Hundreds of cats poisoned by manufacturer’s cat food in South Korea??

Are hundreds of domestic cats being poisoned by commercial prepared cat food in South Korea??

In South Korea, a spate of mysterious cat deaths has sparked tension between pet owners and authorities. The owners doubt the innocence of the pet food initially blamed for the fatalities. This story mirrors another in America about which I recently reported: Troubling conspiracy theory about Purina pet food poisoning cats and dogs in …

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Troubling conspiracy theory about Purina pet food poisoning cats and dogs in US

Dr Judy on video on her YouTube channel talking about this pet food problem

This is a confusing story. Some mainline news media outlets are carrying the story that, in America, Purina pet food and indeed pet food from other manufacturers is, it seems, poisoning pets but they can’t pin down which particular pet food is responsible. As mentioned, Purina appears to come up as the main culprit …

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Hybrid wet cat food suitable for humans AND cats

Hybrid human/cat food?

I am proposing that the pet food manufacturers consider creating a hybrid ‘wet’ food which is suitable for both humans and cats. My research indicates that it is technically feasible as both have the same nutritional requirement with, perhaps, one difference: Vitamin A. It appears that cats need more of this vitamin that humans …

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Purina LiveClear may alleviate sinusitis in cat owners

Young woman with sinusitis caused by her cat (maybe)

I have a feeling that many cat owners are mildly allergic to their cats without realising it. An allergy to domestic cats has variable symptoms. They can be severe and they can be light. If they are light a cat caregiver might not realise that they are mildly allergic to the Fel D1 allergen …

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Revealed the 2 best wet cat foods in the US according to two AI bots

Fictional depiction of wet cat food

I decided to use two different AI computer systems to see if they cross-checked in responding to this question: What are the three best selling wet cat foods in the US? The two AI systems were Bing’s Copilot and Google’s Gemini. They both agreed that Sheba Perfect Portions and Fancy Feast Classic were the …

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Feeding raw meat to dogs may expose owners to the risk of superbugs

Dog eating raw meat diet

The topic of feeding raw meat to pets, particularly dogs, has been previously debated. A recent trend involves feeding dogs raw meat, which may increase the risk of owners being exposed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as indicated by a study. Researchers discovered E. coli in 13 out of 15 raw meat samples, with a high …

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Study required on the use of emulsifiers in cat food and effect on cat health

Cat food contains emulsifiers which may cause Type 2 diabetes

A study is required on the use of emulsifiers in cat food such as xanthan gum as a study concerning humans published in The Lancet found an association between emulsifiers in heavily processed human food and an increased risk of type II diabetes. Might there be a similar increased risk in domestic cats? The …

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