Hillsborough County: Curious cat had to be rescued after it became trapped behind a wall for 2 days

cat stuck

The Hillsborough County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office assisted with the rescue of a cat who got a bit too curious and became trapped behind a wall for two days. Her owners were renovating their bathroom when the cat wandered into an … please continue reading

Another ‘cat in a washing machine’ story. This one lived and is being called a ‘miracle cat’

cat survives washing machine

How many of the readers here have a fear of their cat ending up in the washing machine? Personally, I’ve always added laundry a bit at a time and made sure no cats were curled up inside because I’m EXTREMELY … please continue reading

It was a race against time to rescue a cat stuck on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

A heart-stopping rescue took place on the edge of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York on Friday afternoon when a cat was seen hanging from the edge. It was a race against time to save the cat before it jumped … please continue reading

Cat hoarder dies outside home while her 40 cats inside were undiscovered for nine days

The top floors of the house from the outside. This is a large house.

Reading, Pennsylvania, USA: This is a sad and rather strange story. It comes from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in the USA on their Facebook page. A woman, who you could describe as a cat hoarder, passed away … please continue reading