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Kids Killing Cats — 8 Comments

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  2. Don’t forget activities like Donkey Basketball where children get to force smaller weaker animals to do what they want to the cheers of their parents, teachers and fellow students, all usually done in a school gym. Once the donkeys are gone, they then turn on a smaller weaker kid.

  3. My nephew killed two kittens in the last two weeks. The first one, I wasn’t sure. I thought he didn’t understand he was hurting the little critter. But my husband found the new one I got him this morning with her neck broke. I don’t know what to do. I tried to get him an appointment with mental health but because his mom lives in another area and I don’t do the dshs thing (he lives with me) they want me to travel a hundred miles to counseling to meet the state requirements. Thing is he has been in mental health for years. And no one has been honest. Anyone with ideas?

    • Hi, thanks for your honesty. I am sad to read your comment. I’ll ask a colleague of mine to make a comment. She is the person who wrote the article. Personally, I have a pessimistic view of this sort of thing. What I mean is that even with counseling etc. I am not sure he will ever be right. He is probably harboring masses of anger and hurt. It is very sad. It is obvious but I guess you won’t be putting him near any animals again.

  4. To Joyce – sad the police wouldn’t do more but what is even more sad is your wishing they “go to hell” for not taking action. I’m an animal lover as well but it is the hateful rhetoric of fellow animal lovers like yourself that make the rest of us look militant, out of touch, over sensitive and irrational. Be passionate about the issue by all means, but temper it with the same compassion you would like your fellow human to have for ALL living things.

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