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In a Jemima Khan Hugh Grant story the point I am making about stolen Bengal cats is re-enforced.

In Fulham, London, June 2007, Jemima’s 2 Bengal cats went missing. They were reportedly worth about $1,700 each. First thoughts I guess were that they had been stolen.

jemima khan hugh grant
Jemima Khan and Hugh Grant – src:unknown
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Apparently 2/3rds of vets in the USA recommend that Bengal cats are kept indoors. Is this really what we have come down to, imprisoning a domestic cat with 12% wild blood in his veins in a house or an outside cage (actually the founder kept her Bengal cats in outside cages 10×10 feet because she says her husband was allergic to cats).

So the media scrum rumbled on and speculated as to the whereabouts of these 2 beautiful cats.

If it had been two non-celebs and 2 short hair domestic cats of no particular pedigree this would not have happened of course.

Hugh Grant was involved for two reasons (a) he was the boyfriend or former boyfriend and (b) he gave her the Bengal cat or cats.

Apparently he called the police. two female Metropolitan police officers arrived at Miss Khan’s London home to investigate. They had given the matter high priority because of the value of the “property”.

It is not absolutely clear if both or one went missing, but one of them turned up having been found by Jemima’s neighbour.

The Bengal cat is a cat that attracts attention and is desirable as a possession for those able to afford to buy.

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