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Amyloidosis in wild and domestic cats to which the Siamese is susceptible with familial inheritance as is the caracal

Amyloidosis in caracals and domestic cats

Amyloidosis describes the build-up of an abnormal protein called amyloid in organs and tissues throughout the body. It can affect people and cats; wild and domestic. There is a distinct overlap between domestic and...

Oriental Shorthair cat

What cat breed is the most sociable?

Cats who are sociable towards humans and cats are friendly cats. A recent study of about 4,000 purebred cats living in Finland and carried out by scientists from the University of Helsinki, through questionnaires...

Oriental shorthair kitten

Fabric eating and pedigree Oriental cats

It’s become quite well known that the family of Oriental cat breeds which includes the Siamese, Javanese and Oriental shorthair and longhair (and other breeds), are susceptible to developing eating non-nutritious substances, which is...

Wise Oriental Shorthair

Picture of wise Oriental Shorthair

He has the distinct appearance of a wise man in his late fifties or sixties. I am stereotyping and I apoloogise. He has probably taken early retirement having been the managing director or chairman...

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