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Angel Cats Do Watch Over Us: A Miraculous Kitty Event — 15 Comments

  1. Never a doubt. In my dreams, the pressured footsteps on my bed, the soft mews and barks, and that unmistakable last vocalization that means, “I have to go now”.

  2. I am 72 and over my lifetime I have lost many beloved animals.
    Love never dies and these little fur babies are so full of love and give us so much. There is no doubt in my mind that they live on waiting us to come to them. We cherish these little creatures (not all are so little) they live on in our hearts and minds and I cannot believe a God who loves us so much would not love them and bring us back together one day. What would Heaven be without them?

    • Thank you Gloria for sharing your opinion which I respect. I hope that when you die you meet all your beloved fur babies again and are happy and content with them in a better place.

  3. My apologies, Michael. I thought TaserTask was being rude and nasty, and I was explaining the facts that’d s/he was evidently missing.

    In the future, I won’t bother posting here at all. Jo, please remove me.

  4. And if your cat was really watching over that painting to protect if from harm, your cat wouldn’t have let your hubby forget it was on the roof of the car in the first place. If your cat WAS watching over that painting, your cat was actually trying to get it destroyed. What a miracle. (insert major eyeroll)

  5. I have no doubt at all about this. Several of my dogs that have crossed have visited me. Occasionally I can hear the tap taps of my little Yorkie’s footprints in the bathroom just off of my bedroom. Without any doubt, I know it is her. I have also had other very vivid dreams aout others who have passed that I loved so very dearly. I am a true believer.

  6. No miracle, no mysticism. Drivers are taught to and instinctively watch for any debris in a road and try to avoid it. Lest the debris get flipped-up into the undercarriage and cause damage to the car, pull the steering into a dangerous situation, lifted into the air to hit another vehicle behind, or there be some nails or sharp metal in the debris that would flatten tires. It being painted a bright color would also help them to evade harming their own cars with your cat image…

    remainder deleted as rude (admin)

    • A few months ago, my son picked me up after my art class and put the 2 canvases I was working on on top of his truck while loading my wheelchair and painting gear into the truck bed. He forgot about the canvases and when he turned onto 17-92,the canvases went flying into the road. He pulled over to retrieve them, but several drivers ran over and crunched one of them. My son, of course, felt terrible. I had to cut the remains of the canvas off the crushed stretchers and use it as a reference to start it anew on a fresh canvas.

      As I was typing the above paragraph, Jo called me. I asked her where did Marty find the painting of Puppy. Answer : by the entrance to the Publix shopping center. Which is around the corner less than 2 blocks away.

      It’s a high-traffic area and the drivers would rather hit a little 1/2″ thick canvas than steer around it and risk hitting another car.

      • …the place Marty found the canvas was 2 blocks away from where my canvas got ruined by being run over repeatedly. I don’t swear that Puppy was looking over it, but I assure you that I know this locale far better than you do and it’s freakin’ amazing that no one ran over it.

    • Don’t be rude to others. No need. You’re just being nasty for the hell of it. Anymore comments from you will be moderated.

  7. No doubt at all. Not only was I present, kneeling above one of my beloveds when she passed and I physically felt her soul pass into or through me, but I have seen and/or heard many of my loved ones who have passed. It is not at all surprising or bizarre to me, as in my belief system, the veil between this world and the next is very thin, and all living beings have eternal souls.

  8. I lost my sweet Sadie, a 12/yr Tortie, a few years ago to hyperthyroidism after having controlled the disease with meds for 5 years. I was distraught, but within days, she visited me in dreams. Like others, the dreams were so vivid. 2 weeks later, I adopted my sweet Maine Coon, Abby. The dream that evening was of Sadie purring loudly and when I woke up, Abby was next to my ear doing the same. What makes this special for me is that some of the unusual mannerisms I saw in Sadie, I now see in Abby and no other cat. Sadie also had some unusual vocalizations and now I hear the same from Abby. It’s like my Sadie is giving her approval of Abby.

    BTW, I also get the same feelings from our deceased Alsatian, Grizzley Bear, who passed nearly 10 years ago now. I still feel his body brush against mine periodically as I pass a certain park or I hear his choke collar jingle as if he were running. It’s a nice and comforting sound and feeling.

  9. We lost our lovely boys Hearken von Baskin (Scottish Fold) and Robbins of Loxly (Siamese) within a couple years of each other. Those two boys were so sweet and affectionate toward me, I was mourning them recently, and oddly enough, a couple days later my newer young cats started cuddling up to me and showing a lot more affection… it was weird.

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