Angel Cats Do Watch Over Us: A Miraculous Kitty Event

“I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” ~ Jules Verne

Many passionate cat lovers are certain that their beloved angel kitties do watch over us from the great beyond. I have often wondered if this could possibly be true….that is until last weekend, when a truly unique, serendipitous event occurred; the event that made me into a true believer.

Siamese cat painting
Portrait Painting by Rani Merens
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As many of my friends may remember, almost six months ago, Dr. Hush Puppy, our deeply cherished lilac point Oriental Shorthair made his final journey to the Rainbow Bridge, My husband Marty and I still miss him profoundly. And even though I know that he lives in our hearts eternally, his death has left a huge hole in our lives.

I suspect that Dr. Hush Puppy is aware of our sorrow because for two nights in a row last week he appeared to me in dreams. He was happy and purring up a storm. His visit was so real that I could feel his silky soft coat on my hand.

A couple of days after those vividly realistic dreams, my friend Rani Merens called me to tell me that she had a gift for us; one that would make us very happy. She asked that Marty meet her at her art class to get it. Marty said that he would stop by the class on his way to go food shopping.

Marty returned home from shopping but didn’t greet me. He seemed extremely distraught, mumbling loudly, “Oh my God, oh no . . . where is it?” and he ran out the door. I thought that he had lost his cell phone or wallet. However, several hours later Marty came home again, this time in a much better mood. And the story he related caused goose pimples up and down my spine.

The first thing he did was to show me the amazing gift Rani had created just for us. It was a magnificent portrait of Dr. Hush Puppy painted in oil on a small canvas. The background was painted in a brilliant turquoise blue.

Marty said, “You will never believe what I am about to tell you. I picked up our gift from Rani at her art class, and then visited the Farmer’s Market which is in the same building. I stashed the produce into the car, and then drove off to the supermarket for the groceries.

“The first thing I did when I drove into the garage was to get out the painting to show it to you. But the painting wasn’t there! Then I remembered that as I was putting the produce into the car, I must have put the painting on the roof of the car and drove off unaware that it was there.

I drove back to the art class and inquired if anyone had seen the painting. I checked in the Farmer’s market and into the garbage cans. No such luck- no one had found it. So I decided to retrace all my steps and drive back toward the supermarket. When I turned the corner, out of the corner of my eye I spotted something turquoise in the road. I pulled over to investigate, with cars flying by just missing it. It was the painting! I ran into the middle of the road, cars passing me by – and snatched it up immediately. Incredibly it was in perfect condition.”

Now some people may think that this was just a coincidence. But we believe that it had to be Dr. Hush Puppy watching over it to protect it from harm. With the abundance of cars driving by for almost two hours; how else could it have been missed and not smashed into smithereens?

Do you believe that our angel kitties can and do perform miracle acts of love? Tell us your opinion in a comment.

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15 thoughts on “Angel Cats Do Watch Over Us: A Miraculous Kitty Event”

  1. Never a doubt. In my dreams, the pressured footsteps on my bed, the soft mews and barks, and that unmistakable last vocalization that means, “I have to go now”.

  2. I am 72 and over my lifetime I have lost many beloved animals.
    Love never dies and these little fur babies are so full of love and give us so much. There is no doubt in my mind that they live on waiting us to come to them. We cherish these little creatures (not all are so little) they live on in our hearts and minds and I cannot believe a God who loves us so much would not love them and bring us back together one day. What would Heaven be without them?

    • Thank you Gloria for sharing your opinion which I respect. I hope that when you die you meet all your beloved fur babies again and are happy and content with them in a better place.

  3. My apologies, Michael. I thought TaserTask was being rude and nasty, and I was explaining the facts that’d s/he was evidently missing.

    In the future, I won’t bother posting here at all. Jo, please remove me.


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