Kids Killing Cats

Kids Killing Cats -- or trying to - cat burned by two  girls for the fun of it - he survived - photo wndrngwlf  (Flickr) - Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County - see link base of page

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Kids Killing Cats — or trying to – cat burned by two girls for the fun of it – he survived – photo wndrngwlf (Flickr) – Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County – see link base of page

Grab a cup of coffee folks. This is going to be a long one. If you were infuriated with my story on Massachusetts devocalizing cats then read on. You’ll be sick at your stomach and also learn a few things. What you do with the information is up to you.

I do this article in recognition of Eric Smith, Jason Massey, Kip Kinkle and Craig Chandler Price. There are many many others I’d like to recognize but the list is too long. These are the names of kids killing cats and other animals. All of them became serial killers.

They are all the names of killers who began by torturing animals in childhood. Between the ages of 9-13 the pattern of violence was set. I wish everyone who ever read an animal cruelty case by a young person and blew it off by saying “it’s only an animal” would read this. Kids killing cats can cause a trickle down effect that affects us all.

I’m doing things a little outside of the norm and placing my links as I go along. That way my readers can verify this article paragraph by paragraph. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to a lot of people. I want this story to get around. I’ll tell you why later.

In July of 2008 a 9 year old boy from Delaware was jailed for “cruelty to animals which causes death” for setting a cat on fire. This is a felony in Delaware. The police were also looking for other children who were involved with the death. Please see this.

A 15 year old boy was also charged during this same time period. My references lead me to believe this was the same case. Neighbors even gathered around the cat and laughed at the burning cat. Neighborhood children sat on an old carpet to “watch the show.” By the time the Delaware Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals arrived it was too late.

Studies show the act of harming an animal only fuels more aggression. It doesn’t relieve it.

A comment was made by one of the neighbors stating the kids did “whatever they wanted to” in the neighborhood. I still don’t understand why no one stepped in to help. Is this what has become of humanity? I’ve always said if I ever go to jail, it will be in defense of an animal. Should that ever happen, Michael, my daughter will email you when they set my bail! (comment from Michael…I’ll be there for you)

There are two things I find really frightening about this story. One is the age of the abuser. Second is what happens as he gets older.The names of the accused are listed in the references. I won’t list them here out of respect for their families. I wonder if either child is out in the general population, still torturing and murdering pets? Yes-I said murder because that’s what it is.

Even if those charged are in a government facility I refer to as “kiddy jail,” they’ll likely be released at age 18 or 21 at the latest. That’s when the real trouble will begin.

Doctors and law enforcement have created a “profile” that gives the warning signs of a future serial killer based on 36 incarcerated serial killers. I’ve previously held state jobs so this subject is of personal interest to me. My job required me to watch people for signs of violence so I became pretty good at reading people. I’d learned many years ago that bedwetting, fire starting and torturing small animals were the three signs to watch for in a child. This verifies what I learned. If you don’t check out another link this year please check this one (link defective at 19th Feb 2014). There are many more you can research on your own. I won’t take that space up here because there are more “topics” I’d like to touch base on.

I want this article to get around because it concerns EVERYONE! Some may think this is a “cat” story. Others will lean more toward the “profiling” aspect. Do not think you’re immune to this. Read it, study it, and pass it along. These children grow up and kill PEOPLE!

Don’t automatically blame the parents of these children. They do need to teach them right from wrong. We don’t live in a “happily ever after” storybook world. We all know of rotten parents who turn out good kids. On the flip side, there are excellent parents who have turned out bad children regardless of the love and support shown them by their family. By BAD I mean dangerous, abusive, disrespectful.

We as a society need to pay more attention to the signs and not sweep this under the rug. Many times the abuse of an animal is done by a group of children and not one child acting alone. Don’t let the kids in your life get caught in the middle. Recognize they’re participating by being there when the abuse takes place. Talk to your kids. It may be too much to hope for but I have to say it. Tell your child it’s important to tell a parent if one of their friends is abusing an animal. Notice their mood swings or if they’re upset. Emotional trauma of this kind is hard to mask by a young child. Don’t turn a blind eye when your gut instinct tells you something is wrong.

