Pookie: Senior cat surrendered to NC shelter is still looking for an ‘only pet’ home

This is the third article I’ve written on Pookie. To bring you up to date please check out the first two posts to PoC. The first was November 6 where Pookie was needing immediate rescue followed by one on November … please continue reading

So….how big of a veterinary clinic bill did your outside cat run up when he came home injured?

This article is part news and part discussion on how large a veterinary clinic bill your outside cat ran up when he came home injured. Be sure to read this story by Telegraph.co.uk as a woman shares her experience when … please continue reading

Miracle Kitty burned in the Woolsey Fire is recovering in hospital (photos)

Miracle Kitty recovering in hospital

This is a follow-up post to one written by Elisa on November 10 about the ABC7 News reporter, Veronica Miracle, who was involved in the rescuing of a badly burned tuxedo kitty in the Woolsey Fire. The Woolsey Fire is … please continue reading

Picture of firefighter with cage full of cats found in the road after California fire roared through

Cats in cage left in road as California fire roared through

The pictures are stark and harrowing. They show California Fire Captain Steve Millosovich carrying a cage full of cats that were found “in the road” after the Camp Fire had moved through the area on November 9th in Big Bend … please continue reading