This cat rescue from high rise will give you the heebie jeebies

Cat falling in rescue from high rise building
Cat falling in rescue from high rise building
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UPDATE: Soon after I created this page the video ceased to work because it has been deleted from Twitter. I have no idea why. Therefore this page is now defunct. The video showed people on about the 8th floor of a high rise building pushing a cat off a ledge while below there were four people holding a large tarpaulin off the ground to catch the falling cat. The cat fell and was caught. The cat survived unharmed it appears. The cat then jumped off and I presume disappeared. We are not sure how the cat ended up on the ledge. It seems that the video was made somewhere is Asia.

The still picture at the head of the page is a screenshot from the video showing the white cat falling about floors. The legs are fanned out to break the fall.

Gosh, when I saw the beginning I thought the worst but then…things changed. Great teamwork. A concerted effort by a group of people. There is some genuine compassion for animals out there amongst the ‘ordinary’ people.

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