Discuss what to do if a friend brings a gun to school. There have been many school shootings prevented by a classmate speaking up. If I had a school aged child I would tell him this. Ask the teacher for permission to go to the principals office and tell the principal. I say this because the situation is too dangerous for one teacher to handle. My readers may have other opinions they would like to add. Someone else may have a better suggestion than mine. I accept this because I am a mother – not a hostage specialist.

Just think of the lives that may have been saved if someone had spoken up about the children listed at the beginning of this article. People are fast to speak up after the deed is done and people are dead. There’s always someone who knew things weren’t right and kept silent. Personally I don’t know whether I’d rather cry with or strangle someone who had the foresight to prevent murder.

If your child fits the profile ACT NOW! It’s better to face it now than to visit your child in jail. IF your child makes it to jail. Remember the serial killer study referenced above dealt with 36 incarcerated killers. Many killers commit suicide rather than face arrest. Others were killed by police in self defense.

Be thankful you have a good child. Just remember your family isn’t as safe as you think. Because the next student that open fires in a classroom could be the rebellious child who lives down the street and is in the same class as your child.

There are places to go to remain anonymous about animal abuse. Your local Humane Society is a good start. The site at Pet Abusehas a lot of helpful information.

I’m not sure what advice to give if the profile matches someone you know. Perhaps a neighbor or family member. A lot of trouble awaits anyone who takes a hands on approach. Law enforcement isn’t going to step in until something actually happens. Be prepared to be laughed at or cussed out. Physical violence against YOU is also a possibility. I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed being told my child had the profile of a future serial killer.

I’d like some feedback on this one. I want to see 100 comments minimum. That means passing this link on to everyone. Unfortunately this is a subject we cannot ignore. It’s also a gray area on which jurisdiction should act on information.

I’ll end this now. Hopefully I’ve given a lot of information as directly as I know how. I apologize to my readers who thought they were getting a cat story.


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Mar 18, 2012BURN IN HELL NEW
by: Anonymous

Im not particularily a cat lover…but I would NEVER hurt one or KILL one. I love animals and people like this whether child or adult makes me sick to my stomach.

This HIDEOUS kind of behavior is only going to end with these “SICKOS” murdering other humans who cant defend themselves like these defenseless animals.

You should all thank the good lord above I didnt go to college to become a judge because I would give you a life sentence “IF” I was allowed.

May you ALL BURN IN HELL for the crimes you have committed against these sweet creatures!!!!


Jul 03, 2011Fireworks and Afraid
by: Anonymous


I rescue cats and have 6. at midnight on July 2 I heard a cat screaming and screaming. I rushed down the street where the houses were dark trying to find the cat — I was scared it was mine and something terrible was happening. I found that the sound came from another street so I started around the block. I noticed my neighbor outside cleaning up paper. Why at midnight? I realized that college students were in a lot behind my house. Their house is on the same street as the cat screaming. They were talking loudly and they said “here we go.” At that point there was a tremendous series of firecracker explosions and they all ran into their house. I continued down the street but found nothing. I went into the empty lot and waited. Finally the house lights came back on and they exited the house. I could not make out there conversation. A white van drove up along with 3 other vehicles. Men jumped out and a girl asked loudly if “did you get it?” The answer was yes. She made all sort of noises about how horrible it looked and I got in my car and sat down the street. I hoped they would try to get rid of the animal. I still feared it was my cat. The Jeep left and I could not find it. I tried. Late at night they were partying and a car came back honking all the way down the street.

Calling the police is not an option. I have no proof and no body. My cat did show up this morning but it is clear to me that someone’s cat died a terrible death. These folks have been in the empty lot behind my house late at night already once in June. In March my cat Tinky was found almost dead and someone had put something up her rectom and her insides came out. She died that night. I had no idea who was doing this. This is an area where college students rent houses. I can hardly wait to move. When I was a college student there was nothing like this and something is very wrong here. My son who is in his early 30’s agrees that this is not normal “college fun.”

I will never give to my college fund because I went to the same college and I am well aware that the kids leave and abandon the animals. I have seen personally the horror of that situation.

