Outstanding Looking Oriental Shorthair Cat

If you like looking at interesting domestic cats this fella might interest you. He has to be an Oriental Shorthair although the photographer, Helmi Flick, does not describe the cat on her FB webpage. He is male because in another … please continue reading

Scottish Fold de-registered in the UK half a century ago but popular in America and Japan

Picture of Scottish Fold cat with wide open eyes

The Scottish is not registered with the premier cat association in the UK but is accepted and registered in America by their two best-known cat associations, namely The International Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers’ Association. The Scottish Fold hails … please continue reading

Are there any domestic cat breeds with ears similar to those of wild cats like the lynx or caracal?

Lynx - Maine Coon - Caracal

Yes, there is one outstanding example: the Maine Coon as their ears should have lynx tips. Here are extracts from two breed standard in respect of their ears: “Moderately pointed ears appear taller due to lynx tips…(TICA) EARS: Shape: large, … please continue reading