Domestic Cats Are Small Predators and We Are Large Predators

Hiddleston kisses a cat

It is useful to remind ourselves that humans are super-predators and much larger than domestic cats, who we all know are predators themselves. It is unnatural for predators of different species to live together. From the cat’s perspective they are … please continue reading

Do cat owners deceive themselves, to some degree, into believing that their cat actually feels true affection for them, and if so, does this belief also reflect itself in the cat owner’s human relationships?

Affectionate cat

I have decided to answer Quora questions! Why not? Quora does well by them. The above question is the longest title I have used. It’s too long. It implies that cats can’t feel true affection for their owner. I think … please continue reading

Do women consider their cats to be more empathetic and communicative than men?

Joanna Lumley and calico cat

The pointed and slightly provocative title comes from a study which found that women consider their domestic cat companions to be more communicative and empathetic than men do. In other words women get more out of communicating with their cat … please continue reading