Black light helps detect feline peeing issues

Cat pee under black light

Black light is the common term for ultraviolet light (UV) and cat pee glows brightly under ultraviolet light because it contains phosphorus. Therefore a black light has its uses in a cat lover’s home under certain circumstances. Jackson Galaxy says … please continue reading

Cat hoarder dies outside home while her 40 cats inside were undiscovered for nine days

The top floors of the house from the outside. This is a large house.

Reading, Pennsylvania, USA: This is a sad and rather strange story. It comes from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in the USA on their Facebook page. A woman, who you could describe as a cat hoarder, passed away … please continue reading

Lil Bub suffers from osteopetrosis, a rare bone disease

Lil Bub via Facebook

Lil Bub is probably the second most celebrated Internet cat after Grumpy Cat. Her name is a great success. Her appearance is characterised by her diminutive size and a tongue which is perpetually hanging out. She also has extra toes … please continue reading