Pica in cats can be caused by iron deficiency

PICA due to iron deficiency

Yesterday I was reading an article about a woman who habitually eight matchsticks for years. Yes, she ate unused matches. It struck me, as I am sure it would other people, as bizarre and disturbing. But she was diagnosed with iron deficiency. There was a simple cure. A sad story. In feline terms she …

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Infographic on URIs in domestic cats

URIs in cats in an infographic

This is a short, very compact infographic on URIs in cats which are better described as the ‘feline viral respiratory disease complex’. The goal is to provide a quick snapshot of this very common cat health problem which plagues stray and feral cats and for them it can frequently lead to blindness through the …

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Pallas’s cats at zoos infected with Toxoplasma gondii

Pallas's cat in Mongolia

Pallas’s cat is sometimes referred to as ‘Pallas cat’. The former name is the accurate one together with Manul. The status of this small wild cat species in captivity was and probably remains precarious. They are considered to be a highly desirable exhibit and sought after by zoos. However, they suffer from a high …

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Is CBD oil such a wonder drug for pets that it is made out to be?

CBD oil

There is an explosion of information about the use of CBD oil in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses and psychological conditions suffered by cats and dogs. There is also some confusion surrounding the use of CBD oil as a treatment for pets. Having read about the subject, there’s a lot of …

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Best Disinfectant for Feline Viruses

Thirty-five commonly used disinfectants were tested in a study published on Europe PubMed Central. They were tested for their “virucidal activity” (their capacity to destroy or inactivate viruses) against: feline rhinotracheitis virus (a herpesvirus – FHV). Herpes virus is the most common amongst cats with feline calcivirus (FCV); feline calicivirus (as many as 50% of …

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Highest Prevalence Of 4 Feline Illnesses USA, By State

This is a map of the United States of America showing the highest prevalence of 4 common feline illnesses by state. In other words the map shows the states in which these illnesses are most common across the USA. I think it’s quite interesting! There would seem to be a conglomeration, if that is …

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