Jun 20, 2011My oppinion on Kids Killing Cats
by: Scarletmay G. I personally love cats. If something like this would happen in my neighborhood,I would call the cops ASAP!!!!I oncesaw a cat getting pushed around by 2 teens,and I thretened to call the cops. Cats are great animals of peace,NOT PUNCHINGBAGS!!!!!!! This must stop.If cops out there are reading this,join my side,and help stop it!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 09, 2011Kids killing cats
by: Geordie Hi Elisa:

This horrific trend has gotten me to think about an idea that should and must be instituted. The FBI profilers have indicated that animal abuse is one of the first indicators that a child could and might become a killer, sexual sadist (whatever). If this is so, that why can’t we all (all animal rights supporters) push for the introduction of and an FBI sanctioned state law linked, animal abuse database – just like the one for sexual predators etc.

I know it sounds far fetched, but think about the benefits, if a kid’s name goes on this, with their picture, address and a finger print, this information can be tracked and linked to other future crimes this kid might commit – saving a lot of time in identifying worst case offenders. Elisa you’ve said yourself that this is not just killing of animals – IT IS MURDER, PURE AND SIMPLE! No sugar coating the fact that jonny or little mindy might have a problem, either internally or familially.

Further, if a kid grows up in a poisonous family abusive environment, where he or she is learning this behaviour from the abuser – then this would also give law enforcement agents clues that the kid should be removed from this sort of environment! Elisa, pls give me your thoughts on this. Do you think it could work and if so, how to we all push to get something like this database thing started. Interested to hear your pros and cons on this. Cheers:)


May 24, 2011Kids killing cats
by: Geordie First off Elisa, thanks for the amazing and informative – cat supportive site. Of the few articles I’ve read so far you are not being paranoid about keeping your baby inside! You have a good reason to be frightened by this story. Cat abuse is not taken seriously in many places – even Canada!One Canadian animal site I checked out did a survey and found 60% of college students today were found to be less concerned with animal abuse and it’s societal impact than college students from 30 years ago – S**t what does that tell yah!

There was a horrific case in Toronto a number of years back which involved a young film student and a bunch of drugged or drunken friends. This evil creep – for a film project no less – butchered a living cat and had his vile chums film this. To add evil to murder (I feel the exact same way!)the twit judge who was a quebecer ended up giving a SOTW charge and no jail time. Like in your end of the world, law enforcement and the legal system are indirectly perpetuating cat abuse by weak assed laws, almost saying it’s okay to kill, main, torture and abuse cats (and other animals)

Clearly many states and provinces don’t think that following the FBI’s ground breaking correlations with animal abuse and it’s link to serial killers should be taken seriously. Lord every single time I hear some brainless twit utter the words “why get upset it’s just a dog cat or what ever” I’m so tempted to punch the living S*** out of them til they’re in tears, what for them to say Why’d ya hit meeeeeeeee! and then respond by saying – you just a human!

Keep up and information cause legislation and the law need to be aware that this is epidemic, and by closing our eyes to not correcting this now, we face a future generation of evil, insensitive brutes who will not address dangerous behaviourial issues. Cheers

May 23, 2011Manager of apartments kills cats, birds.
by: Anonymous My manager of apartments kills cats, and also birds. These cats have owner who living in apartments. Owners of cats are afraid tell to owner of apartments that manager of apartments hates and kills cats by poisoning or other methods. Owner of my apartments is American woman and loves cats, birds, dogs, and didn’t know what to do our manager of apartments. Manager of apartments is Ukrainian man and he tells to sons, mother-law (she hates cats), tenants (who also hates cats) that they help kill cats, birds. On May 20, 2011, he poisoned grass and birds died because birds ate someting from grass. I think that maybe some cats also died. I love cats, birds, dogs also and I don’t like that he is doing. His address is: 3585 SE Mall St. Apt. #64, Portland, OR 97202-3263. His full name is: Ivan Shchiparev.

