Comparing domestic cat viral and bacterial infections using tables

Comparing viral and bacterial disease affecting domestic cats

Let’s compare viral and bacterial diseases affecting domestic cats. Here’s a concise table highlighting the key differences. The sources are many veterinary websites and other authoritative websites (see base of page). Sorry but you’ll have to turn your smartphones horizontally to see the 2nd and 3rd tables width-wise. This is a coding issue and …

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Infographic on URIs in domestic cats

URIs in cats in an infographic

This is a short, very compact infographic on URIs in cats which are better described as the ‘feline viral respiratory disease complex’. The goal is to provide a quick snapshot of this very common cat health problem which plagues stray and feral cats and for them it can frequently lead to blindness through the …

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Feline morbillivirus linked to feline chronic kidney disease

Cat in front of the Feline morbillivirus (FeMV)

Feline morbillivirus (FeMV) was, I’m told, first reported in Hong Kong and mainland China in 2012. It has been associated with kidney inflammation (nephritis). It can infect domestic and wild cats. A study in 2016 published on the National Library of Medicine in the USA, concluded that the association between morbillivirus and chronic kidney …

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Feline viruses – list, overview, discussion.

How do I know if my cat has coronavirus?

As feline viruses can be confusing to the average cat caretaker and I put myself in that category, I thought an overview page might help. The intention is to stand back and try and make sense of all the long words and slightly confusing names such as “feline distemper”, a misleading description. This is …

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How do I know if my cat has Covid?

Cat alleviates the unease of getting vaccinated against Covid in Manila, the capital of the Philippines

This page is in two parts. The first part was written and published on January 14, 2022. An update was needed because Covid is an evolving story. Also, the Omicron variant has different symptoms. The second part was written in July 16, 2020. That was at a time when people were learning about Covid. …

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New feline viral disease discovered in Vancouver

Virus clipart

VANCOUVER: Veterinarians and scientists have decided that a brand-new feline disease has become evident at the SPCA’s animal centre in Vancouver. They say that it is a virus and that it affected 43 cats in British Columbia. The story goes back to 2018, apparently, when eight cats fell ill with it suffering from symptoms …

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