and evil Chinese man living in China who goes by various names including Xu Zhihui – Xu Mouhui – Jack Hot Strip – Jack Spicey Strip. See additional information below. He leads a gang torturing and killing street cats in China in the most outrageous and cruel ways. I have …

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Dog-walker captured on doorbell videocam giving cat a fatal kick

Elderly man wantonly attacks elderly cat in the street in plain sight

NEWS AND COMMENT: The video is difficult to watch, of course. I’ve watched it very briefly because I have to in order to write this article. The elderly man appears to have acted aggressively in the video as indicated by the way he puts on his dog’s collar. The dog approaches him with his …

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Abu Dhabi’s animal welfare laws should be used to punish those who abandoned 140 cats in the desert

Abu Dhabi animal shelter at al Falah

NEWS AND OPINION: There is a story circulating in the news media recently about 140 cats being dumped in a desert lot in the capital Abu Dhabi which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An interesting and worrying aspect of the story is that the cats were abandoned across the highway from …

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Texas shelter employee arrested and charged with killing kittens using blunt force trauma

Gabriel Caswell accused of killing many kittens at an animal shelter

NEWS AND COMMENT-Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, Weatherford, Texas, USA: This is a very disturbing story. It reminds me of the Lucy Letby story in the UK; the nurse who is serving a whole life sentence for killing babies in a hospital. In this instance, the above-mentioned shelter hired Gabriel Caswell as an animal …

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