Apr 29, 2011talk
by: zani how could you do such things to the pour little kitty cat he did nothing to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aren’t you a cat lover why did you buy him then !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (angry face)

Apr 25, 2011Cats sukk – exterminate them all
by: Anonymous You said:”Jan 25, 2011
Protecting property
by: Al

I don’t want to kill cats I just want to protect my property from them digging snd deficating in my vegetable garden. They can destroy a months worth of work in a few nights and I am tired of people telling me they have more rights to life than I do . They are a nusance and carry diesese and cause alot of damages. Perhaps the owners are at fault since they are the lazy ones that refuse to provide a bathroom for thier pets. Instead they allow free access so the animals will defile the neighbors yard and not their own. I shot racoons, rats and other wild animals that invade my garden why not ecats?”

I wholeheartedly agree with you.

You should be allowed to kill ANY animal that goes onto your property.

It seems that the cat lovers are middle aged women (AKA cat ladies) or one of their genetically defective relatives that keep the problem going.

About the kids: I have no opinion on the subject except to say MORE POWER TO THE KIDS.
And I seriously doubt that every single kid that kills a cat turn into a serial killer.

Cats are disease carrying nuisances that need to be eradicated as soon as possible.

Wait till one of YOUR family gets bacterial meningitis because of cat feces.

Keep all cats in the cat lovers homes AT ALL TIMES and the problem goes away…

Feb 04, 2011cats
by: Anonymous I feel so sorry for all the cats out there that are bieng treated the way they shoulndt be treated

Jan 25, 2011Protecting property
by: Al I don’t want to kill cats I just want to protect my property from them digging snd deficating in my vegetable garden. They can destroy a months worth of work in a few nights and I am tired of people telling me they have more rights to life than I do . They are a nusance and carry diesese and cause alot of damages. Perhaps the owners are at fault since they are the lazy ones that refuse to provide a bathroom for thier pets. Instead they allow free access so the animals will defile the neighbors yard and not their own. I shot racoons, rats and other wild animals that invade my garden why not ecats?

Nov 30, 2010Bullshit
by: Anonymous “By the time these children are commiting these acts, it is too late[…]Never, ever think you can help them… cannot.”

That is utterly ridiculous. Many studies have found that children who commit atrocious acts such as these often times were abused or neglected since a very young age. Some of these people can be rehabilitated if proper measures are taken. It’s people like you who just give up on them that many continue to commit these acts.

Go and take a few criminology courses. I’ll bet you also believe that most rape victims probably deserved that abuse because they were out late and wearing skimpy clothing more often than not.

Nov 04, 2010Please
by: Anonymous Please take your little girl to see a doctor. at 3 years old, maybe she doesn’t know what she is doing. Maybe she does… That is a very sad thought. I really believe that early intervention could save your daughters life. I knew a little girl who one by one, killed an entire litter of 9 puppies. She was 5 at the time and she grew up to be just fine. I was told by her (idiot) mother that she was laughing the whole time. Why the (idiot) mother didn’t stop her is beyond me. But, please see a professional. They may be able to give you valuable information about your baby.

Nov 03, 2010concerned mother
by: Anonymous I have a 3 year old little girl who has already killed a bird, a dog and tryed to kill another dog. im concerned for her future but with me and her father seperated its hard to keep up with her activities. I live in another state and cant talk to her about that but i dont know what to do.

Aug 03, 2010Thought provoking and chilling
by: Anonymous I’ve maintained for years that if a child will torture and kill a small animal and get away with it then what would they do to a small child?

I maintain that any child no matter how young must face serious consequences each and every time they commit animal cruelty. I also think a register should be kept. Even though I maintain this I think I know deep down that evil exists and they will just try to find a way to carry on with that evil without anyone finding out. Even so we must do all we can.

Point in question; (and I’ve wanted to mention this before however I haven’t out of respect for the child’s parents. Therefore out of sensitivity I won’t mention name’s but I know that anyone who lives in the UK will know to whom I refer) Some years ago a small boy was tortured and murdered by 2 boys not a lot older. The crime appeared to be premeditated. It appeared that the boys also tried to cover up the murder by placing the body on a rail track to be dismembered by a train. It was alleged during the trial that the boys previously tortured and killed small animals for fun. Some years later one of the boys, now in his twenties allegedly raped a 19 year old girl.

