Price, size and glamour of Savannah cat often depends on their filial

F6 Savannah cat compared to F1

I recently reported on a current news media story about the popularity of the Savannah cat in the UK. Pets4Homes say that from their online adoption data that the Savannah cat is Britain’s third most popular cat breed. And The Times newspaper, which reported on this say that kittens can sell for up to …

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Pets4Homes rank Savannah cats third most popular UK

Savannah cat at home!

Pets4Homes, the UK’s biggest pet sales website, tell us that the Savannah cat has jumped 9 places upwards in the popularity stakes to third place after the Maine Coon which comes first and the Oriental Shorthair which ranks second. It’s been a long journey for the Savannah cat; a breed which is known for …

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What are the top five most expensive cat breeds in the world?

Bengal and Sphynx cats

Here are the top five most expensive cat breeds in the world (2024), along with their fascinating features and price ranges. This list is somewhat subjective. There are many infuencing factors which dictate price and these cut across the breeds. But this list is a fair answer to the question. The sources are numerous …

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How much Asiatic leopard cat is in the typical Bengal cat (infographic)?

How much Asiatic wild cat is in the typical Bengal cat?

The infographic that I have just prepared based on information from a recently published study provides the answer to the question in the title. Here it is: Glitter coat Another interesting aspect of this study is that the famous Bengal cat glitter coat is not due to the presence of the Asiatic leopard cat …

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Woman offers $10,000 reward for the safe return of her F1 Savannah cat

$10k reward for return of F1 Savannah cat

This story tells us a lot about ‘exotic pets’ including F1 Savannah cats. The video is useful as it tells us a bit about the owner. She’s lost her F1 Savannah, Mika, when he “ran out the of the house Tuesday March 5th in the Casa Loma area”. This is in Toronto, Canada. He …

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Is a Maine Coon, Savannah mix possible? Yes and no.

Maine Coon Savannah cat mix is possible physically and biologically but it's not allowed per cat association rules

Is a Maine Coon, Savannah cat mix possible? That’s the question and there are two ways to answer it. The answer depends on whether you comply with the cat associations breed standards or not. Maine Coon breed standard disallows outcrossing The reason for that is simple. The Maine Coon breed standard states unequivocally that …

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An Exotic Shorthair that can’t eat and breathe at the same time

Dimples is another disastrous Exotic Shorthair cat with an extremely flat face which affects the way they eat and breathe

The cat’s name is Dimples. He was bred in Australia. It is claimed that he can’t eat and breathe at the same time which I can understand. This is a brachycephalic-headed cat breed with an extremely flat face which distorts the nasal passages which negatively impacts breathing. And also, because their muzzle has disappeared …

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Lykoi Maine Coon mix called a Lycoon

Formally speaking the Maine Coon Lykoi mix is a hypothetical breed and will never happen under the auspices of the cat fancy

This man on TikTok, Robert Coad (robertcoad530), claims to have bred a Maine Coon/Lykoi hybrid or a Maine Coon Lykoi mix which he calls a Lycoon. And he appears to be doing this informally in his apartment or house. He presents his efforts on TikTok. He is very pleased with himself but I’m not …

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