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Family with Five Cats is Living in a Litter Box — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, there were about five years when I had 14 cats where we all shared a 565 square foot house. Meeting the needs mentioned in these articles are what I learned by observance, asking questions, trial and error and dire necessity. To be fair, most of them were harmonious; only three were antagonistic (males) and that wasn’t all the time, but it persisted. And I was pretty much on my own because ten, fifteen years ago (and still) I’d risk ridicule or even condemnation for having that many at once. But I used to run stables and care for a dozen horses at a time, so I agree that if you haven’t some kind of experience like that and are willing to work at it 24/7, you are probably in over your head.

    • ALbert, I have a strong sense that you managed very well. It does depend on the person. They create the environment. Even with a lot of cats the situation can be managed with insight, observation and commitment. I sense you have those qualities.

      • Thank you Michael, and to make a correction on a typing error, I meant to say if you “aren’t willing to work at it 24/7”. And I admit that at feeding time, I often just counted heads (or tails) to see that every cat had theirs’.

    • I salute you, Albert. Some people don’t want to put in the time and then they complain that cat care takes up too much of their time. Makes me wonder why they got a cat in the first place.

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