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Best Disinfectant for Feline Viruses — 10 Comments

  1. Many commercial disinfectants have a p[poisonous side-effect as well as being ineffective against many bacteria and viruses. Chlorine bleach has saved millions of lives. both feline and human .
    There is a good case for claiming that chlorine in drinking watery and it’s use as a general disinfectant has been much more effective than antibiotics in human health. Some time ago the advice of a N American researcher that chlorine is dangerous was taken to heart by Latin American Municipalities who stopped using it in water supplies. Thousands of people died of cholera as a result of this malicious advice.

  2. Bleach is a wonderful product for disinfecting, just as long as it is prepared and applied the right way. That is, diluted with cold water, and thrown out and replaced with new every 24 hours. Also, all surfaces that bleach is applied on must be pre-cleaned with dish detergent, followed by scrubbing. A very cheap and easy to find solution for almost any shelter that has a very low budget and cannot afford a better disinfectant.

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