Maggie I’m so sorry to hear you’ve grown up surrounded by so much cruelty. As in your cousins case unfortunately this behaviour isn’t always corrected by parents. I’ve seen many American animal rescue programs and although the organisations do amazing work, parents let their kids commit appalling acts of cruelty, while they stand by or do the same! All too often the attitude is ‘it was just a cat’ so what chance do the kids stand? They are bought up to believe that setting fire to cats and dog fighting is the norm while the normal amongst us are totally appalled!

Parents please take on board Elisa’s article. Please don’t let your children or children you know become another statistic, either as the victim or the perpetrator.

Please send the link to everyone you know.

Jul 26, 2010I feel the same way
by: kathy Recently I shared my expierence with a neighbor who was shooting the racoons and birds with BB guns for their enjoyment. My neighbor Bill got very upset and so did I. One night some neighborhood kids came over to the neighbors right while we were sitting outside and asked him if they could come over later to shoot at the racoons. The neuighbor told them it would be ok but they would have to go behind the landlords fence because it upsets the old man Bill. I freaked out and told them it upsets me too and if I even suspected they were shooting at any animal with anything I would call the police on them. The neighbor and I exchanged some words and I had to retreat inside my house to call our landlord. He told me to go ahead and call the police on them if they were shooting at anything because he asked several police in our area and they told him it was illegal to harm wild animals. I suspect hes still doing it behind our backs because now my little feral cat I was feeding is refusing to come to our yard for his food and has become very skittish again. It took me a year and a half to earn his trust enough to get him to come and eat. I suspect he is the product of some sort of abuse.

Jul 03, 20104th of July
by: Maggie Sharp We don’t celebrate the 4th of July here in Australia. But to the many Americans who visit this site, please, in addition to what Elisa said, keep your pets inside during fireworks displays.

Jul 03, 2010KEEP WATCH JULY 4
by: Elisa Black-Taylor This is the time of year in the U.S. that kids like to blow up cats with firecrackers. Please everyone keep watch over the cats the next few days.

Mar 26, 2010sick
by: kathy The thought of all this sickens me. I have a hard time reading anything like this because I already have so little faith in any humans and the way they treat our fellow creatures.. They dont see them as living breathing creatures. All this article does is make me dislike my fellow humans even more.

Mar 19, 2010Kids Killing Cats
by: Maggie Sharp I have a cousin, I’m about a month younger than him, he has no respect for animals at all. Once he crushed some tadpoles (that I was raising) to death with a rock, he’s beaten a kitten that turned up at his house, he’s tried to kill rabbits with a bow-and-arrow and a sling shot, he’s ripped branches out of trees to use as whips on sheep, he’s tried to knock baby birds out of their nests and the list goes on. His brother is the same, and the reason is that they look up to their father, who has also abused animals in the past. Their father is my father’s twin brother, and my father is the same.

What I’m trying to say, is that a lot of kids, but not all, do actually get the idea that abusing animals is okay from their parents, no one here can deny that most people in this world do believe that animals are inferior to us. When my father told me that hitting a cat or dog was the best way to discipline it, I believed him, I now value my animals more than my family and friends. And I would never ever hit anything as a source of discipline.

I’m still only young, but I can see your frustration, teaching people my own age (and older!) how to treat animals is like trying to make a tree dance…-impossible! My friends think I’m insane because I refuse to eat meat, they don’t understand how much I love animals…

I think it’s when people reach that point of which they realise animals aren’t any less than we are, that they will stop mistreating animals. But the fact is, too many people aren’t making that realisation, and they believe that this world is for humans, not animals, and that animals should be considered as less important than us. In my opinion, that just proves how sad this world is…

Mar 19, 2010Kids that kill Cats
by: BJ Foutunately I live in a County that takes pet abuse seriously. I reported my neighbor of dog abuse, the dogs were starving and running all over the neighborhood causing problems. People didn’t want to get involved because they were afraid of the dog owners. I called the Humane Society, they came out;and, after investigation took all the animal and filed charges. The dog owners moved to another location. They never stop, so I am sure they got more dogs and continued to breed and sell dogs. People must understand these people can never be rehibilated,we must still report them so they can be charged with abuse to animals. Many Law enforcement people don’t like to handle a case like this, so it is important to call the Humane Society and let them involve the police.

