Cats are valued more highly than deer as highlighted in this cat rescue from a tornado

Sandy among the rubble of his home

This is a story about a tornado which ripped through Tennessee over December 9 and 10th. It destroyed the home of a ginger tabby cat in Madison. The family was away at the time. A video was made of the devastation and a screenshot from that video, I’m told, showed this ginger tabby cat …

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When and how to make your cat vomit to treat poisoning

Insecticides are the most common cat poisons

I think that every cat owner should know when and how to make their cats vomit. It sounds a bit intimidating but making your cat vomit is an emergency cure or treatment for poisoning when a cat ingests something which is poisonous. It should be done quickly. To achieve this the owner needs to …

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Superb Ukrainian animal rescuers dodge bombs and bullets to rescue dogs and cats stranded in floodwaters

Cat rescued from dam floods

These guys are amazing. The skill and professionalism of the guy you see in the video is impressive. The way he catches the cat who was scared and tried to escape shows a good understanding of animals as does the way he gave a scared dog on a roof the time to adjust to …

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Pictures of cats and dogs being rescued in Orange County after Hurricane Ian

Ginger tabby cat rescued from Hurricane Ian in Orange County

The Orange County Government state on their Facebook page that “Pets are family”. It is the reason behind their committed rescue of cats and dogs from the Hurricane Ian floods. Of course, they are correct, but I would not call them ‘pets’ but that’s a minor point and I am being picky. The major …

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Eureka! Joyous photo of cat mom who found her cat after a hurricane

Cat lost in hurricane found after 16 days

This joyous photo sparkles with energy and excitement because the woman has just found her cat among the rubble of her home which was destroyed by a hurricane 16 days earlier. She found her cat after more than a fortnight of searching and it is no surprise that she is incredibly excited and pleased. …

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Blind cat ‘Nado’ rescued from the rubble of Texas animal shelter destroyed by a tornado (picture)

Blind cat Nado rescued from tornado damaged animal shelter in Texas

This is such a tender, sad, compelling photograph of a blind cat who was rescued from the Jacksboro Animal Shelter in Texas. The shelter was destroyed by a tornado. It seems that Texas has been affected by tornadoes recently. Perhaps they’ve been off the news because of the Ukraine invasion. They named the cat …

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