Large Exotic Cats For Sale

A1 Supremes Savannah Cat - photo copyright Kathrin Stucki

A1 Supremes Savannah Cat - photo copyright Kathrin Stucki

If you're looking for large exotic cats for sale you cannot do better than talking to Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs.

The Savannah cat is certainly exotic. And if you're thinking very special, you can consider A1 Supremes. Savannah cats from A1 Supremes are simply the best available.

The Savannah is a large cat as you can see on this web page. The F2 Savannahs are larger than some wild cats. A great picture of a large and energetic F2 Savannah cat can be seen here:

Worlds Biggest Cat

A1 Supremes Savannah cat
A1 Supremes Savannah Cat
Photo copyright Kathrin Stucki

The Savannah is a very impressive domestic cat. One of the best large exotic cats for sale today.

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The Adventures of Songha: The Amazing Savannah Cat

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