Mar 19, 2010Chilling Facts
by: Merrily By the time these children are commiting these acts, it is too late….Narcissistic, and Sociopathic behaviour starts in very early childhood,and by that time it is already too late for them. They never improve, and don’t believe they need help.
Unfortunately many people don’t see the killing of animals at a young age to be as telling as it is.
These people destroy lives, even if they don’t become serial killers, some even profess to love animals, but animals die around them.
Never, ever think you can help them… cannot.

Mar 19, 2010Law enforcement
by: Michael I empathise with Joyce. Law enforcement of animal cruelty is not good very often. It obviously varies but I am convinced that a lot of animal cruelty goes un-prosecuted. The police tend to be right wing types who are unsympathetic to animals. They are not open enough. They are often (in my experience) a bit stupid and arrogant. Not the ideal kind of person investigate and bring to justice the abuse of a cat!

I would like to try and do a follow up to Elisa’s post to see if we can get into the mind of the kind of people who like to abuse and kill cats and dogs or other animal companions.

Michael Avatar

Mar 19, 2010evil
by: lana i have been telling people this-if the child is capable of harming animals then they will be capable of harming people!

Mar 19, 2010I’ve had a run in with the law on this
by: Joyce Sammons About 10 years ago I had the experience of calling law enforcement on a group of men preparing to set fire to a dog. A group of kids had run up and warned me. I smelled kerosene or gas when I got close to the dog. It was a big friendly black lab. When the police arrived I told them my story and told them if they didn’t believe me to just smell the dog. Their statement was “who would pour gasoline on a dog and set fire to it.” They flat out refused to smell it. They ended their investigation by telling me I’d better not call them back about this. It was a clear hint I would be arrested if they had to come back. I had called the Humane Society in that county (NOT where I live now-thank GOD)and they never returned my call.

So I loaded up my smelly new friend and took him somewhere he would be taken good care of. A friend and her husband gave him a good home.

People who know me know where I lived when this happened. It was the straw that broke the camels back on the law enforcement in this county. If they treat animals that way and threaten the people trying to save them I don’t want to be a part of it.

I knew of the three men who did this. One of them is dead and 2 are in prison.

I sincerely hope these officers who made fun of me and this poor dog have a very similar experience when they go straight to hell.

8 thoughts on “Kids Killing Cats”

  1. Don’t forget activities like Donkey Basketball where children get to force smaller weaker animals to do what they want to the cheers of their parents, teachers and fellow students, all usually done in a school gym. Once the donkeys are gone, they then turn on a smaller weaker kid.

  2. My nephew killed two kittens in the last two weeks. The first one, I wasn’t sure. I thought he didn’t understand he was hurting the little critter. But my husband found the new one I got him this morning with her neck broke. I don’t know what to do. I tried to get him an appointment with mental health but because his mom lives in another area and I don’t do the dshs thing (he lives with me) they want me to travel a hundred miles to counseling to meet the state requirements. Thing is he has been in mental health for years. And no one has been honest. Anyone with ideas?

    • Hi, thanks for your honesty. I am sad to read your comment. I’ll ask a colleague of mine to make a comment. She is the person who wrote the article. Personally, I have a pessimistic view of this sort of thing. What I mean is that even with counseling etc. I am not sure he will ever be right. He is probably harboring masses of anger and hurt. It is very sad. It is obvious but I guess you won’t be putting him near any animals again.

  3. To Joyce – sad the police wouldn’t do more but what is even more sad is your wishing they “go to hell” for not taking action. I’m an animal lover as well but it is the hateful rhetoric of fellow animal lovers like yourself that make the rest of us look militant, out of touch, over sensitive and irrational. Be passionate about the issue by all means, but temper it with the same compassion you would like your fellow human to have for ALL living things.


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