70 Bengal cats in poor condition rescued from breeder in Runcorn, UK

Bengal cats rescued in Runcorn from an irresponsible and failed breeder

NEWS AND COMMENT: The news media does not fully explain the situation but the story is that an animal charity has rescued 70 Bengal cats from a “horrific breeding situation”. It is very rare for a cat breeder to fail so catastrophically. We don’t know whether the breeder was an informal Bengal cat breeder …

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Assessment of cat behaviour during a cat show tells us that they are habituated to them

Cat at a cat show. The picture was created by AI's DALL E 3. The cat is a ginger tabby glamorous household pet as the cat fancy calls non-purebreds

In general cat show cats are habituated to the noise and unfamiliar people. There’s a study out online entitled “Assessment of cats’ behaviour during a cat show“. The scientits came to the conclusion that “the cat show environment represents a situation full of stressful stimuli for the cat; despite this, our results have identified …

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Black cat swipes and bites cat show judge (video)

Black cat swipes and bites cat show judge

I like this video because I don’t really like cat shows as they are very much about humans having fun in showing off the appearance of cats but are the cats having fun? Or are they stressed? Do cats like being herded into noisy cat show halls with tons of people milling around gawping …

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The reason why it is difficult for an app to identify a cat breed correctly

App to identify cat breeds

You’ll probably find more than one app online which you can download to your smart phone (cell phone) which claims to identify cat breeds from a photograph. The picture shows a screenshot from one which is available on Google Play and it’s called Cat Scanner: Breed Recognition. It has a 4.2-star review with 1 …

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Why does the CFA list 45 cat breeds while TICA lists 73?

CFA versus TICA on cat breed acceptance

As stated in the title, at November 2023, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) accept and register 45 cat breeds while the other North American premier cat association, The International Cat Association (TICA) accept and register 73 cat breeds. Why the difference? Firstly, I will list the differences. The first list below is of the …

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Person asks, “I want a beautiful cat that is affectionate and loving. What breed makes the best cat?”

Trying to select the right cat breed.

I’m going to answer the questions in the title which are on the quora.com website. I like to do that from time to time because they do ask lots of questions, some of which are worth answering! This will be short because I think I can summarise the answer without using many words. There …

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Tomcats produce more sperm from July to December than at other times (Brisbane)

Tomcats produce more sperm in the breeding season

I’ve just bumped into a Google Scholar study which tells me that tomcats (male cats who’ve not been sterilised) produce more sperm during the months of July to December than at other times of the year “thus indicating increased accessory gland activity during the breeding season”. The breeding season is spring and summer. But …

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