Maryland, USA: pet stores complain unsuccessfully about ban on selling cats and dogs

New law Maryland to encourage adoption of rescue companion animals

MARYLAND, USA – OPINION AND NEWS: There is a sensible trend in the USA which might snowball. State legislatures have decided that it is time to stop unethical cat and dog breeders (unlicensed puppy and kitten mills) supplying pet stores and to encourage the adoption of rescued animals instead. The objective could not be …

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To stop treating companion animals like commodities

NEW YORK STATE – opinion/news story: Deputy Senate Majority Leader Mike Gianaris, a Democrat from Queens, summed up the reason why New York state is heading towards a situation where the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits at retail stores would be banned. The question is whether we should be treating our animals like …

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Serval kittens, Savannah, Bengals, Ocelot, Caracals, Bengals for sale

We also sell Peterbald cats. Just $300. Bargain basement  prices. Location: PHOENIX AZ , CA, 85003, United States. Our cats are vaccinated and spayed/neutered. We provide a written sales agreement, written health guarantee, health records, 6-week insurance policy and a care manual. “The cats were all born and raised in our home and are very …

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Large Exotic Cats For Sale

A1 Supremes Savannah Cat – photo copyright Kathrin Stucki If you’re looking for large exotic cats for sale you cannot do better than talking to Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs. The Savannah cat is certainly exotic. And if you’re thinking very special, you can consider A1 Supremes. Savannah cats from A1 Supremes are simply …

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