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How To Read American Cat Food Labels — 4 Comments

  1. my 16 yr old cat was always on iams dry, until 1 yr ago she started to vomit 2-4 times a month. the vet tried everythimg- wet canned,ultrasound of stomch, pepcid ac. noting worked now i thought i would put her can food into a chopper making it like baby food. this has worked for the last 6 mo. the cat and me are happy!

  2. Oh no, math! Eek! I’m glad you did those calculations so we don’t have to. Didn’t understand the math, but I do understand there are too many carbs and not enough moisture in dry cat food. Monty only gets wet cat food and the occasional helping of deli ham or turkey or tuna (which could be salmon or sardines, which he also knows as “tuna” because it’s easier for him to learn just one word.) I think he’s learning to understand English. I talk to him all the time and it seems like he knows enough words to really understand a lot of what I say. Of course, he learned all the words relating to food right away and his food word vocabulary is a very large percentage of his total vocabulary.

    • The maths is a bit tricky. At least the point is made. I think a lot more people are savvy about cat food. They are more discerning about what they buy. This is due to internet publications and websites like PoC.

      Monty has learned certain words. I can totally understand that because Charlie is the same. I use the word “chibeezy” – a made up word to mean “chicken” which he understands. He looks at me when I say it as if to say, “well, come on where is it?”. We have our own language 😉

    • This is an afterthought. You are not alone about math (maths in England). For this reason the pet food manufacturers are able really to disguise the deficiencies of dry cat food because people can’t compare it with wet cat food. It is hard to read a pet food label and make an informed decision.

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